The Asiatic Annual Register, Or, A View of the History of Hindustan, and of the Politics, Commerce and Literature of Asia, Volume 5

Lawrence Dundas Campbell, E. Samuel
J. Debrett, Picadilly, 1804
Includes: A history of British India, monthly chronicles of Asian events, accounts, travel literature, general essays, reviews of books on Asia, political analyses, poetry, and letters from readers.

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Pagina 65 - He was lying on his bed in a posture of meditation, and the only symptom of remaining life was a small degree of motion in the heart, which, after a few seconds, ceased, and he expired without a pang or groan. His bodily suffering, from the complacency of his features and the ease of his attitude, could not have been severe ; and his mind must have derived consolation from those sources where he had been in the habit of seeking it, and where alone, in our last moments, it can ever be found.
Pagina 70 - So cautious was he to guard the independence of his character from any possibility of violation or imputation, that no solicitation could prevail upon him, 'to use his personal influence with the members of administration in India, to advance the private interests of friends whom he esteemed, and which he would have been happy to promote.
Pagina 7 - The friends and enemies of either shall be the friends and enemies of both ; and the contracting parties agree that all the former Treaties and Agreements between the two States, now in force and not contrary to the tenor of this Engagement, shall be confirmed by it.
Pagina 71 - The faculties of his mind, by nature vigorous, were improved by constant exercise : and his memory, by habitual practice, had acquired a capacity of retaining whatever had once been impressed upon it. To an...
Pagina 79 - Soubah engages never to take or retain in his service, any Frenchman, or the subject of any other European or American power, the government of which may be at war with the British Government ; or any British subject, whether European or Indian, without the consent of the British Government.
Pagina 33 - British cavalry cut in among their broken infantry ; but some of their corps went off in good order, and a fire was kept up on our troops from many of the guns from which the enemy had been first driven, by individuals who had been passed by the line under the supposition that they were dead.
Pagina 72 - Linnaeus, without giving pain to the objects of our examination, few studies would afford us more solid instruction, or more exquisite delight; but I never could learn by what right, nor conceive with what feelings, a naturalist can occasion the misery of an innocent bird, and leave its young, perhaps, to perish in a cold nest, because it has gay plumage, and has never been accurately delineated ; or deprive even a butterfly of its natural enjoyments, because it has the misfortune to be rare or beautiful...
Pagina 48 - Powell is published by command of his Excellency the most noble the Governor-General in council.
Pagina 11 - Nizam engages neither to commence nor to pursue in future any negotiations with any other power whatever without giving previous notice and entering into mutual consultation with the Honourable East India Company's...
Pagina 73 - The pundits who were in the habit of attending him, when I saw them at a public durbar, a few days after that melancholy event, could neither restrain their tears for his loss, nor find terms to express their admiration at the wonderful progress which he had made in the sciences which they professed.

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