The Life and Times of Līj Iyasu of Ethiopia: New Insights

Éloi Ficquet, Wolbert G. C. Smidt
LIT Verlag Münster, 2014 - 209 pagina's
One hundred years ago, from 1910 to 1916 the young prince Lij Iyasu (1897-1936) assumed power as the uncrowned emperor of Ethiopia. However, he was overthrown by an alliance of oligarchs led by the future emperor Hayle Sillase. The short reign of Iyasu, disrupted by fierce inner competitions in the international context of World War I, has remained obscure, even to specialized researchers. Yet, over the past two decades, new sources have been uncovered, allowing for new questions and searching for new answers. This book assembles diverse perspectives on Lij Iyasu's politics and life, his 'pluralistic' and controversial religious inclinations, and his international relations. (Series: Northeast African History, Orality and Heritage - Vol. 3)

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Some Observations on a Sharifian Genealogy of Līj Iyasu Vatican Arabic Ms 1796
the Creation of the Heir through Images
Interpreting a 1900s Ethiopian
The Reign of Līj Iyasu as Avedis Terzian Saw
The foreign politics of Līj Iyasu in 191516 according to newly discovered
Līj Iyasu the Imperial and Royal AustroHungarian Honorary Consul in Addis Abeba
A Visit of Līj Iyasu to the Railway facilities in Dīrré Dawa in 1915
The Railway Dīré Dawa and Harer During the Coup dÉtat of 1916
Līj Iyasus Asylum among the Afar in Awsa 19161918
Family Memories on the Captivity of Līj Iyasu

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