Droog Design: Spirit of the Nineties

010 Publishers, 1998 - 139 pagina's
Recente, vernieuwende ontwerpen voor meubels en interieur-objecten van jonge Nederlandse vormgevers, samengebracht onder de noemer 'Droog Design'.

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Pagina 31 - ... it, maybe getting along with it. The only design that does not endure is the one that in such a society looks for metaphysics, looks for the absolute, for eternity.
Pagina 31 - Cabinef lf a society plans obsolescence, the only possible enduring design is one . . . that comes to terms with it. . . . The only design that does not endure is the one that . . . looks for the absolute, for etemity.
Pagina 35 - Post-industrial society and the electronic revolution will lead to more and more time being spent at home, time for working, studying and living. Domestic dwelling will become central to our lives...
Pagina 9 - We certainly don't see them as the definitive solution to a problem or the one direction to take but as the door to any number of possibilities.
Pagina 13 - More recently, in May 1997, at a symposium at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art devoted to the theme Icons', art historian Alexander Nemerov spoke eloquently about a new American icon, not just a product: bottled non-carbonated water.
Pagina 13 - Experimentation, be it high- or low-tech, requires a handson approach, and the flexibility and novelty of the materials and manufacturing methods available today has stimuPaola Antonelli / Nothing Cooler than Dry 13 lated the exploration of numerous possibilities.
Pagina 12 - Dry' has a curious connotation: strong and clear like a good Martini, the desert, or a pointed remark in a conversation.
Pagina 14 - Design trends are often accurate reflections of social change, and the economy and sensibility which envelop the world after an age of excess are very strong forces indeed. Morality, sometimes even moralism, is a recognizable feature of many contemporary objects. In good recent design, ethics are as important as aesthetics. All in all, contemporary design is frequently experimental in its use...
Pagina 31 - This deliberately nihilistic approach, self wounding and cynical, allowed us to identify ourselves with the total blackout, to identify ourselves with the situation in which designers are unable to provide any...
Pagina 14 - Droog objects are very dry indeed, so visually spare as to look impoverished an illusion supported neither by the manufacturing values nor the retail prices.

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