Russia, Volume 3


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Pagina 104 - If we are to believe the Russians, all their roads are good during the summer season, even those that are not the great highways. I find them all bad. A road full of inequalities, sometimes as broad as a field, sometimes extremely narrow, passes through beds of sand in which the horses plunge above their knees, lose their wind, break their traces, and refuse to draw at every twenty yards ; if these sands are passed, you soon plunge into pools of mud which conceal large stones and enormous stumps...
Pagina 337 - Europe," they say at Petersburg, "is following the road that Poland took; she is enervating herself by a vain liberalism, whilst we continue powerful precisely because we are not free: let us be patient under the yoke; others shall someday pay for our shame.
Pagina 336 - An ambition, inordinate and immense, one of those ambitions which could only possibly spring in the bosoms of the oppressed, and could only find nourishment in the miseries of a whole nation, ferments in the heart of the Russian people. That nation, essentially aggressive, greedy under the influence of privation, expiates beforehand, by a debasing submission, the design of exercising a tyranny over other nations: the glory, the riches which it hopes for, consoles it for the disgrace to which it submits.
Pagina 199 - I have seldom been more affected than I was yesterday, by the sight of these unhappy creatures torn from the freedom of the desert and violently separated from those they love.
Pagina 353 - France, try my recipe; tell them to go to Russia. It is a journey useful to every foreigner: whoever has well examined that country will be content to live anywhere else. It is always well to know that a society exists where no happiness is possible, because, by a law of his nature, man cannot be happy unless he is free.
Pagina 305 - But no argument in favour of the system , can reasonably be deduced from (his circumstance, although it is very often urged. All men who have made diseases of the mind, their study, know perfectly well that such extreme depression and despair as will change the whole character, and beat down all its powers of elasticity and self-resistance, may be at work within a man...
Pagina 58 - Let every soul be subject to the higher powers — the powers that be are ordained of God.
Pagina 346 - The destinies of a progressive civilization, a civilization sincere and national, will be decided in the heart of Europe. Everything which tends to hasten the perfect agreement of French and German policy is beneficial ; everything which retards that union, however specious be the motive for delay, is pernicious. War is going to break out between philosophy and faith, between politics and religion, between Protestantism and Catholicism : and the banner raised by France, in this gigantic struggle,...
Pagina 353 - If ever your sons should be discontented with France, try my receipt; tell them to go to Russia. It is a useful journey for every foreigner: whoever has well examined that country will be content to live anywhere else.
Pagina 337 - Russia sees Europe as a prey which our dissensions will sooner or later deliver up to her; she foments anarchy among us in the hope of profiting by a corruption she promotes because it is...

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