Modern Catholic Social Teaching: The Popes Confront the Industrial Age, 1740-1958

Paulist Press, 2003 - 404 pagina's
The impact of the industrial revolution on the social structures of industrialized nations posed a difficult challenge to the Catholic Church and its Popes. In the struggle for human and economic status, should the Church side with the new working class or with capitalist barons who, along with the old aristocracy, identified themselves as upholders of Christian civilization? In this history of papal social teaching, Joe Holland tells how the popes at first backed the status quo. Then, with the accession of Pope Leo XIII in 1878, a seismic shift took place. Leo's encyclical Rerum novarum was the first authoritative Church voice to declare that laboring people have rights--the right to fair wages, to decent living conditions, the right to organize labor unions and even to strike. Henceforth the notion of civilization, at least for the Church, would be grounded in the lives and aspirations of working people. Modern Catholic Social Teaching traces this historic shift as it played out in the writings of Leo and the popes who followed him: Pius X, Benedict XV, Pius XI, and Pius XII. These popes supported Leo's encyclical and even elaborated it as European history experienced the emergen

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Introduction The Papal Encyclicals Industrial Capitalism and Modern Liberal Culture
The PreLeonine Papal Strategy of Rejecting Local Capitalism Modern Liberal Defeat of Premodern Aristocratic Christian Civilization
The PreLeonine Encyclicals from Benedict XIV to Pius IX From Defense of the Ancien Regime to the Triumph of Ultramontanism
The Leonine Papal Strategy of Reforming National Capitalism Leo XIIIs Appeal to Moderate Liberals Against Secular Socialists
The Foundational Encyclicals of Leo XIII The Grand Design for a Modern Bourgeois Adaptation of Christian Civilization
Modification and Breakdown of the Leonine Strategy The Crisis of Modern European Bourgeois Civilization
The Leonine Encyclicals of Pius X Benedict XV Pius XI and Pius XII Modernism Industrial Warfare Economic Dictatorship and Political Totalitarian...
Conclusion The Legacy of Modern Catholic Social Teaching and the Postmodern Challenge

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Over de auteur (2003)

Joe Holland is president of the board of directors of Pax Romana USA, a Catholic movement for intellectual and cultural affairs, and is professor of philosophy and religion at Saint Thomas University, Miami.

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