Buffy in the Classroom: Essays on Teaching with the Vampire Slayer

Jodie A. Kreider, Meghan K. Winchell
McFarland, Incorporated, Publishers, 31 aug. 2010 - 231 pagina's
This book combines the academic and practical aspects of teaching by exploring the ways in which Buffy the Vampire Slayer is taught, internationally, through both interdisciplinary and discipline-based approaches. Essays describe how Buffy can be used to explain—and encourage further discussion of—television’s narrative complexity, archetypal characters, morality, feminism, identity, ethics, non-verbal communication, film production, media and culture, censorship, and Shakespeare, among other topics.

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Over de auteur (2010)

Jodie A. Kreider is an academic historian and lecturer in arts, humanities and social sciences at the University of Denver. Her work has been published in the North American Journal of Welsh Studies. Meghan K. Winchell is an associate professor of history at Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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