The Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica: A Record of the Positive Effects of Drugs Upon the Healthy Human Organism, Volume 5

Boericke & Tafel, 1877

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Pagina 492 - Dull aching pains in the left side of the chest near the middle of the sternum, several times during the day, with sensation of fulness in the chest, with short breath first day (11).
Pagina 64 - Palpitation for five minutes, on running across the street rapidly (after about eleven hours and a half, fifth day),2. — Slight palpitation of the heart, with sensation of weight and pressure in region of the heart, with occasional sharp stinging pains in that region, passing from before backwards, and lasting but a short time (after one dose, second day); slight recurrence of the pains in the cardiac region ; effects noticed for about an hour (after second dose) ; palpitation of the heart, with...
Pagina 572 - The heart's action was intermittent ; every intermission was followed by a violent throb, causing an involuntary catching of the breath, at the same time the blood rushed up through the carotids, to the head, producing great heat, and a crowded feeling of the head and face ; these symptoms followed me for more than a...
Pagina 172 - In a little while the forehead becomes moist, and the face more red; then beads of perspiration appear on the forehead, cheeks, and temples. The flow of saliva increases, all the salivary glands successively contributing to this effect. The mouth is filled with...
Pagina 260 - An eruption of red round spots broke out on the back, arms, and belly ; the spots then formed pustules the size of a pea, covered with a scab, which came off in a few days and left a small dry ulcer, which mostly healed up in about a fortnight, leaving a colorless depressed cicatrix (after a few davs),".
Pagina 438 - Raging, jerking, tearing, dull sticking in the roots of the lower teeth, often extending through the upper jaw to the ear, periodic, always after waking from sleep, soon after eating, also from warm and cold drinks,1.
Pagina 350 - ... violent shock as from a severe blow. The light form may be continuous with paroxysms of the severe form at intervals or it may be intermittent, coming once a week or once a month. The attacks seem to come without any cause either when the patient is awake or asleep. With the more severe cases we have nausea and vomiting, first of the contents of the stomach, afterwards of bile. Deafness of varying degree is constant. Tinnitus is also usually constant, generally aggravated during an attack. Unconsciousness...
Pagina 565 - At intervals the skin of the abdomen felt stiff and stretched ; nausea, with bloated sensation in the abdomen, particularly across the hips and in the region of the uterus with darting pains in different parts of the head ; some tearing pain in the lower part of the abdomen from the region of the ovary down both sides ; pain in the right iliac region, better during motion...
Pagina 602 - ... point of the finger, sensitive to pressure, lasting all day. Upper Extremities. Pain on the anterior side of the right shoulder joint, near the point of insertion of the pectoralis major muscle on the margin of the same. Burning stitch in the ball of the hand. Itching, throbbing, very sensitive pains in all the fingers, especially in the second and third fingers of the left hand, as if it were in and upon the bones, extending from the hand to the end of the fingers, only during repose; it ceases...
Pagina 168 - ... observations were made the effect on the salivary glands was very slight. The salivation was much more profuse in the lad whose skin remained dry. The salivation, when it occurred to a marked extent, began simultaneously with the sweating, was greatest when the sweating was most profuse, and lasted as long as it continued.

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