An inquiry into the ancient corporate system of Ireland


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Pagina 134 - supremacy and so swear that her majesty Queen Elizabeth was supreme governor of the realm, as well in all spiritual or ecclesiastical things or causes as temporal—that no other had ecclesiastical or spiritual jurisdiction within
Pagina cxii - other ancient borough in our said kingdom of Ireland, or in our said kingdom of England, in the parliament there to do and execute are accustomed; wherefore we will, and by these presents, for us, our heirs and successors, we do give and grant to the aforesaid provost and free burgesses of the borough aforesaid and their successors, and also we
Pagina 70 - in future times, persons able and in law capable to hold, purchase, receive and possess lands, tenements, liberties, privileges, jurisdictions, franchises, and hereditaments whatsoever of any kind, nature, or species, they may be, to themselves and their successors in fee and perpetuity." In such way the corporate towns after a time
Pagina lvi - And further, of our more abundant special grace, certain knowledge, and mere motion, for us, our heirs and successors, we do give and grant to the aforesaid
Pagina cxx - of November, in the year of our reign of England, France, and Ireland the 10th, and of Scotland the 46th. By virtue of letters of the lord the king, sent from England, and signed with his own hand. No.
Pagina xcvii - bailiffs, free burgesses, and commonalty of the town or borough of Wexf'ord aforesaid made heretofore, in these presents being not made, any statute, act, ordinance, or provision, or any other thing, cause, or matter whatsoever, to the contrary of the premises or of any of them made, in any way notwithstanding. In witness of which thing these our letters
Pagina clxxxviii - churchwardens of the said parish, and unto the said new overseers, or unto any three or more of them, a true, particuler, and perfect accompt of all somes of money by them received, or rated and assessed and not received; and
Pagina 60 - and whatsoever office that you be lawfully called unto within the said franchises you shall not refuse. All these points and articles you shall well and truly keep according to the laws and customs of this city to your power. So God you help, and by the holy contents of this book. God save the King."—See Dr. Lucas's Letters.
Pagina clxxxviii - not received; and alsoe of all such stocke as shall be in their hands, or in the hands of any of the poore to worke, and of the proceeds of the said stocke, and of
Pagina lxvii - special grace, certain knowledge, and mere motion, for us, our heirs and successors, do grant and give licence to the aforesaid sovereign and free burgesses

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