A System of Experimental Philosophy, ...: Sir Isaac Newton's Colours: the Description of the Condensing Engine, with Its Apparatus; and Rowley's Horary; a Machine Representing the Motion of the Moon about the Earth; Venus and Mercury about the Sun, According to the Copernican System

B. Creake, J. Sackfield, and sold, 1719 - 201 pagina's

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Pagina 98 - ... to the weight of a portion of the fluid equal in bulk to the part of the cylinder CD.
Pagina 1 - Notions which we have embraced without Examining, or that we have received upon the Authority of others ; we ought to call in...
Pagina 2 - Particulars it comprehends, left we run into Errors and take things for granted, which have been found contrary to Experiments and Mathematical Demonftratiojis.
Pagina 2 - Suppofitions, which we may rely upon, when they agree with Experiments ; but if only one Experiment is contrary...
Pagina 119 - HYDROSTATICKS (incl. Proof that there is a great deal of air in the blood; Description of the air pump which Mr. Boyle made; Experiments on the air pump; Of barometers, thermometers, and hydrometers), ff.50-97. — 3. CATOPTRICKS, ff.98-103.— 4.
Pagina 29 - Balance, which has at one of its Ends, a Body of known Weight ; to find the fixed Point, about which the 'Balance and Weight of the Body fait remain in /Equilibrio.

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