New York State Museum Bulletin, Nummers 194-197

University of the State of New York, 1917

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Pagina 66 - The work of the office has been materially aided, as in past years, by the identification of a number of species through the courtesy of Dr LO Howard, chief of the Bureau of Entomology, United States Department of Agriculture, and his associates.
Pagina 2 - A. WILSON Archives and History, JAMES SULLIVAN MA Ph.D. Attendance, JAMES D. SULLIVAN Educational Extension, WILLIAM R. WATSON BS Examinations and Inspections, GEORGE M. WILEY MA Law, FRANK B.
Pagina 31 - Thirty pounds of caustic soda is then added and the solution is kept at the same temperature until a perfectly dark emulsion without sediment is formed. The mixture is thoroughly stirred from the time the resin is used until the end. One part of this emulsion to...
Pagina 2 - Education AUGUSTUS S. DOWNING MALHD LL.D. Assistant Commissioner for Secondary Education CHARLES F. WHEELOCK BS LL.D. Director of State Library JAMES I. WYER, JR, MLS Director of Science and State Museum JOHN M. CLARKE D.Sc.
Pagina 109 - What then does an impartial survey of the positively ascertained truths of palaeontology testify in relation to the common doctrines of progressive modification, which suppose that modification to have taken place by a necessary progress from more to less embryonic forms, or from more to less generalized types, within the limits of the period represented by the fossiliferous rocks...
Pagina 2 - With years when terms expire 1926 PLINY T. SEXTON LL,B. LL.D. Chancellor Palmyra 1927 ALBERT VANDER VEER MDMA Ph.D. LL.D Vice Chancellor Albany 1922 CHESTER S. LORD MA LL.D Brooklyn 1930 WILLIAM NOTTINGHAM MA Ph.D.
Pagina 89 - Wood. Ponds, streams and shallow water of Oneida lake. Castalia tuberosa (Paine) Greene. Shallow water near South Bay. " In Oneida lake, where it is abundant near its head a little west of South Bay, in marshes of Dianthera americana and Scirpus lacustris," Paine (type loc.). Magnoliaceae J. St. Hil. Liriodendron tulipifera L. A common tree in the low woods around Oneida lake. Absent, however, from the shale and limestone formations on the hills to the south. Ranunculaceae Juss. Caltha palustris...
Pagina 2 - Elmira 1928 WALTER GUEST KELLOGG BA LL.D. - - - Ogdensburg 1920 JAMES BYRNE BA LL.B. LL.D. - - - - New York 1929 HERBERT L. BRIDGMAN MA _____ Brooklyn President of the University and Commissioner of Education JOHN H.
Pagina 102 - Individual and locomotive independence, it would seem, has been the major function and prime determining factor in the progress of life. . . . All progress in life, as reckoned in terms of man, has come through independence and through those lines of animal life in which independence...

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