Singers of Daybreak: Studies in Black American Literature

Howard University Press, 1974 - 109 pagina's
Singers of Daybreak defies the "eurocentric" notion that black literature is didactic. In seven critical essays, Houston Baker refutes this thesis by exploring the writings and criticisms of authors who include Ralph Ellison, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Frederick Douglass, Jean Toomer, Gwendolyn Brooks and George Cain. These critiques, then, emerge as an "afrocentric" examination of the black literary tradition that has been misunderstood and distorted.

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Over de auteur (1974)

Houston Baker is one of the most persistent voices in African American literary criticism, one that has helped to establish a tradition in black literature from slave narratives and spirituals to blues and modern African American writing. He is a frequent contributor to literary journals, author and editor of numerous books, and a leading mover in the diversification of American literature.

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