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Magna Charta-continued.




The Great Charter called i latyn Magna Carta, with divers olde statutes whose titles appere in the next leafe, newly correctyd.

Title within woodcut border. Black Letter, 12mo, old calf. (Colophon) Thus endeth the boke called Magna Carta, traslated out of latyn and frenche into Englysh by George Ferrers. And Imprynted at London in Fletestrete by Elisabeth wydow of Robert Redma(n) dwellyng at the Synge of the George next to Saynte Dunstones Church (circa 1540). £7 7s

Magna Charta, cum Statutisquae Antiqua vocantur, iam recens excusa, & summa fide emendata, iuxta vetusta exemplatia ad Parliamenti rotulos examinata.

Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum.

12m0, original calf gilt. Apud Richardum Totelum, 1556. £2 15s

Magna Charta, cum Statutis, tum antiquis, tum recentibus; tipis aedita, per Richardum Tottell.

In Norman, French, and English.

Thick small Svo, full pigskin.

London, 1576.

£5 5s

A very remarkable copy, interleaved, and the broad margins and interleavings covered with MS. notes and comments in a very neat contemporary hand; at the end is bound in about 150 leaves covered with MS. notes by the same hand.

1106 MACKENZIE (Henry). The Man of Feeling.

FIRST EDITION. Small 8vo, original calf. London, 1771. 10s 6d

1107 MACKENZIE (Sir George). Religio Stoici. Religio Stoici. (The Stoick to his Censurers The Stoicks Friendly Addresse to the Phanaticks of all Sects and Sorts-The Virtuoso or Stoick.)

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This was written by the celebrated Sir George Mackenzie, king's advocate during the period of the covenanting persecution, and known in Scottish covenanting tradition as the Bloody Mackenzie.' All through life he manifested a continuous devotion to literary pursuits, but these were not permitted to interfere with his professional duties. His rise to eminence at the bar was exceptionally rapid. If in solid legal accomplishments he had several superiors, few excelled him in ready eloquence, or the adroit use of legal technicalities. In the earlier part of his career his sympathies were with the popular party rather than with the government; and in his Religious Stoic, 1603, he declared that in contemplating the history of Christianity his heart bled when he considered how scaffolds were dyed with Christian blood, and the fields covered with the carcases of mutilated Christians.'" (D.N.B.).

1108 MALLET (David). Mustapha. A Tragedy, acted at the Theatre-Royal, Drury-Lane.

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FIRST EDITION. Svo, new boards. London, 1739.


*** The prologue was by Thomson, and the play was dedicated to Frederick, Prince of Wales, "who was so just as to insist on the tragedy as the first to be brought that season. It was indirectly directed against the King and Sir Robert Walpole. With Quin as Solyman, and with the leading members of the Prince's party and of Pope in the boxes, it achieved great success and ran for fourteen nights.


1109 MALTHUS (T. R.). An Essay on the Principle of Population; or, a View of its past and present effects on Human Happiness. 2 vols. 1806. With

A Reply to the Essay on Population. In a Series of Letters. 1807.
Together 3 vols., 8vo, full mottled calf. London, 1806-7. 10s 6d

LITO MANLEY (Mrs.). Court Intrigues, in a Collection of Original Letters, from the Island of the New Atalantis, &c.

FIRST EDITION. 8vo, original calf.

London, Printed for John Morphew, 1711.

10s 6d

IIII MANTON (Rev. Thomas). One hundred and Ninety Sermons on the Hundred and Nineteenth PSALM, preached by the late Reverend and Learned Thomas Manton, D.D. With a Perfect ALPHABETICAL TABLE, directing to the PRINCIPAL MATTERS contained therein.

Engraved portrait by White.

Thick folio. Very Fine Copy in contemporary English binding of dark blue morocco, the sides most richly ornamented with gold tooling, gilt leaves. London, Printed for T. P., etc., 1681.

*** A magnificent specimen of old English Decorative Binding.

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£7 15s

Thomas Manton was the most popular of the Presbyterian Divines. According to Neal, he was a good old puritan, who concerned not with the politics of the court, only with its religion. He made no enemies.”

1112 MANUCHE (Major Cosmo). The Just General, a Tragi-Comedy. FIRST EDITION. Title printed in red and black.

Small 4to.

morocco, g. e.

A Very Fine Copy, newly bound by Riviere in half London, 1652.

£14 14s

1113 MARCUS AURELIUS. Collier (Jeremy). The Emperor Marcus Antoninus, his Conversation with himself; also the Emperor's Life, by M. D'acier, to which is added the Mythological Picture of Cebes, the Theban, etc. Translated into English. Portrait by Van der Gucht.

FIRST EDITION. Svo, original calf, rebacked. London, 1701. £1 5s With a very curious and interesting engraved card inserted as a book-plate, with portrait of the "Young Chevalier in miniature at the top, being an invitation to a meeting at Anderton's Coffee House in 1779, and signed, "Yrs., I.R. Oct. 22, '79."



The Meditations of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus. Newly translated from the Greek; with notes, and an account of his

Third Edition. Post Svo, original mottled calf.
Glasgow, 1752.

With Alexander Boswell's Autograph Signature on fly-leaf.

7s 6d

1115 MARGARET DE VALOYS. The Memorialls of Margaret de Valoys, First Wife to Henry the Fourth, King of France and Navarre. Compiled in French by her owne most Delicate and Royall hand: and Translated into English by Robert Codrington, Master of Arts.


Small 8vo. Fine Copy in contemporary full morocco, gold panel on sides, with ornamental gold tooling, g. e.

London, Printed by R. H., 1641.

£6 6s

The Memorialls of Queen Margaret of Navarre; Issued under the title of "The Grand Cabinet-Counsels unlocked; or, the most faithful transaction of the Court-affairs, and Growth and Continuation of the Civil Wars in France betwixt the Huguenots and Papists, during the Raign of Charles the last, Henry the Third, and Henry the Fourth," most excellently written by Margaret de Valois; faithfully rendered into English by Robert Codrington.

Small Svo, contemporary red morocco. London, 1660.

1117 MARKHAM (G.). The English Husbandman,

£5 5s

The First

drawne into two Bookes, and each Booke into two Parts.
Part contayning the knowledge of Husbandly Duties, the Nature of all
sorts of Soiles within this Kingdome, the manner of Tillage, the diver-
sity of Ploughes, and all other Instruments. The Second Part contain-
ing the Art of Planting, Grafting, and Gardening, the Use of the Vine,
the Hopgarden, and the Preservation of all sorts of Fruits, the Draught
of all sorts of Knots, Mazes, and other Ornaments.

Newly Reviewed, Corrected, and Inlarged by the first Author,
G. M.

Small 4to, original vellum. London, 1635.

£4 4s

Markham (G.)-continued.



Markham's Maister-Peece: containing all knowledge belonging to Smith, Farrier, or Horse-leech, touching the curing of all diseases in Horses. Engraved frontispiece (in ten compartments).

Thick small 4to, old calf. London, 1651.

A Way to Get Wealth.
Callings, in which every good
Imploy themselves.

£2 2s

Containing Six Principal Vocations, or Husband or House-wife may Lawfully

The first five Books gathered by G. M. The last by Master W. L. for the Benefit of Great-Brittain.

The Thirteenth time Corrected, and Augmented by the Author (with illustrations).

Thick small 4to, original calf.

London, Printed by E. H. for George Sawbridge at the Bible on Ludgate-Hill, 1676.

£4 10s *** Each section has a separate title-page and pagination. It includes "The Whole Art of Angling."

1120 MARMION (Shackerly). The Antiquary. A Comedy. Acted by Her Maiesties Servants at The Cock-Pit.

FIRST EDITION. Small 4to, half morocco, g. e.

London, Printed by F. K. for I. W. and F. E., 1641. £14 14s A very pleasing play. Printed in Hazlitt's Dodsley. It is of Shakespearian interest, being cited by Walker in his notes on "The Winter's Tale" and also in "Fresh Allusions to Shakespeare." A portion is reprinted in Capell's School of Shakespeare."

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1121 MARTIN (William). The History and Lives of the Kings of England, from William the Conquerour to the end of the reigne of King Henry the VIII. Whereunto is now added the Historie of King Ed. VI., of Queen Mary, and Q. Elizabeth.

The Successions of the Dukes and Earles of this Kingdome.

With engraved title, and illustrated with 23 portraits from the "Herologia by Pass, Delaram, Elstrack, etc.

Small thick folio, original calf. London, 1638.

1122 MARVELL (Andrew). Advice to a Painter, etc.

4 pp., folio. N.D.

The Second Advice to the Painter. 4 pp.

Together in one vol., small folio, boards. 1678. *** Two excessively rare poetical pieces by Andrew Marvell.

£6 6s

£10 10s

Marvell (Andrew)—continued.



The Rehearsal transpos'd, or Animadversions upon the late book, intituled, A Preface shewing what grounds there are of Fears and Jealousies of Popery. Both Parts.

FIRST EDITION. 2 vols. in I.

London, 1672-3.

The Rehearsal Transpos'd.
Additions and Amendments.

12mo, half new antique mottled calf.

£5 5s

The Second Impression, with

The Rehearsal Transpos'd. The Second Part. FIRST EDITION.

Together 2 vols., small 8vo, original calf. London, 1672-3. £2 15s *** An attack on the religious intolerance of Samuel Parker, Bishop of Oxford. Marvell undertook not merely to defend the principle of liberty of conscience, but "to clip the wings of Parker.

The title was suggested by the Duke of Buckingham's



Rehearsal," and Parker is throughout dubbed Mr. Bayes, on account of his supposed resemblance in character and style to the hero of Buckingham's Play. In this, as in all Marvell's pamphlets, there are occasional passages of grave and vigorous eloquence, but in dealing with Parker he relied more on ridicule. "From the King down to the tradesman,' Burnet, "his books were read with great pleasure." Marvell had handled the difference between the royal policy and the clerical policy with such discretion that Charles himself intervened on his behalf when the licenser wished to suppress the second edition of the first part of the Rehearsal Transpos'd."

The "Rehearsal Transposed" Controversy. S'too him Bayes; or some Observations upon the Humour of Writing Rehearsal Transposed.

12mo, original calf. Oxon, 1673.

There are two interesting references to Shakespeare (on pp. 62 and 99).

£6 6s


1126 MARY I. (Queen). An Acte agaynst the excessive takynge of the Kynge and the Queenes Maiesties Purveyours.

Printed in Gothic letter on one side of three folio sheets, with ornamental woodcut Initial letter at commencement.

Folio. Londini, Johannis Cawodi Typographi, 1555.

£15 15s

*** Proclamations of Queen Mary's Reign are excessively Rare the present one was evidently intended to be publicly displayed, and the three sheets are so printed that placed together they form one long proclamation.

The proclamation informs the public of an Act to restrain the excessive commandeering of foodstuffs by the Government Officials, and commences : —

"For the avoydyngé of the great annoyance and hyndraunce commonly done to the Subjects of this realme, by purveyours and takers of Beves, Wethers, Lambes, Calves, al Kyndes of grayne, Butter, Cheese, Bacon, all Kyndes of pullayne, and to exchewe hereafter not onelye the greate deceipt ministred and done dalyle by the sayde purveyours and takers, but also hereby to advaunce the Kynge and Quenes maiesties better service. Etc.

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