Abraham Lincoln

Courier Corporation, 1997 - 484 pagina's
Landmark biography documents Lincoln's rise from backwoods obscurity to the presidency and his role as commander-in-chief during the Civil War. An artful blend of personal and political detail, the book offers an absorbing look at the life and times of the 16th president, and provides a concise examination of factors leading to the Civil War.

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1140 Abraham Lincoln, by Godfrey Rathbone Benson [Lord Charnwood] (read 25 Nov 1971) This is a book of about 500 pages, and in that size said little I did not already know. I have read so much on the ... Volledige review lezen

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An excellent biography of the 16th President. An older biography, it is extremely well written and provides a different (with its British author) but sympathetic perspective to Lincoln and the Civil War era United States. Well worth reading. Volledige review lezen

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