Lifts of Births, Marriages, and Deaths.

Lip of BIRTHS for the Year 1762.

July 1. Lady of Sir Matthew Blakiston,—

of fon.

4. Lady of Ld G. Sackville,-of a daughter 7. Wife of Richard Coope, of Fulham, Efq; of two girls.

9. Lady of Hon. Andrew Archer, Efq;-of a daughter.

Lift of MARRIAGES in the Year 1762.


J-toMifs Stephens of Spital-fields. 29. Capt. Shurmer of the navy,-to Mifs Perry of Bristol.

Lá Newbottle, fon to the E. of Ancram,— toMissFortescue, neice to theE. of Mornington.

30. John Malkalyne, Efq; brother to Lord Clive, to Mifs Floyer of Abergavenny.

July 1. George Gent, of Mins, in Effex, Efq; to Mifs Walford of Herkstead Hall,

6. John Ellis of Greenwich, Esq; —to Mifs Wright of Peterborough.

8. Peter Calvert of Red-crofs-ftreet, Efq; to Mifs Reeve, daughter of Dr Reeve. 10. Tho. Buckeridge Noes of Southcot, Berks,-to Mifs Hucks of Bloomsbury.

17 Sir Harpur, Bt.-toLady Louif.Greville 19. Gray Cooper, of the Inner Temple, Efq; -to Mifs Kennedy of Newcastle upon Tyne." 22. Wm Mellifh, Efq; Receiver General of the Cuftoms, -Mifs Gore of Bush-hill, Midsx. 23. Rich. Vigers, Efq; a Carolina merchant, -to Mifs Sommer of Downing-street.

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Lift of DEATHS for the Year 1762.


Illiam Dawfon, of Liancliff-hall, near Settle, Yorkshire, Efq, aged 87. Chr. de Beaud Trance confeflor to the Queen Mary, dowager to James 11, aged 97; be was the laft furvivor of one branch of a Tantine, and enjoyed 10,400 livres per ann.

James Jurin, of the Hermitage, near Hexham, Efo; at Hackney; he was in the commiffion of the peace for Northumberland, and a fellow of the Royal Society,

Rev. Mr Spedding, of Watford, Hertfordsh, Rev. Mr Mander, R. of Woodbridge Halketon, Suffolk.

Margrave Charles of Brandenburg,atBreslaw Arch. Young, Efq; a collector at Dundee. July 1. James Williams, Eq; at Ifling:on. Lieut. Col. Otway, of the foot-guards. Wife of John Croucher, Efq; in Hanover-fq. Relic of Cha.Cafteli, Elq, Queen iq. Weftm. 2. Rev. Mt Leake, R. of Great Snoring and Thursford, Norfolk,

Jofeph Gafcoyne of Chifwick, Midfx. Efq; WalterLaughter, Efq;atBriftol, worth 60,000! Dr Kidby, a phyfician on Garlick-hill. 3. James Gray, of North Leach, Glouceftetfhire, Efq;

-Thomas Bowdler, Efq; at Knightsbridge. Mr Audin, fecretary to Middlefex-nofpital. 5. Mrs Robethon, one of the bed chamber belonging to the Princess Amelia; the had been 40 years in the fervice of the royal family.

Cha. Emily, Efq; major of the Surry militia. 9. Mr Hinxman of Pater-nofter-row. George Williams, Efq; one of the accomp2 at the Excife-office."

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23. Abraham Jephfon, Efq; at Blackheath. 24 MrStephens, at Moulfey, Surry, aged roz Alder.nan Hogg, at Lynn, in Norfolk. George Jocelyn, Efq; deputy governor of Carlile sort in Ireland.

25. Capt Hore, a. Bellfield, near Warrington. Sir John Maxwell, of Pollock, Bart. feven months old; he is succeeded by his uncle Sir James.

28. Rt Hon. George Doddington, Baron of Melcome Regis, clerk of the Pells in Ireland, and one of the Privy Council The title is extinct. By his death a confiderable estate defcends to Earl Temple, and a parent place of 2000. a year to the fons of the Rt Hon. Henry Fex.

Wentworth Odiarne, Efq; deputy ferjeant

at arms.

29. Wife of Ja. Plunket, Efq; at Bath.

Lift of PROMOTIONS for the Year 1762. From the London Gazette.

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Col. Rob. Brudenell, appointed an aid-decamp to the king.

Thomas Wroughton, Efq;-refident at the court of Warfaw.

Mr. Pattle,collector to the commiffione of the land tax for London.

Rev. Mr Trevena,-mater of the publick library in King ftreet, Bristol.

Mr Cook,-organift of Westminster Abbey. Mr Jones,- -a meffenger to the Treasury. Lieut. Hamilton,-Capt. of the Cormorant. Rich. Jackfon, Efq;-dep. gov. of the S. S. company.

Lord Maham,-one of the Lords of the bed-chamber.

Mr Dawfon,-filazer of Northumberland & Westmoreland.

DrDargent, phyfician to Weftminder Infir. Sir Clifton Wintringham,-phyfician in ordinary to his majefty.

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List of Preferments, Bankrupts, Sc.

James Wallace, Efq;-deputy pay-mafter to the Treafurer of the Navy.

Capt. Lieut. Coates, Capt. in the 66th reg. Sir Tho. Spenfer Wilfon, Bt.-Col. in the foot guards.

Capt. Cofnam of the 45th Reg.-Adjutant Gen. of the British forces in Portugal.

James Hebden and Wm Hatfell, Efqrs,Captains in the 19th Reg. of foot.


Sir Matthew White,-Lieut-Col; Abraham Dixon, Efq; and Thomas Major; Wood, and Wm Örd, Elqis;-Captains in the Northumberland militia.

Cart Reynold, -Capt of the Milford.

Capt Shirley,-Capt of the Lark, 32 guns. Sir Tho. Adams, Bt.-of the Boston, 32 g. Capt Sexton, of the Magnanime. Lord Howe, of the Princefs Amelia. Capt Harman, of the St Ann, 64 guns. Hon. Capt. Walfingham, Capt. of the Romney, lately launched at Woolwich, 54 g. Capt Collier, Capt of the Bologne, 32 g. Earl of Pomfret,- -one of the Lords of the bed-chamber.

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Earl of Shelburne, -Lord Chamberlain to her majefty.


Mr Keigwin, Beachworth, V. Surrey. Rev. Mr Day, chaplain of St Saviour's Southwark.

Mr Hibgame,-Long Stratton St Michael with St Peter, R. Norfolk, upon his petition, being patron thereof.

Mr Brereton, Cortfmore, R. Rutlandfb. Wm Lloyd,-Sadington, R. Lincolnshire. Mr Brown,-Silverton, R. Devon. Mr Frampton,-Owfden, R. Suffolk. Sam. Smith, Wet Lynn, R. Norfolk. John Barker,-Gr. Fakenham, R. Suffolk. Mr Wharton, of Trinity College, Oxford,chaplain of the Royal Lancashire regiment. Difpenfation to bold two Livings. Warwicksh. John Noel, Afton, V. Steeple Afhton,RS Oxfordshire. Berwick, R. Somersetshire, Oddcombe, R.S Robert PyeOdell, R. with S

B. D.

Ben. Barry,

M. A.

2 BedSoldrop & Nottingh. R. fordf


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New Members.

Eaftloe, Vifc, Palmerfton, F. Gafhry,deè'
Huntingdon, Cha. Montagu, Dof Mancheft,
Cockermouth, Cha. Jenkinson. a pl. re-chofe,
Bute, C. Henry Wauchope, Jn. Stewart, d.
Selkirk, Gilbert Elliot, a place rechofe.
Buckingham, Geo. Grenville, a place rechofe,
Weymouth, Sir Fra Dafhwood, apl. re-chofe
Plymouth, Ld Barrington,
D. of Portland


Wm Lynch,

James Clark of Bristol, merchant,
Benj. Short, of Birmingham, jeweller.
John Louis Ballifat, of Chelfea, vintner.
Samuel Priestley, of Eat Smithfield, grocer,
John Silby, of Bradford, Wilts, dealer.
Rich. Tracy, of Cranburn-ftreet, Leicester-
fields, haberdasher.


J. Huntridge, of Warwick-court,
Wm Gould, of Fofter-lane, filverfmith,
John Dancocks, of Gloucefter, apothecary,
J. Baresford,of York-it. Gov. Gard.haberdafh
Charles Levie, of the Strand, dealer.
Jofeph Keys, of Epiom, fhop-keeper.
Robert Steele, of Eaftmeon, Hants, maltes.
Rich. Leekonby, of Gr. Ecclefton, Lanca-
fhire, dealer in malt.

Wm Burgefs, of the Devizes, Wilts, iron monger
T. Walton, of Armine, Yorksh. fhip builder
Bill of Mortality from June 22 to July 27.


Females 1025 } 2043



Under 2 Years old 711

5 and 10- 166 10 and 201 76 20 and 30 84 Jo and 4040 and 50 go and 60 60 and 70 70 and 80 80 and 90

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EACH DAY's Price of STOCKS in JULY 1762.
RANK E. India South Sea S.Sea An, S.Sea An. Reduct. 13 per Cent. 3perCent. 3perCent. 3 Bank 3 per C. 4per Cent. Old Long Exchequer Script.
1760 Annuities. B. 1762

30 Stock,




Bank Ann Confolida India An. An. 1751. An. 1756. 1758%

76 Do

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letter from M. de Vol

taire to Father de la Tour, of the fociety of Jefus 347 -His charge against the authors of the Ecclefiaftical Gazette ib -His account of the feminary of the Jefuits 348

-His confeffion of faith


An hiftorical account of the Princes of
Wales born while their fathers were

-Princes by creation, not by birth ib
-Dukes of Cornwall by birth ib
-Their proper armorial bearings 350
Defeription of the Havanna
-And of the caftles and forts that de-
fend it

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Obfervations on this fcheme
Grants for the year 1762
-Ways and means for raifing the



An admonitory fpeech to the Trib
Roman Catholic regiment in Portu-
An account of the late revolution in
-Remarkable declaration concerning
the death of the late Emperor 362
French account of the expedition a-

gainst Newfoundland
Conduct of the Dutch towards the En-
glish from their firft fettlement in the
Eaft Indies
-Their cruelty to the Polorcons ib
Their new jurifdiction in the Indian
Their deftruction of English mer-
chant fhips under various pretences ib
-Rife of the first Dutch war

ib -Their humiliation & conceffions ib -Acknowledge their guilt at Amboyna


Their ingratitude to Charles II. b
-Account of the 2d Dutch war ib
Their treacherous attempt upon
Chatham dock

-Their behaviour on the revolution ib
Account of the political papers 367
-The minifterial fyftem how form'd ib
-Lofs of Newfoundland a specimen of
An account of the murder of Anne
Nailor, by Sarah Metyard and her

new adminiftration


-Their reafons for ill treating the deceafed


-Their cruel manner of confining


-Her miferable death

370 ib

-Measures to conceal the murder ib Mother and daughter quarrel 371 -Remarkable words that led to the discovery 372 -Their examination, trial, and execution 373


A voyage to India by M. du Perron, to difcover and tranflate the works of Zoroafter ib -Remarks on the labours of Dr Hyde and English travellers 374 -Difficulties Perron met with in his ib -Malabar, with an account of the Chriftians fettled there 375 -The whole coast a museum of curiofities 376 -Brief account of the hierarchy of the Pares ib -The opinions by which they are divided


-Ufe made of their learning
Account of the political periodical pa-
pers continued
-No peace folid during the existence
of the family compact
-Extracts from the Act of union ib
Memoirs of the first E. of Orrery 379
Letter from the late Duke of Ormond
to his fon


POETRY. The puppetfhow. Dialogue by Dr Swift 380

-A Riddle-An imitation of the Spectator-Epitaph 381 -Epistle to a friend in town-Ode on feparation-A fable 382 Foreign Hiftory. Revolution in Ruffia; Defeat of the Auftrians; fiege of Schweidnitz; fuccefs of the allies 383 Hiftorical Chronicle. Measures taken to fettle the affairs of the Dutch and English Eaf India companies 386 Birth of a Prince of Wales; proceffion cf Spanish teeafure 387

City addrefs on the birth of a Prince; Reward for difcov. the longitude 388 Difference between the British contul and Maltefe court 389 390 9

Lift of births, deaths, &c.

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