Herdam, but were feparated in a gale of wind. Soon after one of them was brought to by one of our frigates from the Downs, and was found to be laden with fhip timber, fuppofed to be for the French; upon which the Commodore in the Downs ordered two frigates to cruize off Gore, who fell in with the man of war and the other three fhips, and demanded to fearch them, which the captain of the Dutch man of war having refused, fome broadfides, were exchanged between them,in which feven Dutche men were killed; after which they ftruck their colours, and are all brought into the Downs for farther examination.

A complete Lift of the Fleet and Army now in the Weft Indies, diftinguifbing their Stations.


Guns. Ships. 90 Namur

84 Foudroyant M

80 Cambridge
74 Valiant
74 Dublin

74 Dragon
74 Temeraire

74 Culloden

Lifts of Births, Marriages, and Deaths:

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60 Pembroke

74 Centaur
70 Temple
70 Vanguard M
68 Marlborough
66 Devonshire

60 Rippon
60 St Anne M
54 Centurion M
50 Hampshire M
50 Deptford

66 Orford
66 Belleifle

50 Sutherland 50 Rochester M 64 Hampton Court 50 Woolwich M 64 Alcide 150 Falkland M Total 34 of the line, befides frigates,floops, &c. N. B. Thofe marked M, compofe the Squadron left at Martinico, &c. under Rear-Admiral Kodney. The reft are gone with Sir George Pocock against the Havannah.

Webb's Stanw

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Guns, Ships.

64 Modelte M

Stirling Caftle Edgar



60 St Florentine M

60 Intrepide 60 Nottingham

60 Defiance


| Rank. Regiments. 56 Keppel's $8 Anstruther's 60 Royal American 3d battalion 63 Boothby's, G 6, Malpar's, G 69 Colvill's, M 72 Richmond's 74 Irwin's, 7 76 Rufane's, 2 battalions, M 77 Montgomery's Highlanders.

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90 Latte Morgan's 94 Vaughan's M 95 Burton's M 98 Grey's M Ico Campbell's M befides Rangers, volun

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arbed M, are left
Kufane; and
at, Guada

at the

25. The Earl of Errol,-to Mils Carr, of Etal. 10,000l.

July 29. Mr Bradshaw, of the Poft Office, -to Mifs Atkins, of Paligrave-head-court.

Philip Lybbe Powis, of Hardwick, Oxfordfh. -to Mifs Girle of Lincoln's-Inn-fields,

5. Mark Basket, Efq;-to Mifs Dunford cf Woolwich.

8. Wm Adney of Stafford, Efq;-to Mrs Gould of Mile End.

12. George Plagaven, of Token-houseyard, Efq;-to Mifs Mackay of Henrietta-fr. Sir Charles Farnaby, Bt.-to MrsCharlton. David Williams, of Goldington, Efq;-to Mifs Rowland of Aylfbury.

23. His Grace the D. of Marlborough,-10 Lady Caroline Ruffel, daughter to the Duke of Bedford.

Lift of DEATHS for the Year 1762.


HE Princess Theodofia, daughter of the Grand Sultan at Conftantinople. July 19. Dr Hopwood, at Hopwood, near Mancheiter.

Wm Hamilton, Efq; member for Strabane, Ireland.

124 Dr Blomfield, R. of Baddingham, Suff.

Rev. Mr Baker, R. of Hedenham, Nortolk. Mrs Elizabeth Tempeft, fister of Sir John Tempest, Eíq; member for Durham.

Sir Henry Lynch, at Caftie-carn, Ireland, Bt. Adam Piercer, of the Middie-Temple, Efq; 30. Rev. Dr Brakenridge, F.R. and A.SS. R. of St Michael Baffifhaw, and master of the library at Sion College.

Auguft 2. Dr Feake, fellow of the college of phylicians, and physician toGuy's hospital. Relict of DrCowper, R. of Berkhampitead. Relict of the Rev. Mr Pope, at Burflock, Dorfet hire, aged 106.

7. Hon. Col. Laurie, at Leeffon-green. Bucknal Dewel, of Lamberhurft, Kent, Efq; Major Gen. Julias Cæfar, in Germany. Hon. Alex. Frafer, Efq; at Dumaglass,Scotl. Rev. Dr Hyndman, his majesty's almoner for Scotland, at Edinburgh.

10. Vifcountefs Dowager Palmerfton, at North End.

11. Lieut. Gen. Holmes, Col. of the 31 R. of foot, andLieut.Gov.of the Ine of Wight Hon. Capt. Moore, brother to the Earl of Drogheda.

Relict of the late Lord Palmeriton. Capt. Bockland,at Alvington, Isle of Wight. 15. Hon. Henry Knight, Efq; only lon of Lord Luxborough, and member for Great Gremifby.

Mr Hebbes, a tanner, at Kingston, Herefordshire; he has left 20,000 to Mrs Price of Presteigne.


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Lift of Preferments, Bankrupts, &c.

Capt. Hamilton, of the marines, at Portf


17. Relict of Tho. Dallifon, Efq; atHamp. ton, Kent.

Mr Elliot, an underwriter in Bartholomewlane.

18. Sir Nicholas Hacket Carew, Bart. at Bedington, Surry,

20. James Gray, Efq; at Epfom, Surry. [Samuel Craghead, Efq; a South Sea director. Sir Edward Worfley, Bart. at Gatcomb. John Clarke, Efq; at Mellis, near Eye, Suff. Abraham Elton, Efq; at Briftol.

21. Lady Mary Wortley, relict of the late Edward, Wortley Montagu, Efq; mother to the Countefs of Bute.

Lady dowager Fane, fifter to the late Earl of Stanhope.

25. Rt Hon. John Fane, E. of Wetmoreland, &c. Chancellor of the University of Oxford, and a Lieut. Gen. aged upwards of 80. His lorhip dying without iffue, his title defcends to Tho. Fane, Efq; member for Lime in Dorfetfhire.

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From other Papers.



ON. Col. Fitzroy,-Col. of a reg. 12 companies to be immediately raifed. Lieut. Col. Maclean of the 97th reg. and Gov. of Marigalante,-Governor of Almeida in Portugal.

Charles Bembridge, Efq; pay-mafter of the forces at Belleifle,-pay-mafter of the British forces in Portugal.

Col. Ganfell,-Col. of the 2d battalion of the 60th reg. in room of

Hon. James Murray, governor of Quebec, -Col. of the 55th reg. in room of

James Adol, Oughton, Efq;-Col. of the 31ft reg. of foot. (Holmes, dec.)

Capt. Donken of the 96th reg.-Major of brigade to the troops at Martinico, and

Wm Ruffel, Efq;-purveyor to the hospitals. Major Paterfon,-Lt Col. to the 63d reg. Lt Graves of the 3zd the 58th. Capt. Lieut, Davidson of the 114th,-Capt in the 68th,

391 Lieut. Day of the Gloucestershire militia, -Capt. in the 97th Reg.

Lord Percival,-Capt. of a company in the firft rez. of guards, with rank of Lieut. Col. John Walter, Efq;-verdurer of Windfor foreft

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Wm Bell, of Maiden-lane, Covent-gard, taylor Tho. Woodbin, of St Martin in the fields, upholder.

Tho. Allen, of Lambeth-marth, Surry,chapm, John Bryant, of Mendlefliam, Suffolk, grocer. Wm Spencer, of Witney, Oxfordsh. mercer. Robert Callender, of Dove Coat Clofes, Nor

thumberland, feedsman,

Charles Sidebotham of Gorton, Lancash.crofter 'John Hall, of Charing-crofs, wine-merchant, J. Fell, of St Martin in the Fields, pawnbrok.. James Morton of Cecil-ftreet, wine-merchant Wm Jover, of Weft Bromwick, Staffordshire, gun-lock maker.

George Farr of Newgate-ftreet, grocer.
John Cook of Bow, Middlesex, collar-maker,
Bill of Mortality from July 27, to Aug. 24,
Malea 980
Females 929

Females 594.

} 1909

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EACH DAY's Price of STOCKS in AUGUST 1762
Stock. Stock. Stock.
BANK E. India South Sea S.Sea An. S. Sea An. Reduct. 3 per Cent. 3per Cent. 3perCent. 3 Bank 13 per C. 4per Cent. Old Long Exchequer Script.
1760 Annuities. B.1762



Bank Ann Confolida India An. An 1751. An. 1756.






20s. difc. 88 a891

761 758475



75a 751476

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