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Printed for D. HENRY at St Joнv's GATE

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To paint the shifting Scene is thine

With hafty Tints, but juft Defign;

Thine, to record the tranfient Deed

With Hying FAME's impatient Speed:

From thee fucceeding Times fhall know

What War's have vex'd the World



What LEARNING'S patient Labour
What Poets fung, what Sages thought:
But from thy Works felected still, [611,
This Tome fome favour'd place thail
Supreme where BRITAIN has decreed
The Nations round no more shall bleed,
Has bid itern WAR'S Dominion cease,
Andyiven this pendant Ball to PEACE:
Where TIME records that BRITAIN'S

Boafts a new Heir that's all her own. --


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In the Magazine for the Month of January, there is a clear and ample Ac-
count of the Difpute between Great Britain and Holland, with respect to the Pro.
ceedings of the English and Dutch East India Companies at Bengal, the Mani-
feltoes of the two Crowns of England and Spain are inferted, with the Declara.
tion of War that almoft immediately followed. This Number alfo contains a
fuccinct yet full Hiftory of the public Funds, and of the Butinels of Change-
Alley; an Account of the Death of ABEL, a celebrated German Poem; and an
original Life of Dr Sherlock, the late Bishop of London.

In the Month of February, an Event is recorded, which had Confequences of
great Moment, the Death of the Emprefs of Ruha, with an Account of the
firft Meafures taken by Peter the IIId, who fucceeded her, in favour of Prussia
This Magazine contains alfo the Life of the celebrated Cardinal Borromeus; a
particular Account of a pretended Ghoft in Cock-Lane; and a Specimen of a
new poetical Verfion of the Pfalms, by the learned and ingenious Mr Merrick.

In the Magazine for March, the Events which brought on the War with Spain
are traced back to their Source, by Facts authenticated in Papers relative to
that Subject, which were published by Order of Government: A farther Ac-.
count is given of the new Meatures purfued by the Emperor Peter III. of Rua;
a Scheme is propofed, which has fince been executed with great Succefs, for
fupplying the Markets of London with Fith, by Land Carriage, at a reasonable
Price, and defeating the iniquitous Contrivances of Fishmongers: An authentic
and particular Account is inferted of the Reduction of Martinico; and a Scheme
is propofed for raising Money by Sale of Crown-Leafes.

In April, we gave an Account of a Voyage undertaken by a Son of the in-
genious Mr Harrison, with his celebrated Clock, which measures Tune with fuch
Exactnefs as fufficiently to afcertain the Longitude: Of feverat Steps taken by
the Powers at War tending to a general Peace: Of an Infurrection in Ireland,
by fome idle and mif-led People, who called themfelves White Boys: Of the
Tranfit of Venus over the Sun, as obferved at Madres; and a Narrative of the
Commiffion, Difcovery, and Punishment of a Murder, attended with moft an-
common and astonishing Circumstances.

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