Jupiter Hammon and the Biblical Beginnings of African-American Literature

Scarecrow Press, 1993 - 291 pagina's
This critical edition of the works of Jupiter Hammon, the first black writer in America, modernized for 20th-century readers, includes vital background on Jupiter Hammon's life and times. Lack of information on striking similarities between northern slavery (particularly in Hammon's home state, New York) and the southern colonies, and on the slaves' survival strategies, has led to misinterpretation and lack of evaluation of works by 18th-century slave writers like Hammon, Wheatley, Occum, Equiano, and others. Equally important is the explication of Biblical symbolism that these writers used in surreptitious code to inspire rebellion against slavery.

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\Sondra A. O'Neale ( Ph.D., University of Kentucky), Chair and Associate Professor, Women's Studies, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, has published extensively in professional journals and edited texts on the works of Afro-American women from the 18th through the 20th centuries, and on religion and Biblical typology in modern American culture.

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