The Letters of Lord Nelson to Lady Hamilton: With a Supplement of Interesting Letters, Volume 1


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Pagina 102 - It must succeed, if ever they will allow us to get at them ! You are, my Lord, surrounded by friends whom you inspire with confidence.
Pagina 52 - I go out : if I see the enemy, and can get at them, it is my duty : and you would naturally hate me, if I kept back one moment. — I long to pay them, for their tricks t'other day, the debt of a drubbing, which surely I'll pay: but when, where, or how, it is impossible, your own good sense must tell you, for me or mortal man to say.
Pagina 14 - Nile, that the little thing may not tumble in ; and then, you may have ducks again in it. I forget at what place we saw the netting; and either Mr. Perry or Mr. Goldsmid, told us where it was to be bought. I shall be very anxious till I know this is done.
Pagina 219 - Earl St. Vincent, writing to her at this time, says, "Ten thousand most grateful thanks are due to your ladyship for restoring the health of our invaluable friend Nelson, on whose life the fate of the remaining governments in Europe, whose system has not been deranged by these devils, depends. Pray do not let your fascinating Neapolitan dames approach too near him, for he is made of flesh and blood, and cannot resist their temptations.
Pagina 37 - ... and that he has not sent it to be admired, which I am sure it would be, by Buonaparte. They pretend that there were three pictures taken. I wish I had them; but they are all gone as irretrievably as the despatches, unless we may read them in a book, as we printed their correspondence from Egypt. But from us what can they find out? That I love you most dearly, and hate the French most damnably.
Pagina 9 - To tell you," he says, writing to Lady Hamilton, " how dreary and uncomfortable the Vanguard appears, is only telling you what it is to go from the pleasantest society to a solitary cell ; or from the dearest friends to no friends. I am now perfectly the great man, — not a creature near me. From my heart I wish myself the little man again. You and good Sir William have spoiled me for any place, but with you.
Pagina 73 - This day, my dearest Emma, I consider as more fortunate than common days, as by my coming into this world it has brought me so intimately acquainted with you. I well know that you will keep it, and have my dear Horatia to drink my health. Forty-six years of toil and trouble ! How few more the common lot of mankind leads us to expect ! and therefore it is almost time to think of spending the few last years in peace and quietness.
Pagina 178 - The whole art is, really, to live all the days of our life; and not, with anxious care, disturb the sweetest hour that life...
Pagina 97 - I intreat, my dear Emma, that you will cheer up; and we will look forward to many, many happy years, and be surrounded by our children's children. God Almighty can, when he pleases, remove the impediment.
Pagina 238 - Naples' orders only to admit three or four of the ships of our fleet into his ports that I am astonished. I understood that private orders, at least would, be given for our free admission. If we are to be refused supplies, pray send me by many vessels an account, that I may in good time take the King's Fleet to Gibraltar. Our treatment is scandalous for a great nation to put up with, and the King's Flag is insulted at every friendly port we look at.