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Pagina 523 - Catlin's North American Indian Portfolio. Hunting Scenes and Amusements of the Rocky Mountains and Prairies of America ; from Drawings and Notes of the Author, made during eight years' travel among fortyeight of the wildest and most remote Tribes of Savages in North America.
Pagina 55 - And the stately Spanish men to their flagship bore him then, Where they laid him by the mast, old Sir Richard caught at last, And they praised him to his face with their courtly foreign grace...
Pagina 267 - Psalterium Americanum. |The Book of | Psalms, | In a Translation Exactly conformed | unto the Original ;|but all in | Blank Verse, | Fitted unto the Tunes commonly used | in our Churches.
Pagina 55 - I have fought for Queen and Faith like a valiant man and true; I have only done my duty as a man is bound to do; With a joyful spirit I, Sir Richard Grenville, die!
Pagina 572 - Know that on the right hand of the Indies there is an island called California, very close to the side of the Terrestrial Paradise...
Pagina 310 - An Act for the better Securing and Encouraging the Trade of His Majesty's Sugar Colonies in America...
Pagina 479 - THE GOSPELS according to St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Luke, and St. John translated into the language of The Esquimaux Indians on the coast of Labrador; by .the Missionaries of the Unitas Fratrum or United Brethren residing at Nain, Okkak and Hopedale.
Pagina 382 - HISTORY of the colonization of the free states of antiquity, applied to the present contest between Great Britain and her American colonies.
Pagina 181 - Meat, Drink, Apparel and Lodging with other Necessaries during the said term; and at the end of the said Term to Pay unto him the usual Allowance, according to the Custom of the Country in the like kind.
Pagina 353 - The Narrative of the Honourable John Byron, Commodore in a late Expedition round the World, containing an Account of the great Distresses suffered by himself and his Companions on the Coast of Patagonia, from the Year 1740, till their arrival in England, 1746. With a Description of St. Jago de Chili, and the Manners and Customs of the Inhabitants; also a Relation of the Loss of the Wager, Man of War, one of Admiral Anson's Squadron.

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