Medico-chirurgical Transactions, Volume 34

Longmans, Green and Company, 1851

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Pagina 11 - This was separated from the sac by the knife ; and two arteries, which we feared might bleed, were tied with leather ligatures, and the omentum was returned. By continuing to pull out the sac, the ovarian ligament was brought out; it was cut off; two small arteries were secured as before, and the ligament returned. I then endeavoured to separate the sac from its adhesions to the parietes of the abdomen, which occupied a space about two inches square. This was...
Pagina 237 - ... hours her vomiting had been stercoraceous and incessant; the countenance pale and contracted ; voice faltering; pulse weak, small, and intermitting — in short, all the symptoms of pending dissolution from strangulated intestine were present. On careful examination, nothing could be detected but a slight degree of fulness in Scarpa's triangle on the right side ; that on the opposite side being well marked. On using firm pressure with the ends of the fingers over the neighbourhood of the femoral...
Pagina 76 - That dependent on the shock inflicted on the nervous system, as well by the violent interference with the most important process that ever goes on in the organism within the same limited time, as by the injury to a part so important and so richly supplied with nerves as the uterus of a parturient woman. 3. The hazard inseparable from extensive injury to the peritoneum, when unblunted in its sympathies and unaltered in its texture, as in cases of ovarian or other tumours, for the removal of which...
Pagina 349 - MOORE.— HEALTH, DISEASE, AND REMEDY, Familiarly and Practically considered in a few of their Relations to the Blood. By George Moore, MD Post Svo. 7s. Gil. cloth. MOORE.— THE POWER OF THE SOUL OVER THE BODY.
Pagina 347 - DEMONSTRATIONS IN ANATOMY. Being a Guide to the Knowledge of the Human Body by Dissection.
Pagina 251 - ... mater. The affection of the tympanum which most frequently produces disease in the cerebrum is chronic catarrhal inflammation of the mucous membrane, an affection thus far only known as an otorrhoea. The four changes in the dura mater and cerebrum produced by the affections of the tympanum are — 1. Inflammation of the dura mater, and its separation from the surface of the petrous bone by serum. 2. Ulceration of the dura mater, and its complete detachment from the petrous bone.
Pagina 349 - On the PELOROSAURUS ; an undescribed gigantic terrestrial reptile, whose remains are associated with those of the Iguanodon and other Saurians, in the Strata of Tilgate Forest.
Pagina 92 - Oldham determined to induce premature labour, which was done by puncturing the membranes. The child was alive, and continued living for two days, but so little progress was made in the labour, that the child having by this time ceased to exist, on...
Pagina xliv - Society deems it proper to state that the Society does not hold itself in any way responsible for the statements, reasonings, or opinions set forth in the various papers which, on grounds of general merit, are thought worthy of being published in its
Pagina 10 - The patient being placed on a bed," observes Dr. Smith, " with her head and shoulders somewhat raised, an assistant pushed up the tumour to the middle of the abdomen, and held it there. I then commenced an incision about an inch below the umbilicus, directly in the linea alba, and extended it downwards three inches. I carried it down to the peritoneum, and there stopped till the blood had ceased to flow, which it soon did.

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