the Causes and Effects of Emigration from the Highlands and Western Isles of Scotland; with Observations on the Means to be employed for preventing it. 1802, 8vo. 3s. 6d.

IRVINE, C.-Medicina Magnetica; or the Art of Curing by Sympathy. Lond. 1656, 8vo.

IRVINE, CHRISTOPHER. Bellum Grammaticale. Historiæ Scoticæ, Nomenclatura Latino-Vernacula. Svo.


Edin. 1658, 8vo.—
Edin. 1682, 1692,

of Ferdinand and Isabella, in 1492.-He composed a book, entitled, Toledot Iiskach the Generations of Isaac. It is a Commentary upon the Pentagteuch; partly literal and partly cabalistical, in which he examines the sentiments of other Commentators. It has gone through several editions: the first was printed at Constan. 1518. Afterwards at Mantua, and Amst. 1708. Buxtorf also ascribes to him a Ritual, entitled, Eben Haheser; the Rock of Support.

IRVINE, WILLIAM, M. D., late Lecturer in Materia Medica and Chemistry, in the University of Glasgow.-Essays on Chemical Subjects. Edited by his son, William Irvine, M. D. Lond. 1805, 8vo. 9s. Chiefly with regard to Heat.-Theories of Heat. Nicholson's Journal, vi. 25. h 1803.-Letters of Inquiry respecting the late Dr. Irvine's Fundamental Experiment on the Relative Capacities for Heat of Ice and Water. Ib. xi. 50. 1805.

IRVINE, WILLIAM, M. D., F. R. S. E., son of the preceding, an Army Physician.-Some Observations upon Diseases; chiefly as they occur in Sicily. Lond. 1810, 8vo. 5s.-Letters on Sicily. Lond. 1813, large 8vo. 25s. Posthumous, and published by subscription.-Experimental Determination of the Latent Heat of Spermaceti, Bees' Wax, Tin, Bismuth, Lead, Zinc, and Sulphur. Nicholson's Journal, ix. 45. 1804.

IRVING, DAvid, A. M.—Lives of Scottish Authors; viz., Fergusson, Falconer, and Russell. Edin. 1801, 12mo.-Elements of English Composition; treating of purity, propriety, and precision of style; of synonymous words; of the structure of sentences; of clearness and precision, unity, strength, and harmony in the structure of sentences; of figurative language in general; of personification, apostrophe, hyperbole, comparison, metaaphor, and allegory. Lond. 1801, 12mo. And again in 1809, 8vo.-Lives of the Scottish Poets; with Preliminary Dissertations on the Literary His tory of Scotland, and the early Scottish Drama. Edin. 1804, 2 vols. 8vo. 18s.-Memoirs of the Life and Writings of George Buchanan. Edin. 1807, 8vo. Ss. 2d edit. corrected and enlarged; with an Appendix, con- j taining many original papers, a reprint of Buchanan's Admonitions, and other Scottish Tracts. 1817, 8vo. 14s.


IRVING, or IRVINE, RALPH.-Experiments on the Red and Quilled Peruvian Bark; with observations on its history, mode of operation, and buses; and on some other subjects connected with the Phenomena of Vegetable Astringents. Edin. 1785, 8vo. 3s.-The Edinburgh New Dispensatory. Edin. 1786, 8vo.

IRVING, THOMAS, M. D., of Lisburne.-Account of a singular Fracture of the Cranium; and of the Hæmorrhage from Amputation of the Penis, stopt by slight Compression for a few minutes. Med. Com. xv.

363. 1790.

ISAAC, JOHN, Secretary to the Apiarian Society of Exeter.—The Gospel Doctrine of Free Grace maintained. 1788, 12mo.-The General Apiarian; wherein a simple, humane, and advantageous Method of obtaining the Produce of Bees, without destroying them, is pointed out. Lond. 1799, 12mo. 2s. 6d.

ISAAC, MONACHUS.-Scholia in 6 priores libros Elementorum Geome. triæ Euclidis, Lat. per Dasypodium. Arg. 1579, 8vo.

ISAAC, R. ABRAMA.-Jad Absalom, i. e. Manus Absalomi, Explicatio Proverbiorum Salomonis. 4to.-Akidath Isaac, i. e. Ligatio Isaaci, Commentarius in Legem. Fol.-Commentarius in Pentateuchum. Ven. fol. ISAAC, R. JABEZ, BEN R. SALOMEN JABEZ.-Torath Chesed, i. e. Lex Benignitatis, Commentarius in Psalmos, Jobum, Danielem, Esram et Nehemiam, Canticum Canticorum, Ruth, Threnos. Belved. fol. ISAACK, THOMAS.-Methodus Cognoscendi Causas duobus libris, explicata. Lond. 1650, 12mo.

i ISAACS, MRS.-The Wood Nymph. 3 vols. 12mo.-Ella St. Lau. rence; or, The Village of Selwood, and its Inhabitants. 1809, 4 vols. 12mo. 22s-Wanderings of Fancy. 1812, 8vo. 10s. 6d.-Tales of Today. 1816.

ISAACSON, HENRY. -Saturni Ephemerides, sive Tabula HistoricoChronologica; containing a Chronological Series or Succession of the Four Monarchies; as, also, a Succession of the Kings and Rulers over most Kingdoms and Estates of the World, and a brief Chronological Description of them; with a Compend of the History of the Church, from the Creation. Lond. 1633, fol.-Tabula Historico-Chronologica. Lond. 1653, fol. ISAACUS, JOHN, a Dutchman.-A Fragment out of his Rhetoricks. Lond. 1652, 4to.-Opera Mineralia, seu de Lapide Philosophico. Middelb. 1600, 8vo. Arnheim, 1616, 8vo.

ISACHIUS, ALPHONSUS.-Cæsarei Juris Institutionum, Syntagma. Regii, 1606.-Tract. de Venatione, Piscatione, Aucopio, &c. Regii, 1625, 4to. ISEUS, a Grecian Orator and Lawyer, the Disciple of Lysias, and Preceptor of Demosthenes, was born probably at Chalcis, in Syria, about 418 B. C. There are only eleven of his Orations extant, and a few Fragments.-Orationes, among the Rhet. Græc. Vet. Ven. ap. Ald. 1508-9, fol. Et, 1513, fol.-Orat. among the Crat. Veter. Græc. Princ.

k Gr. et Lat. Par. ap. Steph. 1575, fol.-Oratores Veteres, i. e. Antiphontis, Andocidis, et Isæi Orationes xxx. ab A. Miniato, Gr. et Lat. Hanov. 1619, 8vo. A wretched translation, in barbarous Latin.-loaiou Royos wege Tou Movexdious xλngov. Ex Cod. Medic. Florent. primum editus. Excudebat J. Nichols. Lond. 1785, maj. 8vo.-The best edition of Isæus is that of Reiske, in the Orat. Græc. Lips. 1770-75, 8vo.-The only English Translation of these Orations is the following. The Speeches of Isaus, in Cases concerning the Law of Succession to Property, at Athens; with a Prefatory Discourse, and Notes critical and historical, and a Commentary by (Sir) William Jones. Lond. 1779, 4to. A most excellent and highly finished performance.

IRWIN, EYLES, Esq., M. R. I. A., in the Service of the Hon. the E. India Company.-St. Thomas' Mount; a Poem. 1771, 4to.-Bedukal; an Indian Pastoral. 1776, 4to.-Eastern Eclogues. Written during a ctour through Arabia, Egypt, &c. in 1777. Lond. 1780, 4to. 2s. 6d.—A Series of Adventures, in the course of a Voyage up the Red Sea, on the coasts of Arabia and Egypt; and of a Route through the Desarts of Thebais, hitherto unknown to the European Traveller, in 1777. In Letters to a Lady. Illustrated with maps and cuts. Lond. 1780, 4to. 153. 1781, 4to. 3d edit. with a Supplement of a Voyage from Venice to Satichea; and of a Route through the Desarts of Arabia, by Aleppo, Bagdad, and the Tygris to Busrab, in the years 1780 and 81. In a Letter to a Lady. Lond. 1787, 2 vols. 8vo. 14s.-Epistles to Mr. Hayley, during a Journey from London to the Gulph of Persia, in the years 1780-1. Lond. 1784, 4to. 3s. d-Ode to Robert Brooke, Esq. occasioned by the death of Hyder Ally. Lond. 1784, 4to. 1s. 6d.-Triumph of Innocence; an Ode on the Deliverance of Maria Theresa Charlotte, Princess Royal of France, from the Prison of the Temple. Lond. 1796, 4to. 2s. 6d.-Inquiry into the Feasibility of the supposed Expedition of Bonaparte to the East. Lond. 1796, m 1798, 8vo. 1s.-Bonaparte in Egypt. 1798, 8vo.—-Nilus; an Elegy on the Victory gained by Admiral Nelson over the French Fleet, on Aug. 1st, 1798. Lond. 1798, 4to. 2s.-The Failure of the French Crusade; or, the ad. vantages to be derived by Great Britain from the restoration of Egypt to the Turks. Lond. 1799, 8vo. Is. 6d. -The Bedouins; a Com. Op. 1802, e12mo.-Ode to Iberia. Lond. 1808, 4to. 1s. 6d.-The Fall of Saragossa; an Elegy. 1808, 4to.-Napoleon; or, the Vanity of Human Wishes. 1814, 2 parts, 4to.-Account of the Game of Chess, as played by the Chinese. Trans. Irish Acad. 1793, vol. v.

IRWIN, G., of Taunton.-An Experiment on Soap Suds, as a Manure. n Nicholson's Journal, xx. 99. 1808.

ISAAC, a Syrian Bishop, who is supposed to have lived in the 5th century. He wrote Homilies in Arabic, which were translated into Greek by Patricius and Abraham, two authors of an uncertain age.-Homiliæ, a Niceph. Theotokio, Gr. Lips. 1770, 4to.

f ISAAC, EXIMIUS.-Medicinæ Monarchæ, de particularibus Dictis. Paduæ, 1487, 4to.

ISAAC, JOH., Levita Germanus.-Meditationes Hebraicæ in Librum Ruth, &c. Adjecta sunt etiam quædam, contra fallacissimam Castalionis Bibliorum Interpretationem, et contra confusissimum D. I. Fursteri Lexicon. Colon. 1558, 4to.-Defensio Veritatis Hebraicæ, contra Lindanum. Colon. 1559, 8vo.-Grammatica Hebræa. Ant. 1564, 4to.

ISAAC, RARO, a Rabbi, one of those Jews who left Spain, on an Edict

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ISAIAH, THE PROPHET.-Prophetia a Curterio, Gr. et Lat. Par. 1580, fol.-Proph. a Davide Kimchi, Heb. Gr. et Lat. Bas. ap Hen. Petri. Without date, 4to.-Proph. ab Huttero, Heb. Gr. et Lat. Norimb. 1601, 4to. &c. The Prophecies of Isaiah are to be found in every edition of the Bible.


ISCANUS, Jos.-De Bello Trojano, cum Notis Dresemii. Franc. 1620, 4to.

ISCANUS, THEOPHILUS.-Philadelphus Vapulans. Lond. 1641, 4to. ISDELL, MISS SARAH.-The Irish Recluse; or a Breakfast at the Rotunda; a Nov. Lond. 1809, 3 vols. 12mo. 13s. 6d.-The Vale of Louisiana.-The Poor Gentlewoman; a Com. 1811, 8vo.

ISELIN, JAMES CHRISTOPHER, in Latin, ISELIUS, a learned Antiquary, born at Basil, 1681; where he died, 1737. He published a great number of books, the principal of which are,-De Gallis Rhenum transeuntibus; Carmen Heroicum.- De Historicis Latinis melioris Ævi, Dissertatio.-Dissertations and Orations upon various subjects.

ISENDOORN, GISBERTUS AB-Cursus Logicus. Oxf. 1658, 8vo. ISERNIA, ANDREAS DE.-Commentaria in usus Feudorum, cum explicationibus et glossis Nardi Liparuli. Franc. 1598. 1629, fol.

ISHAM, JOHN.-A Daily Office for the Sick. Lond. 1694, 8vo. ISHAM, Z., D. D., Rector of Solyhull, Warwick, Prebendary of St. Paul's, and Canon of Canterbury.-A Funeral Sermon on the Death of Dr. Scott; on Phil. iii. 20, 21. 1695, 4to. Also at the end of the 2d vol. of Scott's Works. Lond. 1718, fol.-Sermons on Luke x. 37. 1696, 4to.-On Acts xx. 35. 1700, 4to.-On 1 Sam. iv. 13. 1701, 4to.Consecration of Bishop Hooper, on 1 Tim. iv. 14. 1704, 4to.-Of Confirmation; a Visitation Sermon on Acts viii. 17. 1705, 4to.

ISIDORE, OF CHARAX, flourished under Ptolemy Lagus, about A. a c. 300.-Eradμoi Nagdıxol. Aug. Vind. 1600, 8vo.-Mansiones Parthicæ, Gr. Lat. cum Notis Fabricii et J. Hudsoni. Oxon. 1703, 8vo.

ISIDORE, Sr., surnamed PELUSIOTA, or, DAMIETTA, the most celebrated of the disciples of John Chrysostom, flourished in the 5th century;


and died about the year 440. Of his writings there are extant 2012 Letters r pan. Illustrat. Franc. 1603.-Chronicon de Gothis, Wandalis, et Suevis, in five books, written in good Greek, and in an agreeable elegant style. The p. 847. Hispan. Illustrat. Franc. 1606. et Chronicon Regum Wisi. following are the principal editions,-Epistolarum libri iii. a Jac. Billio, Gr. gothorum, cum Observationibus Frid. Lindenbrogii. Hamb. 1611. et Lat. Par. 1585, fol. Editio princeps.—Epist. libri iv. a Conr. Ritters- cum Notis Bon. Vulcanii. Lugd. Bat. 1597, 8vo. Et ex recensione Grotii. husio, Gr. et Lat. Heidelb. 1605, fol.-Liber quintus Epistolarum, (quæ Amst. 1655, 8vo. This useful Chronicle ends at the year 626.-Fragmenin editionibus Billii et Rittershusii desiderantur), Gr. Lat. cum Notis per tum Versionis Antiquissimæ Theotiscæ libri Isidori Hispalensis de Nativi'p And. Schottum. Franc. 1629.-Epist. lib. v. ab And. Schotto, Gr. Lat. tate Domini, Passione, Resurrectione, &c. cum Notis Jo. Philippi Palthenii. Par. 1638, fol. The best edition.-Isidorianæ Collationes, viz. ejus Epis- Gryph. 1606, 4to.-Glossæ Latinæ. Gen. 1622, 4to. Liber Glossarum tolarum, cum MSS., collatio. Rom. 1670, 8vo. ex variis Glossariis, quæ sub. Isidori nomine circumferuntur, collectus. 1633. -De Patria Urbis Laudibus, Panegyricus. Mediol. 1629, 12mo.- Reygula Monachorum. Rome, 1661.-Opera. Basil. 1477, fol. This is the editio princeps of his whole Works. Opera, cum variorum Notis collectis et Auctis per Joh. Grialum; edita per Jac. de Breul. Paris, 1601, fol. Reprinted, Colon. 1617, fol. Opera. Matriti. 1778, 2 vols. fol. An excellent Work, and the best edition of this Author.-Emendations of Isidorus Hispalensis, in Bibliotheca Literaria. No. 2d, Article 4. Lond. 1722, 4to. -Isidore forms one of the Authors in a collection, entit., De Re Agraria à Gull. Goesio. Amst. 1674, 4to.-The English translations are all of an early date, viz. An Instruction to avoid and eschewe Vices; being a translation of the Lessons of St. Isidore; with additions, by R. Whitford. Lond. 1541, 4to.-Here be the gathered Counsailes of Saincte Isidoris, to informe man howe be shulde flee vices and folowe vertues. Lond. in Edib. Th. Bertheleti, 1544, 4to.-Counsels of St. Isidore, translated by Thos. Lupset, with St. Chrysostom, q. v. Lond. 1560, 8vo.

ISIDORE, DE ISOLANIS, a Dominican Friar of Milan, remarkable for his singularity of opinions on the subjects on which he wrote.-De Imperio Militantis Ecclesiæ, libri iv. necnon Modus Vivendi Imperii Milit. Eccles. Mediol. 1517. fol. cum fig.-Disputationum Catholicarum libri v. in quibus i. De Igne Inferni. ii. De Purgatorio. iii. De Merito Animarum Purgatorii et Cognitionis propriæ Beatitudinis futuræ. iv. De Disputatione dantis et recipientis Indulgentias. v. De Modo Remissionis factæ per 9 Indulgentias. Mediol, 1517, fol. The curious and bold opinions which this work contains, causes it to be eagerly sought after.-De Regum Principumque Institutis. Mediol. without date, but about 1517, sm. fol. Rare.Tractatus de Nova Mundi Mutatione; item, de Aurea Mensa Solis, Oratio. Bonon. 1523, 4to.

ISIDORUS, Sr., of Seville, was born at Carthagena, in Spain, about the beginning of the 7th century; died 636. He left several useful Works regarding the Church in his own days. Editions of these works were printed very early in the art of printing. Etymologiarum, libri xx. Without name of printer, place, or date, fol. This is a magnificent impression, sometimes, rif not always, found along with Bartholomæus de Proprietatibus Rerum, published about the same time, and printed in the same character. According to Dibdin, this is of the press of Ulric Zell; it is printed in double columns, in a small Gothic or Semi-Gothic character. In the 3d book of this work, several mathematical figures are introduced.—Etymologiarum, libri XX. Printed by Gunther Zainer, Augsburg, 1472, fol. This edition contains several apparent improvements made from the former edition, from which the preceding has been principally adjudged prior in point of time. In this volume is introduced the first specimen of the Roman character in Germany. This is in all appearance an exact reprint of the preceding. s Etymologiarum, libri xx. Supposed to have been printed by Mentelin, at Strasbourg, about 1473, fol. The type of this Work is between the Roman and the Gothic: remarkable for the stoutness of the paper, and brilliancy of the ink. This, as well as the other editions of this Author about this period, is extremely rare. Etymologiarum, lib. xx. Venet. Pet. de Coslein, 1485, fol. Et cum variis Lectionibus. Paris. 1595. Origines, seu Etymologiæ, cum Scholiis Bon. Vulcanii. Basil. 1577, fol. Chronologia


ISIDORUS, Episc. de Badajoz, seu Pacensis.-Chronicon de Rebus Hispanicis, Latine et Hispanice illustratum, per Pr. de Sandoval. Pamp.


ISJONVAL, M. QUATREME'RE D'.-Collection de Mémoires, &c.; or, A Collection of Chemical and Physical Memoirs. 1784, vol. i. 4s.

ISLA, JOSEPH FRANCIS DE L', was a Spanish Jesuit, who, on the supapression of his Order, went to Italy, and settled at Bologna, where he died, 1783. He is known chiefly as the Author of,-The History of the famous Preacher Friar Gerund de Campazas, otherwise Gerund Zotes. Of this Work the first vol. of the original Spanish was published at Madrid, 1758, under the assumed name of Francis Lobon de Salazer; but when the Author had a second volume ready, he found it impossible to print it in Spain, and presented the copy to Baretti, by whose means both vols. were printed in English. Lond. 1771, 8vo. The Work is written after the manner of the inimitable Cervantes, with a view to correct the abuses of the Spanish pulpit.


ISLE, SR. DE.-Des Talismans, &c. avec des Observations contre le Livre de Curiositéz inouyes de M. J. Gaffari. Par. 1636, 8vo.-Relation Historique du Royaume de Siam. Par. 1684, 8vo.-Thimon le Misanthrope. Par. 1722, 8vo.-Abrégé de l'Histoire Universelle. Haye, 1731, 7 tom. 12mo.-Lettres sur les Tables Astronomiques de M. Halley. Par. 1749-50, 12mo.

ISLE, FRANCIS DE L'.-Legendarie; containing an ample Discourse of the Life of Charles, Cardinal of Lorraine, and of his Brethren, the House of Guise. Translated from the French. 1577, 8vo.

ISLE, JOHN DE L'.-Lettre de Brutus sur les Chars Anciens et Modernes. Lond. 1771, 8vo.-De la Philosophie de la Nature; ou Traite de Morale pour le Genre Humain. Lond. 1789, 7 vols. 8vo.

ISLE, JOSEPH NICOLAS, D. L., F. R. S., first Professor of Astronomy at Petersburg. - On the Construction of a Quicksilver Thermometer. Phil. Trans. Abr. viii. 66. 1736.-A Proposal for the Measurement of the Earth in Russia. Ib.

ISLE, WILLIAM DE.-Diverse Ancient Monuments in the Saxon tongue; shewing that the Lord's Prayer and Creed were then used in the vulgar tongue; also the opinion then held of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, and abstracts from Ælfricus to the same purpose. Lond. 1638, 4to. ISLER, T.-Nouvelle Methode Suisse, pour tenir les Livres, in parties doubles. 1811, 4to. 21s.

ex Libro Originum 5. et 6. desumpta. Basil. 1577, 8vo. Etymol. Connected with the Auctores Ling. Lat. à Gothfrido. Gen. 1585, 1602, 1622, 4to. Reprinted more accurately at the end of Martinius' Lexicon Philo t logicum, 1697, fol. Originum et Etymologiarum, libri xx. 1633.-Contra Judæos, sine ulla Nota. 4to. Printed in the Roman character, and supposed to have been executed about 1470. Contra Jud. Acced. Narrationes dua Josephi et Epistola Pilati de Christo, sine Nota. 4to. An ancient impression, supposed to be at Rome.-De Summo Bono, sine ulla Nota. This is printed with the types of Ulric Zell, of Cologne. De Sum. Bon. Norimba without date, but adjudged to be about 1470. One of the first, if not the first Work, printed with the types of Henry Rumel. De Sum. Bon. Svo. Without place, date, or printer's name: evidently a Work of the 15th century. De Sum. Bon. Lovanii, Jo. de Westphalia, 1486, u 4to. De Sum. Bon. per J. Aleaume. Paris. 1538, 8vo.-De Responsione Mundi et Astrorum Ordinatione. Aug. Zeiner, 1472, fol. Cum figuris Xylographicis. Printed in the Italian character: it is the first book with a date which is illustrated with cuts.-De Temporibus. Without date, place, or printer's name, 4to. This has the appearance of being from the press of Phil. de Lignamine, about 1473. The character is the Roman. De Temp. Without place, date, or printer's name, 4to. Evidently the ISLIP, ADAM, a Printer and Stationer in London, whose typographical Gothic character, as used by Stephen Planck, and must therefore have been labours appear in the following books,-The Triall of Bastardie, &c. v. published sometime between 1479 and 1499, at Rome.-Sinonyma, seu So- Clerke, Wm. Lond. 1594, 4to.-Ten Introductions. v. Vaughan, Edliloquia de Homine et Ratione, sine ulla Nota. 4to. The types of Rumel Lond. 1594, 8vo.-The Gardiner's Labyrinth, &c. v. Mountain, v of Norimberg. Sin., &c. Antw. 1487, 4to. Reprinted, cum Colloquiis Did. Lond. 1594, 4to.-Sonnets to the fairest Coelia. Lond. 1594, 4to. Peccatoris et Jesu Christi, 1487, at Antwerp.-An edition of the Missal. -The Doctrin of Prayer, &c. v. Smith, John. Lond. 1595, 4to.-The 1500, fol.-An edition of the Breviary. 1502, fol. Printed at the request Mount of Caluarie, &c. v. Guevara, Ant. Lond. 1595, 4to. The seof Cardinal Ximenes: exceeding scarce. A Treatise on this Liturgy was cond part. 1597.-Politicke, &c. Discourses. v. Hurault, Ja. Lond. afterwards printed at Rome, 1740, fol.—De Vita et Obitu Sanctorum utri- e 1595, 4to.-Strange things, &c. v. Hasleton, Rd. Lond. 1595.-The usque Testamenti; item Allegoriæ quædam ex utroque Test. decerptæ, una Contents of Scripture. v. Hill, Rob. Lond. 1596, 24mo.-The Orator, cum libro Præmiorum. Haganoæ, 1529, 4to. Reprinted, p. 587. inter &c. v. Siluayn, Alex. Lond. 1596, 4to.-A Booke of Secrets; shewing Monum. SS. Patrum Orthodox. edit. à Jac. Grynæo. Basil. 1569.-De diuers waies to make and prepare all sortes of Inke and Colours, as blacke, Ortu et Obitu Prophetarum. 4to. Without date, place, or printer's name, white, blew, greene, red, yellow, and other colours. Also to write Gold but evidently a production of the beginning of the 16th century.-De Officiis and Siluer, or any kind of Mettall, out of a Pen; with many other profitable Ecclesiasticis, libri ii. Antwerp, 1554, 8vo. Col. 1568. Reprinted with secrets, as to colour quills and parchment of any colour; and to graue with the Patres, and several other Works of a similar description. This Work strong water in steele and iron. Translated out of Dutch, by W. P. contains some very important information on church discipline, and men- Hereunto is annexed, a little Treatise, intituled, Instructions for Ordering tions seven Prayers of the Sacrifice, which are still to be found in the Mosa- of Wines; shewing how to make Wine, &c. Written first in Italian, and rabic Mass, or Spanish Liturgy, which our Author had a principal hand in. f now translated into English, by W. P. Lond. 1596, 4to.-Examen de -De Scriptoribus Ecclesiasticis, cum Notis Suffridi Petri. Col. 1580, Ingenios, &c. v. Huarte, John. Lond. 1596, 4to.-Hawking, &c. 8vo. Et cum Notis Mirai. Antw. 1639.-Thesaurus utriusque Linguæ Gryndall, Wm. Lond. 1596, 4to.-The Devil coniured, by T. Lodge. à Bonav. Vulcanio. Lugd. Bat. 1600, fol.-Fragmentum de Prælatis, Lond. 1596, 4to.-Certaine Sermons. v. Udall, John. Lond. 1596, 8vo. cum Goldasti Notis. 1601, 8vo. De Claris Hispaniæ Scriptoribus ac -Wits misery, &c. v. Lodge, T. Lond. 1596, 4to.-Progymnasma Episcopis, cum Appendicibus variorum et Notis And. Schotti, p. i. His- Scholasticum, &c. v. Stockwood, John. Lond. 1597, 8vo.-The Theatre



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of God's Iudgments, &c. v. Beard, Th. Lond. 1597, 4to.-Aristotle's Politiques, &c. v. Roy, Loys de. Lond. 1597, 1398, fol.-Hero and Leander. By Christ. Marloe. Lond. 1598, 4to.-The Betraying of Christ, &c. v. Rowland, Sam. Lond. 1598, 4to.-The Mirrovr of Policie: a Worke no lesse profitable than necessarie, for all Magistrates and Gouernours of Estates and Commonweales. Lond. 1598, 1599, 4to.-The Workes of G. Chaucer, q. v. Lond. 1598, fol.-The Necessary, Fit, and Convenient Education of a Young Gentlewoman, Italian, French, and English. Lond. 1598, 8vo.-The Key to Vnknowne Knowledge; or, a Shop of Fiue Windowes,

Which if you doe open
To cheapen and copen,
You will be vnwilling
For many a shilling

To part with the profit

That yow shall haue of it.

Consisting of fiue necessarie Treatises: namely, The Iudgement of Vrines;
Judiciall Rules of Physicke; Questions of Oyles; Opinions of Curing
Harquebush Shot; a Discourse of Human Nature. Lond. 1599, 4to.
The Fountaine of Ancient Fiction, &c. v. Linche, Rich. Lond. 1599, 4to.
-Philemon Holland's English Livy. Lond. 1600, fol.-A Toile for Two-
legged Foxes. By J. B. Lond. 1600, 16mo.


ISNARDUS, JAC.-Transitus Henrica Borboniæ in Angliam. Par. i1625, 4to.-Arcis Sammartinianæ Obsidio, et Fuga Anglorum, a Rea Insula. Par. 1629, 8vo.

ad Nicoclem, Gr. Lovan. 1522, 4to.-Nicoc. Gall. Tours. 1594, 12mo. -DOCT. PRIN. The Doctrinal of Princes, made by the noble Oratour Isocrates, and translated out of Greke in to English, by Sir Thomas Eliot, Knight. Lond. without date, but probably printed in 1534, 8vo.-ENCOM. EVAG. Euagoras, Lat. per P. Saliatum. Par. 1549, 4to.-Encomium Evagoræ, à Chr. God. Findeseno, Gr. Lips. 1777, 8vo.-Isocrates' Oration, entitled, Evagoras, translated by J. Wolfe. Lond. 1581, 8vo.AREOP. Areopagiticus, Gr. Par. ap. Wechel. 1558, 4to.-ENCOM. HEL. pEncomium Helena, Gr. et Lat. Ven. 1566, 4to.-Helen. Gr. Lat. per Wolfium. Hanov. 1619.-A perfite Looking Glasse for all Estates, most excellently and eloquently set forth by the famous Oratour Isocrates. Translated into Latine by the learned Clearke Hieronimus Wolfius, and now Englished to the behalfe of the reader; with sundry Examples of pithy Sentences, coted in the margent, approbating the Author's intent : no less delectable than profitable, by Thos. Forrest. Lond. 1580, 4to.-ARCHID. Archidamus, à Joan. Posselio, Gr. Rost. 1582, 4to.-Epistola ad Archidamum, Gr. Lat. Jo. Davidis Koeleri. Hafn. 1706, 4to.-Archidamus, translated by Tho. Barnes. Lond. 1624, 410.- —OPERA.-Opera, Gr. cum ejusd. Difficiliorum Dictionum Explicatione ex Suida et Harpocratione. Bas. 1550, 8vo.-Opera, Gr. Lat. cum Annott. et Castigat. per Hier. Wolfium. Bas. 1558, 8vo. Bas. 1567, 2 vols. fol. 1571, 1579, 1582, 1587, et 1602, 8vo. The merits of Wolf as an Editor are very considerable: he has consulted all the ancient editions, and his corrections are frequently judicious. The best impression of Wolf's edition is that of 1570, fol.-Opera; ab Henr. Steph. Gr. et Lat. Par. 1593, fol. A neat edition, containing some singular readings.-Opera, Gr. Lat. à P. Steph. Genev. 1604, 8vo. Contains a most useful Index. Reprinted, Genev. 1651, 2 vols. 8vo.Opera, à I. T., B. A. Gr. et Lat. Par. 1621, 8vo.—Opera, Gr. et Lat. Chrispin. 1659, 8vo.-Opera, à Guil. Battie, Gr. et Lat. Cantab. 1729, vol. i. 8vo. et Lond. vol. ii. (absque an. sed 1748,) 8vo. Dr. Harwood pronounces this to be the best edition, but Harles observes, that "Battie might have given a better edition of his Author, had he more skilfully availed himself of the sources of information which he consulted." The Latin version is the Editor's own.-Opera, ab Athanasio Auger: Gr. et Lat. Par. 1782, 3 vols. 8vo. Reprinted, Par. 1783. A very beautiful edition, which, notwithstanding some defects and typographical errors, is perhaps preferable to every preceding one.--Opera, Gr. à Lang. Hal. Sax. 1803, 8vo. excellent and useful edition, containing a running Latin Commentary or Illustration, beneath the Greek Text.-There appears to be only one English edition of the Works of Isocrates, namely, the following: The Orations and Epistles of Isocrates, translated from the Greek, by Joshua Dinsdale, and revised by the Rev. Mr. Young. Lond. 1752, 8vo. A correct translation, without much elegance of style.


ISOLA, BARON OF.-The Buckler of State and Justice, against the Design of an Universal Monarchy, &c. To which is added, a Free Conference, touching the Present State of England. Lond. 1673, 8vo. ISOLA, AGOSTINO, Teacher of the Italian Language in the University of Cambridge.-Pieces, selected from the Italian Poets. Translated into English verse, by some Gentlemen of the University of Cambridge. Lond. 1778, 8vo. 4s.-Orlando Furioso of Ludovico Ariosto; with an explanation of equivocal words and poetical figures, and an elucidation of all the passages concerning History or Fable. Lond. 1790, 4 vols. 8vo. 24s. ISRAEL, R. FIL. MOSIS.-Disputatio Cabalistica de Anima, Heb. Lat. et cum Comm. per I. de Voysin. Par. 1635, 8vo.

ISOCRATES, a celebrated Greek Orator of antiquity, was born at Athens, in the 86th Olympiad, or 436 years before the Christian æra.— EPIST.-Epistolæ Græce. Ven. 1499.-Epist. Gr. Par. 1546, 4to. -Epist. Gr. et Lat. à Geor. Sylvano. Lond. 1764, 12mo.-Epist. et alia aliorum, à Car. Fr. Matthæi, Gr. Mosq. 1776, 8vo.-Epistles out of Isocrates, translated out of Latine into English, by Abraham Fleming, in his Panoplie of Epistles. Lond. 1576, 4to.- -ORATIONES.-Orat. à Demetrio Chalcondyla, Gr. Mediol. ap. Henr. Germanus et Sebastianus jex Pontremula, 1493, fol. Editio princeps. This is one of the most beautiful and rare volumes of ancient Greek typography, the characters of which nearly resemble the MSS. of that age. The text is also esteemed accurate; it being, in the opinion of Fabricius, more correct than the Aldine impres sion of 1515.-Örat, cum aliis, Alcidamantis, Gorgiæ, et Aristidis, Gr. Ven. ap. Ald. 1513, fol. Published among the Oratores Veteres, Gr., but frequently found separate. This edition, which is not remarkable for its accuracy, differs from the preceding one in so many places, that it could not have been composed from the same MS.-Orat. Gr. Hag. 1533, 8vo.— Orat. Gr. Ven. ap. Ald. 1534, fol.-Orat. Gr. Franc. 1540, 8vo.* Orat. Ven. ap. Farræus, 1545, 8vo.-Orat. Ven. ap. de Sabio, 1549, 8vo. Orat. à Hieron. Wolfio, Gr. et Lat. Par. 1551, 2 vols. 8vo. Bas. 1556, 1561. Et Par. 1621, 8vo. The Latin version of the Orations first appeared, by Leonicerus, in 1540, 8vo. afterwards by Wolf, in 1548, fol. which was greatly amended in two octavo editions. Bas. 155o,1558.-Orationes 2. viz. de Institutione Principis, Erasmo Rot. Interprete, et de Servanda Pace, Petro Mosellano Interprete, Gr. Lat. Bas. 1552, 4to.-Orat. 2. cum Notis G. Sylvani Pannonii. Lond. 1676, 8vo.-Orazioni due, trad. da Lucio. Paolo Resello. Ven. 1552, 12mo.-Orat. H. Stephani. Lut. 1593, fol.-Orat. Gr. et Lat. Lond. 1615. A bad edition.-Orat. 1 Gr. et Lat. Col. Allobr. 1618, 8vo.-Orat. Gen. 1636, 8vo.-Orationes tres à Guil. Diezio, Gr. et Lat. Ulm. 1678, 8vo.-Orat. tres, cum Joh. Micellii Paraphrasi, et Chr. Junckeri Notis. Lips. 1704, 8vo. Lips. 1744, 8vo.-Orat. tres, cum Theognidis Sententiis, Gr. Lips. 1776, 8vo.-Orationes quædam selectæ, viz. Paræn. Demonic. ad Nicocl. de Regno.; Nicocl. Panegyr.; Euagoras; Panthen. Gr. per Phil. Fletcher. Oxon. 1726, 8vo.-ENG. TRANS. The Orations of isocrates, translated by Rich. Sadleir. Lond. fol.-The Duty of a King and his People; being two Orations of Isocrates; with his Life. Lond. 1735, 8vo. The Orations of Lysias and Isocrates, translated from the Greek; with a Discourse on the History, Manners, and Characters of the Greeks, by John Gillies, LL. D. Lond. 1778, 4to. A faithful and masterly performance.ORAT. SINGUL.-AD DEMON. Ad Demonicum, Oratio Perceptiva, Lat. per Symphorianum Champerium. Lugd. 1507, 4to.-Ad Demon. Gr. et Lat. Arg. 1515, 4to.-Ad Demon. Lat. Arg. 1519, 4to. Et Lond. 1519, 4to. Et Bas. 1520, 4to. Et per Rodolph. Agricolam, Ant. 1530, 8vo.-Ad Demon. Gr. Ven. 1538, 8vo. With Aristidis Romæ Encomium.-Ad Demon. ad Nicoclem, et de Regno, Gr. Ven. 1538, 8vo.-Ad Demon. et ad Nic. Gr. Par. 1541, 4to. A valuable and scarce edition.- Ad Demon. Gr. Ven. n 1567, 8vo.-Ad Demon. à Georgio Sylvano. Lond. 1676, 1680, et 1684, 12mo.-Ad Demon. Gr. et Lat. cum Selectioribus Æsopi Fabulis. Edin. 1747 et 1767, 12mo.-The English translations of this Oration are: Isocrats' Paranensis; or Admonysion to Demonicus, translated into English, by R. Nutthall. Lond. 1557, 8vo. Again, entitled, The good Ad- w monishion of the sage Isocrates to young Demonicus. Lond. 1585, 8vo. -Isocrates' Oration to Demonicus; annexed to Sermons for Youth, by Jos. Toulmin, A. M. Lond. 1770, 1789, 8vo.-PANEGYR. Oratio Panegyrica, Lat. transl. per J. Mar. Catanæum. Rom. 1509, 4to. Et Interpr. Joh. Leonicero. Bas. 1529, fol.-Panegyr. à Sam. Fr. Nat. Moro, Gr. • Lips. 1776, 12mo.-Panegyr. Gr. et Lat. Glasg. ap. Foulis, 1778, 8vo. -Panegyr. Gr. cum Notis Mori. Lips. 1786, 8vo.-AD NICOC. Oratio


ISRAELI, J. DE, Esq.-Poetical Epistle on the Abuse of Satire. 1789. -A Defence of Poetry. To which is added, a Specimen of a New Version of Telemachus. Lond. 1790, 4to. 2s. A Dissertation on Anecdotes. Lond. 1793, 8vo. 2s.-Curiosities of Literature; consisting of u Anecdotes, Characters, Sketches, and Observations, Literary, Critical, and Historical. A new edit. with large additions and improvements. Lond. 1794, 8vo. 7s. 6d. 5th edit. Lond. 1807, 2 vols. 8vo. The first volume of this amusing work was published in 1791; and the second in 1793. It has since passed through numerous editions.-Essay on the Manners and Genius of the Literary Character. Lond. 1795, 8vo.-Miscellanies; or Literary Recreations. Lond. 1796, 8vo. 7s.-Romances. Lond. 1799, 8vo. 8s.-Narrative Poems. Lond. 1803, 4to. 4s. 6d.-Calamities of Authors; including some inquiries respecting their Moral and Literary Characters. Lond. 1812-13, 2 vols. 8vo.-Despotism; or, The Fall or the Jesuits; a Novel. 2 vols. sm. 8vo.- Flim Flams; or, The Life of my Uncle. 3 vols. 12mo. - -Quarrels of Authors; or, some Memoirs for our Literary History; including Specimens of Controversy, to the Reign of Elizabeth. Lond. 1814, 3 vols. 8vo. 30s.

ISSELT, MICH. DE.-De Bello Coloniensi. Col. 1504, 1584, 1620, 8vo.-Res in Orbe gestæ ab Augusto, 1585, ad Septemb. 1586. Col. 1586, 8vo. Annot. ad J. Climaci Scalam Paradisi et Sophronii Pratum Spirituale. Col. Agr. 1609, 8vo.

ISTHUANFIUS, Nic.-De Rebus Hungaricis. Col. Agr. 1622, 1724, fol.

ITARD, E. M., Physician to the Institution of Deaf and Dumb, Member of the Medical Society of Paris.-An Historical Account of the Discovery and Education of a Savage Man; or, the first developement, physical and moral, of the Young Savage caught in the woods near Aveyron, in 1798. Lond. 1802, small 8vo. 5s. 6d. Originally in French, Paris, 1801, 8vo.

ITCHENER, GEORGE, LL. B., Vicar of Great Baddow, in Essex, and late of St. John's College, Oxford.-Elegiac Tears, or Plaintive B

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ITTERUS, JOH. CHRIST.-De Gradibus Academicis. Giess. 1679, 8vo. Franc. 1685, 8vo.

ITTIGIUS, THOMAS, a learned Professor of Divinity at Leipsic, where he was born, 1644; died 1710.-De Montium Incendiis, per totum Orbem. Lips. 1671, 8vo.-Dissertatio de Hæresiarchis Evi Apostolici ejus proximi. Lips. 1690.-Appendix 'de Hæresiarchis. Lips. 1696. Prolegomena ad Josephi Opera.-Bibliotheca Patrum Apostolicorum, Græco-Latina. Lips. 1699-1700, 3 tom. 8vo. Lips. 1707, 8vo.-Historia y Synodorum Nationalium in Gallia, à Reformatis, habitarum. Lips. 1706.— Liber de Bibliothecis et Catenis Patrum.Exhortationes Theologica.-Historiæ Ecclesiastica, primi et secundi seculi, selecta capita. Lips. 1709. Some part of this last did not appear till after the Author's death.-Opuscula varia. Lips. 1714, 8vo. He also furnished several Papers published in the Leipsic Acts.

counts of the Manners, Customs, &c. of several Nations in Hindoostan. Also, a Journey from Persia to England, by an unusual route, Illustrated with a map, and other plates. Lond. 1773, 4to. 25s.

IVES, EDWARD OTTO, late resident at the Nawaub Vizier's Court. -Remarks on a Pamphlet entitled, Letters Political, Military, and Commercial, on the present State and Government of Oude, and its Dependencies. Lond. 1796, 4to. 2s.

IVES, JEREMY.-Confidence Encountered; or, a Vindication of the Lawfulness of Preaching without Ordination; in Answer to N. E.'s book, entitled, the Confident Questionist Questioned, &c. Lond. 1658, 8vo. Saturday no Sabbath. Lond. 1659, 8vo.-Infant Baptism Disproved, and Believer's Baptism Proved; in Answer to Mr. Alexander Rellie. Lond. 1665, 4to.-Two Disputations between him and Mr. Dawson; concerning Perseverance and Apostacy. 1672, 8vo.

IVE, PAUL-Instructions for the Warres; amply, learnedly, and politiquelly discoursing of the Method of Militarie Discipline. Originally writings.-Remarks upon the Garianonum of the Romans: the Scite and Reten in French, by that rare and worthy Generall, Monsieur William de Bellay, Lord of Langley, &c. Translated by P. I. Lond. 1589, 4to. z The Practise of Fortification, in all sorts of scituations; with the considerations to be vsed in declining and making of Royal Frontiers, Skonces, and renforcing of ould walled Townes. Lond. 1589 and 1599, 4to. IVE, THOMAS, Esq.-His Humble Appeal against the Practices and Villanies of Lewd and Defamed Women. 1654, 4to.

IVERNOIS, SIR FRANCIS D', LL.D.-Revolution de France et de Geneve. 1793, 8vo.-A short Account of the late Revolution in Geneva; and the conduct of France towards that Republic, from Oct. 1792 to Oct. 1794: in a Series of Letters to an American. Translated and enlarged from his original French. Lond. 1795, 8vo. 2s. 6d. Constitution and Reavolution of Geneva. See FARELL, J.-Tableau Historique et Politique de l'Administration de la Republique Française, pendant l'année 1797. Des Causes qu'ont amené la Revolution du 4 Septembre et de ses Resultats; or, an Historical and Political View of the Losses which the French Nation has suffered by the Revolution and the War, in its Population, its Agriculture, its Colonies, its Manufactures, and its Commerce. Lond. 1798, 8vo. Ss. In English. To which is added, a Supplement. Lond. 1799, 8vo. 7s.Tableau des Pertes que la Revolution et la Guerre ont causée aux Peuple François. 1799, 8vo.-Des Causes qu'ont amené l'Usurpation de Buonaparte, et qui preparent sa Chute; or, On the Causes which have led to the Usurpation, and will effect the Downfall of General Buonaparte. Lond. 1800, bgvo. 8s. 1810, 8vo.Tableau de la Conduite du Gouvernement Consulaire envers la France, et autres Pays, surtout la Suisse. 1802, 8vo.-Les Cinq Promesses; Tableau de la Conduite du Gouvernement Consulaire envers la France, l'Angleterre, l'Italie, l' Allemagne, et surtout, envers la Suisse: or the Five Promises; a Picture of the Conduct of the Consular Government towards France, England, Italy, Germany, and above all, Switzerland. Lond. 1803, 8vo.-Fatts and Illustrations, relative to the Military Preparations carried on in France, between the conclusion of the Treaty of Amiens, and the Commencement of the present War. From the French. 1805, 8vo. 2s. 6d. -Offrandes à Buonaparte. 1810, 8vo.-Des Effets du Blocus sur la © Richesse, les Finances, &c. de l'Angleterre. 1811.-Napoleon Adminis. trateur et Financier. 1812, 8vo.

IVERY, JOHN, Teacher of Music at Northaw, in Hertfordshire.-The Hertfordshire Melody; or, Psalm Singer's Recreation, being a valuable Collection of Psalms, Hymns, Anthems, &c. on various occasions. To which is prefixed, a new, concise, and easy Introduction to the Art of Singing, and a copious Dictionary of the terms made use of in Music. Lond. 1773, 8vo. 2s. 6d.

IVES, or YVES, in Latin Ivo, the celebrated Bishop of Chartres, born in the territory of Beauvais, 1035; died 1115.-Liber Decretorum. a Panorm. 1499, 4to. Lov. 1557, 1561, 8vo.-De Ecclesiasticis Sacramentis ac Officiis et præcipuis per annum Festis, Sermones 21. Col. 1568.Epistolæ Historica. Par. 1585, 4to.-Epistolæ et Chronicon. Par. 1610, 8vo. Exceptiones Ecclesiasticarum Regularum. All the above were collected in 1647, and published at Paris, under the title of, Opera, by John Baptist Souciet, a Canon of Chartres, in 1 vol. fol., divided into parts. Some other Pieces, printed in the Bibliotheca Patrum, are also ascribed to


IVES, EDWARD, Esq., Surgeon; died 1786.—A Voyage from England to India in 1754, and an Historical Narrative of the Operations of the Squadron and Army in India, under the command of Vice-Admiral Watson and Col. Clive, in 1755, 6, 7; interspersed with some interesting Ac.

IVES, JOHN, Esq., F. R. S. and F. A. S., an Antiquary of much merit, was born at Yarmouth, 1751; died 1776.-Proposals for Printing an Account of Lothingland Hundred, in Suffolk, 1771; for which he had gengraved several small plates of Arms and Monuments in the Churches of Friston, Gorleston, Loud, Lowestoffe, and Somerleyton, from his own drawmains fixed and described. Lond. 1774, 8vo. 3s. 6d. Mr. I., with Camden, places it at Burgh-castle, on the south side of the mouth of the river Yare. See DAWSON, TURNER.-In imitation of Mr. Walpole, (to whom the first number was inscribed), he began, in 1773, to publish Select Papers from his own Collection; of which the second number was printed in 1774, and a third in 1775: among these are, Remarks upon our English Coins, from the Norman Invasion, down to the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, by Archhbishop Sharp: Sir W. Dugdale's Directions for the Search of Records, and making use of them, in order to an Historical Discourse of the Antiquities of Staffordshire; with Annals of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge; the Coronation of Henry VII., and of Queen Elizabeth, &c.—Mr. I. also wrote a short Preface to Mr. Swinden's History and Antiquities of Great Yarmouth, in the county of Norfolk. 1772, 4to.

IVETAUX, NICHOLAS VAUQUelin, Seigneur DES, a French Poet, was born at La Fresnaye, a Castle near Falaise; died at Brianval, near Germigni, 1649, in his 90th year.-Besides being Author of the Poem, L'Institution du Prince, he left Stanzas, Sonnets, and other Poetical Pieces, in the, Délices de la Poésie Françoise. Paris, 1620, 8vo.

IVIMEY, JOSEPH, a Baptist Minister.-The Life of John Bunyan; with a portrait and fac-simile. 1809, 12mo. 4s. 6d.-A Sermon on the Jubilee. 1809, 8vo.-History of the English Baptists. 1811, 8vo.-Grace Triumphant; or, an Account of the Life of Caleb Vernon. 1811, 8vo.Neutrality the proper ground for Protestant Dissenters. 1813, 8vo. ls. Respecting the Roman Catholic Claims.

IVISON, URSULA.-The Retired Penitent; a Poem. 1798, 8vo. Is.


Lond. 1794,

IVORY, JAMES, A. M., F. R. S.—A New Series for the Rectification of the Ellipsis, &c. Trans. Soc. Edin. iv. 177. 1796.-The Method of Resolving Cubic Equations. Ib. v. 99. 1805. A New and Universal Solution of Kepler's Problem. Ib. 203.-On the Attractions of Homogeneous Ellipsoids. Phil. Trans. 345. 1809.-On the Grounds of the Method which Laplace has given in the second chapter of the third book of his Méchanique Céleste for computing the Attractions of Spheroids of every DescripIb. i. 1812.-On the Attractions of an extensive class of Spheroids. Ib. 46.-A New Method of Deducing a first Approximation to the Orbit of a Comet; from three Geocentric Observations. Ib. 121. 1814.-Solution of a curious Mathematical Problem. Thom. Ann. Philos. viii. 277. Par.



IWERNAY, PIERRE.-Discours contre la Vanité des Femmes. 1635, 8vo.

IXFORD, NOAH.-The Best Time for Purging. Lond. 1690, 12mo. IZACKE, RICHARD.-Antiquities of Exeter. Lond. 1677, 8vo. The same. Lond. 1681, 1724, 8vo. The same; continued to the year 1723, by Samuel Izacke. Lond. 1741, 8vo.-Alphabetical Register of divers Persons who have left Charities to the Poor of the City and County of Exeter. 1736, 8vo.

IZARN, JOSEPH, M. D., Professor of Natural Philosophy, and Member of the Society of Sciences, Belles Lettres, and Arts, of Paris.-Des Pierres Tombées, &c.; or, a Treatise on Stones fallen from the Clouds; or, Atmospheric Lithology: exhibiting the progress and actual state of the Science; a View of the Phænomena of Thunder-Stones, Showers of Stones, Stones fallen from the Heavens, &c. Several unpublished Observations, communicated by M. M. Pictet, Sage, Darcet, and Vauquelin; with an Essay on the Theory of the Formation of the Stones. Paris, 1803, 8vo.



JAACOB, R. FIL. ISAAC.-Lib. Enarrans vel Judicans: est Comm. in
Josuam et Judices. Lubl. 1629.

m JAAPHAR, EBN. THOPHAIL, an Arabian Philosopher, was contempo-
rary with Averroes, about the commencement of the 19th century.-He
composed a Philosophical Romance entitled, the Life or History of Hai
Ebn Yokdhan; in which he endeavours to demonstrate, how a man may,
by the mere light of nature, attain the knowledge of things natural and
supernatural: particularly the knowledge of God, and the affairs of another
life. This Work has been translated by R. Moses Narbonensis, into He-
brew, and illustrated with a large Commentary. It was also published in
1671, with an accurate Latin Version, by Mr. Edward Pococke, and in
1708, an English translation of it from the Arabic was given by Simon
Ockley, soon after Arabic Professor at Cambridge.

JABET, REV. WILLIAM, B. A., late Lecturer of St. Bartholomew's Chapel, in Birmingham.-Eighteen Practical Sermons upon interesting subjects. Lond. 1787, 8vo. 5s.

JABICUS, RIOL-De Stratagemate utendo et modo præparandi in Rebus Bellicis. Ven. 1571, 4to.

JABLONOWSKY, JOSEPH ALEXANDER VON, a Polish Prince, who devoted himself chiefly to the Sciences; died 1777, aged 65. His Literary Works are,-The Lives of Twelve Generals; written in the Polish Language. -A Treatise on the Sclavonic Poetry: and some Pieces of a similar nature. • JABLONSKI-Biblia Hebraica. Berol. 1699, 2 vols. 4to. An accurate and rare edition.


JABLONSKI, DANIEL ERNEST, a learned Polish Protestant Divine, was born at Dantzic, 1660; died 1741.-He translated into Latin, Bentley's Sermons at Boyle's Lectures.-And wrote several Latin Dissertations upon the Land of Gessen.-Meditationes de Divinâ Origine Scripturæ Sacra. Also a Piece entitled, Thorn affligée Homilies. Trad. en François par Mr. Beausobre. Amst. 1726, 8vo. And some other Works in good esteem. JABLONSKI, PAUL ERNEST, son of the preceding, and Professor of Theology at Francfort, was born at Berlin, 1693; died 1757. The publipeations of this Divine are,-Disquisitio de Linguà Lycaonica, ad Act. Apost. xiv. 11. Berl. 1714, 4to.-Remphah, Ægyptorum Deus, ab Israelitis, in w Deserto, cultus. Franc. et Lips. 1731, 8vo.-De Memnone, Dissertatio, &c. Franc. 1735, 4to.-Pantheon Ægyptiorum, sive de Diis eorum Commentarius, cum Prolegomenis de Religione et Theologia Ægyptiorum. Franc. 1750-1752, 3 vols. 8vo. This is his most valuable Work, displaying great and extensive erudition.-Institutiones Historiæ Christianæ Antiquioris. Franc. 1754, 8vo.

JABLONSKI, THEODORE, brother to Daniel Ernest, and Councillor of the Court of Prussia, born at Dantzic, 1654; died 1731. Most of his 9 Works were published without his name: the chief of which are,-Dictionnaire François-Allemand et Allemand-François; printed in 1711.-A Course of Morality; in the German Tongue. 1713.-An Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences. 1721.-A translation into High Dutch of Tacitus de Moribus Germanorum; with Remarks. 1724.

JABLONSKY, CARL. GUSTAV.; died 1787.-Natursystem aller Bekannten in-und Ausländischen Insekten. Berl. 1785, 8vo.

JACCHÆUS, THOMAS, a native of Scotland.-Onomasticon Poeticum, sive Propriorum quibus in suis Monumentis, usi sunt veteres Poetæ, brevis Descriptio Poetica. Edin. ap. Rob. Waldegrave. 1592, 8vo.

▾ JAČCHINUS, LEONARDUS.-Interpr. Galeni de Præcognitione. Lugd. 1540, 4to.-In 9 librum Rasis, Commentaria. Bas. 1564, 4to. Et ab Hier. Donzellino, emendata. Lugd. 1622, 4to.-Opuscula. Bas. 1563, 4to. Comm. in Nonum Rasis ad Almansorem. Bas. 1579, 8vo.-Præcognoscendi Methodus ; et de Rationali Curandi Arte. Bas. 1580.-De Febribus. Pisa, 1615, 4to.

JACETIUS, or DIACETO, FRANCIS DE CATANEIS, an Italian Writer and Orator, was born at Florence, 1466; died 1522.-There is extant by bim, a Treatise of Beauty; and another of Love, according to the Doctrine of Plato; besides several others, which were all printed together at Basil, 1563.


JACHEUS, GILBERTUS.-Institutiones Medica. Lugd. Bat. 1653,
JACHIADES, JOSEPHUS.-Paraphrasis in Danielem, Heb. et Lat. cum
Notis Constantini l'Empereur ab Oppyck. Amst. 1633, 4to.
JACK, RICHARD, Teacher of Mathematics.—Mathematical Principles of
Theology; or, the Existence of God Geometrically Demonstrated. Lond.


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1747, 8vo.--Elements of Conic Sections. Edin. 1742, 8vo.-Euclid's Data Restored to their true and genuine order, agreeable to Pappus Alexdrinus' Account of them, in his Preface to the 7th book of his Mathematical Collections. Lond. 1756, 8vo. 4s.

JACKMANN, J.-Success no Rule; being the first part of a Reply to Peirce's Defence of the Dissenting Ministry, and Presbyterian Ordination. Oxon. 1718, 18mo.-Presbyterian Ordination Presumptuous; being the second part, &c. Oxon. 1719, 8vo.-An Explanation of the Rule for finding Easter. Phil. Trans. Abr. v. 250. 1705.

JACKSON, of Battersea.-An Essay on the Art of Engraving and Printing in Chiaro Oscuro, as practised by Albert Durer, Hugo di Carpi, and others; with the application of it to the making Paper Hangings of taste, duration, and elegance. Lond. 1754, 4to. 3s.

JACKSON.-Thirty Letters on various subjects. Lond. 1785, 2 vols. 8vo. 4s. 1798, 8vo.

JACKSON, MRS. Dialogues on the Doctrines and Duties of Christianity. 1806, 2 vols. 8vo.

JACKSON, ABRAHAM.-Sorrows Sensitive, in verse; on the death of the Lord Harrington. Lond. 1614, 8vo. Sermon on Prov. xxiii. 26. Lond. 1618, 8vo.-The Pious Prentice; or how a Prentice ought to enter into that calling, and behave himself. Lond. 1640, 8vo.

JACKSON, ALVEREY.-The Question answered, Whether Saving Faith in Christ is a duty required by the Moral Law of all those who live under the Gospel Revelation. Lond. 1752, 8vo 1s.

JACKSON, ARTHUR, a Nonconformist Divine, was born at Little Waldingfield, in Suffolk, 1593; died 1666.-Help for the Understanding of the Holy Scripture; or, Annotations on the Historicall part of the Old Testament. Camb. 1643, 2 vols. 4to. Camb. 1653.-Annotations on the Bible, as far as the Book of Isaiah, were published in 4 vols. 4to., the last by his son; who prefixed to it some Memoirs of the Auther.

JACKSON, GEORGE, F. L. S.-Account of Ormosia; a New Genus of Decandrous Plants, belonging to the Natural Order of Leguminosa. Trans. Linn. Soc. x. 358. 1810.

JACKSON, GEORGE.-Stanzas in Honour of the Victories of the Marquis of Wellington. 1812, 8vo.

JACKSON, HEN.-Longitude and Latitude. Lond. 1727, 8vo. JACKSON, HENRY, Chemist.-Reflections respecting the Virtues of Tar Water. Lond. 1744, 8vo.-An Essay on Bread, wherein the Bakers and Millers are vindicated from the aspersions contained in two Pamphlets: one entitled, Poison Detected; and the other, The Nature of Bread, honestly and dishonestly made. To which is added, an Appendix, explaining the vile practices committed in adulterating wines, cyder, porter, punch, vinegar, and pickles; with easy methods to detect such abuses. Lond. 1760, 8vo. 1s.-An Essay on British Isinglass; wherein its nature and properties are compared with the foreign sorts with the best methods of converting them into fining, glue, and starch, for the use of the brewer, vintner, paper-stainer, &c. Comprehending a succinct analysis of Isinglass, and rationale of its action in clarifying liquors. Interspersed with hints for the further improving of malting, brewing, fermenting, and for preventing the wooden apparatus in the brewery from speedy decay. Lond. 1765, 8vo. Is. 6d,


JACKSON, or JAXON, HUGH, an English Printer, about the latter part of the 16th century, printed the following Works, A Compendyous Regiment or Dietarie of Health. v. Boorde, A. Lond. 1576, 8vo.Four e Straunge and Lamentable Tragicall Histories. v. Smythe, R.

Lond. 1577, 4to.-The Renowned Historie of Cleomenes and Juliet. Lond. 1577, 8vo.-The Garden of Eloquence. v. Peacham, H. Lond. 1577, 4to.-The Boke of Nurture; or Schoole of Good Maners, for Menservants and Children: with Stans puer ad mensam, &c. Lond. 1577, 8vo.-A Briefe and most Excellent Exposition of the xij Articles, &c. v. Martyr. P. Lond. 1578, 16mo.-The Perfite Way to Paradice. Lond. 1580, 1588, and 1590, 16mo. This little Piece consists of Prayers and Meditations; one of which is "for a Woman that is great with Child, to be repeated by her hartely before her trauel, which wil be marueylous comfort unto her;" in verse.-The Shield of our Safetie. v. Anderson, A. Lond. 1581, 4to.-A Wonderfull Judgement of God. v. Saxey, S. Lond. 1583, 8vo.-Sūmon of Repentance. v. Phillips, J. Lond. 1584, 1590, 8vo.-The Prayse of Nothinge; by Edw. Da. Lond. 1585, 4to.-The Boke of Knowledge of Thynges Vnknowen, apperteynyng to Astronomye,

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