The London Lancet: A Journal of British and Foreign Medical and Chemical Science, Criticism, Literature and News, Volume 1

Burgess, Stringer & Company, 1859

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Pagina 93 - ... wholly upon their own resources. The general examination in these sciences will be elementary, and will embrace a very limited range of technical terms. At the written examination, a considerable number of questions will be put, with the view of allowing each candidate to select such subjects as he has attended to, and, thereby, of enabling the Examiners to ascertain the particular departments of science in which the verbal examination should be conducted. With those candidates who have attained...
Pagina 245 - ... minute, or one every second. These losses are about balanced by an equal number of births. The married are longer lived than the single ; and, above all, those who observe a sober and industrious conduct. Tall men live longer than short ones. Women have more chances of life in their favour previous to being fifty years of age than men have, but fewer afterwards.
Pagina 141 - The analysis of the blood was conducted by Mr. Dugald Campbell. The whole quantity abstracted having been weighed, the coagulum was drained on bibulous paper for four or five hours, weighed, and divided into two portions. One portion was weighed and then dried in a wateroven, to determine the water ; the other was macerated in cold water until it became colourless, then moderately dried and digested with ether and alcohol to remove fat, and finally dried completely, and weighed as fibrin.
Pagina 199 - I had hardly written the above sentence ten days ago when I was tumbled over by the heat with apoplexy: forty-three others were struck, all Europeans, and all dead within three hours except myself! I do not drink ! that is the secret : the sun had no ally in the liquor amongst my brains.
Pagina 202 - In collecting this dust from the tops of the instrument cases, great care was taken not to touch the walls. The quantity thus collected for examination amounted to about 450 grains. It was nearly black, and under the microscope it appeared to consist of fibres and sooty particles. It was very light and flocculeut.
Pagina 76 - On laying bare the roots of the spinal nerves, I found that I could cut across the posterior fasciculus of nerves, which took its origin from the posterior portion of the spinal marrow without convulsing the muscles of the back; but that on touching the anterior fasciculus with the point of the knife, the muscles of the back were immediately convulsed.
Pagina 285 - The inoculations were followed by no result, and the patient was soon afterwards aifected with secondary syphilis. James G , aged twenty-five years, had a large indurated sore near the orifice of the prepuce, which had appeared as a pimple four weeks previously. The secretion was carefully inoculated in several points, but without result. Constitutional syphilis followed. Matilda P presented a well-marked indurated sore on the left external labium, which she stated had existed one week only. The...
Pagina 202 - ... of the eye-lids. On the discovery that arsenic was contained in the green pigment of this paper in rather large quantity, he caused it to be removed during the summer, and to be replaced by another containing no arsenic. The inflammation from which lie had suffered disappeared ; but within the last few weeks it has returned.
Pagina 363 - The internal use of pancreatine is indicated* in cases of pancreatic duodenal dyspepsia. B. Secondary duodenal dyspepsia may be the result of an almost total absence of that kind of division which food, under the least favorable circumstances, undergoes by means of the gastric juice before that food has been transformed into peptone. Pancreatic digestion is then slower, just as gastric digestion is slower when the teeth have not duly performed their functions. This secondary pancreatic dyspepsia...
Pagina 257 - By the rules of the service, no assistant-surgeon can be promoted to the rank of surgeon until he shall have served three years...

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