The Detroit Lancet, Volume 5

Leartus Connor, Henry Alexander Cleland
E.B. Smith & Company, 1882

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Pagina 311 - A SYSTEM of SURGERY, Theoretical and Practical. In Treatises by Various Authors.
Pagina 396 - But no one can be considered as a regular practitioner, or a fit associate in consultation, whose practice is based on an exclusive dogma, to the rejection of the accumulated experience of the profession, and of the aids actually furnished by anatomy, physiology, pathology, and organic chemistry.
Pagina 478 - Code, which declares, that except in cases where a different punishment is prescribed by such code, every offense declared to be a misdemeanor is punishable by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding six months, or by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars, or by both such fine and imprisonment.
Pagina 71 - SURGERY (THE INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF). A Systematic Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Surgery by Authors of various Nations.
Pagina 156 - The liver was enlarged and fatty, but free from abscesses. Nor were any found in any other organ except the left kidney, which contained near its surface a small abscess, about one-third of an inch in diameter. In reviewing the history of the case in connection with the autopsy, it is quite evident that the different suppurating surfaces, and especially the fractured, spongy tissue of the vertebra, furnish a sufficient explanation of the septic condition which existed.
Pagina 321 - T. Mitchell Prudden, MD, Director of the Physiological and Pathological Laboratory of the Alumni Association of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York ; Lecturer on Normal Histology in Yale College.
Pagina 478 - Every person who shall administer to any woman pregnant with a quick child any medicine, drug or substance whatever, or shall use or employ any instrument or other means, with intent thereby to destroy such child, unless the same shall have been necessary to preserve the life of such mother, or shall have been advised by two physicians to be necessary for such purpose...
Pagina 329 - ... 4. To be tolerably constant in the quantity of fluids daily consumed. As we grow older our urinary organs become less capable of adapting themselves to extreme variations in excretion. Therefore, it is desirable to keep to that average daily consumption of fluids which experience shows to be sufficient and necessary. How often has some festive occasion, where the average quantity of fluid daily consumed has been largely exceeded, led to the over-distension of a bladder long hovering between competency...
Pagina 359 - ... considers it desirable to express its opinion that the assumption or acceptance by members of the profession of designations implying the adoption of special modes of treatment is opposed to those principles of the freedom and dignity of the profession which should govern the relations of its members to each other and to the public. The College, therefore, expects that all its fellows, members, and licentiates will uphold these principles by discountenancing those who trade upon such designations.
Pagina 415 - A MANUAL OF ORGANIC MATERIA MEDICA. Being a Guide to Materia Medica of the Vegetable and Animal Kingdoms. For the use of Students, Druggists, Pharmacists and Physicians.

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