born there the 19th of January, 1755, and was educated at Harrow, and thence removed to University College, Oxford. He died at Lisbon, where he went for the recovery of his health, the 24th of May, 1782, and was buried there in the Protestant burial-ground.

2. Henry Richardson, M. A., born at Thornton, the 2nd of December, 1758, was likewise of Harrow, and of University College, Oxford. He was Rector of Thornton, in Craven; and on the 3rd of February, 1783, married, at Gargrave, Margaret Clive Wilson, only daughter and heiress of Matthew Wilson, Esq., of Eshton-Hall, by Frances, daughter of Richard Clive, Esq., of Styche, in the county of Salop, and sister to Robert, Lord Clive. He died at Thornton, on the 10th of November, 1784, and was buried there; where a very handsome monument is erected to his memory, by his only daughter and heiress, Miss FrancesMary Richardson Currer: the inscription on this is below.

A little time before his death, he took the name of Currer, added to his own surname, upon succeeding to the estate of Sarah Currer, after the death of his uncle, John Currer, Esq.

Sacred to the Memory

Rector of Thornton, in Craven, whose mortal remains
rest between those of his father and mother.

He was second son of the Rev. Henry Richardson, a.m.
by Mary, daughter and heiress of Benjamin Dawson,
of Oldham, in the county of Lancashire, merchant.

He was born December the 2d 1758;
and married, February the 2d 1783,
to Margaret Clive,

only surviving daughter and heiress of
Matthew Wilson, Esq. of Eshton-Hall,

by Frances, fourth daughter of Richard Clive, Esq.
of Styche, in the county of Salop,

and M. P. for Montgomery.

At the age of twenty-four

he was inducted to the Rectory of Thornton,
and was a short time in possession

of the family estates of the Richardsons and Currers.
Upon succeeding to the latter,

he took the name of Currer, in addition to his own,
pursuant to the will of his cousin, Sarah Currer.

In the relations of son, brother, and husband,
he was exemplary; and,

while universally and deservedly beloved and respected, never lost sight of the deep humility of a christian. Doubly endeared to his Parishioners,

by his own, and the remembrance of his parents' virtues, he was long and sincerely mourned by them,

and by the many whose necessities his charity had relieved. To the heartfelt grief of his widow, his family, and friends, he closed his short, irreproachable life, Nov. 10th, 1784, setting a bright example of early piety,

and devout submission to the will of God;
who called him,

from the fleeting and unsatisfactory enjoyments of time, to the sure and glorious inheritance of immortal life, purchased for him by the merits of his Redeemer. Frances-Mary Richardson Currer, his posthumous daughter and heiress, dedicates this marble to her father, with filial reverence.


Margaret Clive, widow of the Rev. Henry Richardson Currer, married, secondly, at Gargrave, on the 24th of November, 1800, her own cousin, Matthew Wilson, Esq., of Eshton-Hall, (in right of his wife;) by whom she has two sons and three daughters.

Frances-Mary Richardson Currer, only daughter and heiress of the Rev. Henry Richardson Currer, was born at Eshton-Hall, the 3rd of March, 1785. She is in possession of both the Richardson and Currer estates; and inherits all the taste of the former family; having collected a very large and valuable library, together with a considerable quantity of prints, shells, and fossils, in addition to what were collected by her grandfather and her great uncle.



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