61 Alexis. The Secretes of the Reverende Mayster Alexis of Piemount. Conteinyng many excellet Remedies agaynst dyuers diseases, woundes aud other accidentes, with the manner to make Distillations, Parfumes, Fusions and Meltynges. Translated out of French into Englishe, by Wyllyam Warde. Black Letter. The three parts complete. 2 vols. small 4° full antique mor., gilt edges. London, 1559-95

62 ALLEN, Ira. Particulars of the Capture of the ship Olive Branch, laden with a cargo of cannon and arms, the property of Major General Ira Allen, destined for supplying the Militia of Vermont, and captured by His Britannic Majesty's ship of War Audacious; with an Appendix, proposing a shipcanal from Lake Champlain to the River St. Lawrence; the Evacuation of Ticonderoga, and the events of the War in 1777 truce in 1780, to the end of the war, and a narrative of Col. Ethan Allen's Captivity, from 1775 to 1778. By Ira Allen, the claimant in this case. Vol. II, pp. xxx, 55; - A Concise Summary of the second volume of the Olive Branch, a book containing an account of Governor Chittenden's giving written instructions to Gen. Ira Allen, in 1795, to purchase military stores in Europe, for the Militia of the State of Vermont, etc., pp. 24; Statements applicable to the cause of the Olive Branch, which was a cargo of cannon and arms, purchased by the authority of the Governor of Vermont, etc., pp. 16; Ira Allen's Address to the Freemen of Vermont, and Legislature thereof, respecting a cargo of Military Stores captured by the British, pp. 27. Bound in 1 vol. 8° sheep. Presentation copy. Printed for the Author, Phila., 1805-7

63 ALLEN, Paul. History of the American Revolution, comprehending all the principal events both in the Field and in the Cabinet. 2 vols. 8° mottled sheep. Baltimore, 1819 64 ALLIBONE, S. Austin. Critical Dictionary of English Literature and British and American Authors, living and deceased. 3 vols. imperial 8° sheep. Phila., 1874-77 65 Alliaco, Petrus de. Cōcordatia. Astronomie cũ Theologia. Cocordatia Astronomie cu Hystorica narratione. Et elucidariu duos precedentium: dni Petri de Aliaco cardinalis Cameracensis. Black Letter. With a fine woodcut "Astronomy and Theology," and a full page printer's mark in red. Small 4° stitched. Erh. Ratdoldt, Aug. Vindel, 1490 66 ALLONGÉ, Auguste. Charcoal Drawing. Translated by S. D. W. Frontispiece. 16° cloth. New York, 1876

67 ALLSTON, Washington. Outlines and Sketches. 18 plates. Oblong atlas folio, half roan. Boston, 1850

68 ALMANAC. Swansey Vision. Strange and Remarkable Swansey Vision; or, Dream that was Dreamed above forty years ago, which exactly prophecies and foretells the dreadful Judgments and Calamities that are now come to pass in North America. 12° paper. Salem, 1776

With a scarce view of the Battle of Lexington.

69 ALMANACS. Stearns, Massachusetts and Bickerstaff, for 1772, '73, 74, 75, 76, 77. 6 pieces. Boston, 1772-77

Very rare and of historical value. Stearns' Almanac for 1776 contains "An Account of the Commencement of the Hostilities between Great Britain and America, in the Province of Massachusetts Bay, by the Rev. Mr. William Gordon, of Roxbury, in a letter to a Gentleman in England." This is the first printed account, in a permanent form, of the Battle of Lexington and Concord, in this country. With a scarce view of the Boston Massacre, and a curious woodcut portrait. The above Almanacs contain a Manuscript Diary kept by John Mellen from 1772 to 1777, at Boston, Cambridge, etc., including the "First, Second and Third Years of the Civil War." 70 ALMANAC. Safford's Connecticut Almanack for 1779. By Hosea Safford. T. and S. Green: New Haven.

Fine copy, interleaved. Formerly belonging to Benjamin Trumbull, the historian, with interesting notes in his handwriting.

71 ALMANACS. Father Abraham's Almanack for 1759.

With the

scarce folding plate of Frederick the Great, engraved by J. M. (J. Turner, engraver.) Plan of Louisburg wanting. 12°. W. Dunlap: Phila., 1759

72 ALMANACS. Isaac Bickerstaff. For 1798, 1800 (imperfect), 1801, '2, '6, 7, 8, '9, '10, '11, '12, '13 and 14. (13 pieces.) 73 ALMANACS. Phillip's, Nathan Low, R. B. Thomas, etc., 1796 to 1812. (12 pieces.)

74 ALMANACS. Nathaniel Ames, 1747;- Roger Sherman, 1760; -Ames, 1763-4; Benjamin West, 1769; - Nathaniel Low, 1774 and 1782. (7 pieces.)

75 ALMANACS. Nathaniel Ames, 1740, 45, 47, 48, 49, '60 (imperfect), '61, 63, 64, 65, '66, '67, 68, '69;- Daniel George, 1783; Ames, 1786;- Bickerstaff, 1788; Low, 1788, '89, '90. Boston.

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(20 pieces.)

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76 ALMANAC. Pennsylvania Town and Country-man's Almanac, 1773. By John Tobler. 12° paper. Wilmington, 1773. 77 AMANACS. Rhode Island; - Job Shepard; Benjamin West; Nathaniel Ames; John Anderson ; Isaac Bickerstaff; ;- Bennett Wheeler; Thornton and Wilkinson. For 1751, 52 (imperfect) '65, '66 (imperfect), '70, '71, '72, '76, 77, 78, '80, 81, 82, 83, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, '94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99. (28 pieces.)

78 ALMANACS. Rhode Island Almanacs, by Isaac Bickerstaff For, 1815 to 1820, '22, 24, to '34, '37, 40, 46, 51, 57, 58, '67, '68, '69, '80. (29 pieces.)

79 ALMANAC. Virginia. Verbessert Hoch-Deutsch-Americanischer Land and Staats Calender, asts 1804 te Jahr Christi. Engraved title. Small 4° stitched. Friedrich-Stadt (Va.) English Almanacs for 1678. No duplicates.




81 ALMANAC. Calendeier de Philadelphie, en Pensylvanie. 18° calf. Philadelphie, 1779

82 ALMANACH Historique de la Revolution Françoise pour l'année 1792. 6 copper plates. 18° half roan. Paris, 1792 83 ALMANACS. Le veritable Almanach de Liege pour l'an de grace mil sept cens dix. 18°.

84 [ALMON, John.] Biographical, literary and political anecdotes of several of the most eminent persons of the present age. 3 vols. 8° sheep. (Binding broken.) London, 1797 85 ALMON. Remembrancer, or Impartial Repository of public events. (Plates missing.) 8° half sheep. London, 1775 86 ALMON. (Bookseller.) Memoirs of. 8° boards, uncut. London, 1790

87 AMERICAN Archives; consisting of a Collection of Records, State Papers, Debates, Letters and other Notices of Public Affairs, the whole forming a Documentary History of the Origin and Progress of the North American Colonies. Edited by Peter Force. 9 vols. folio, half russia.

Washington, 1837-53 "On the period just before the outbreak of the Revolutionary war, the most valuable of all collections is that of Peter Force, entitled 'American Archives.' The first two volumes of the fourth series are invaluable for the study of the alienation of the colonies. They contain copies of the 'Quebec Act' and the 'Boston Port Bill,' as well as numerous speeches and letters on these and other matters of importance."-Prof. C. K. Adams.

89 AMERICAN Men of Letters. Thoreau, by Sanborn ; Irving, by Warner; Webster, by Scudder; Ripley, by Frothingham. Portraits. 4 vols. 12° cloth. Boston, 1881 90 AMERICAN Naval Biography, by J. Bailey; Memoirs of Andrew Sherburne, a pensioner of the Navy of the Revolution; - Life of J. R. Potter; who was a soldier of the American Revolution; Life of Franklin. 4 vols.

91 AMERICAN Museum, or Repository of ancient and modern fugitive pieces. Vols. 1 to 13. 13 vols. 8° sheep.

Phila., 1790-99 92 AMERICAN Pioneer, a Monthly Periodical devoted to the Objects of the Logan Historical Society; or, to Collecting and Publishing Sketches relative to the early Settlement and successive Improvement of the Country. Illustrations. 2 vols. 8° boards. Cincinnati, 1842-3

Composed chiefly of Journals of Campaigns against the Indians, Narratives of Captivity, etc.

93 AMERICAN Register; or, Summary Review of History, Politics and Literature. Vols. 1 and 2. 2 vols. 8° boards, uncut. Phila., 1817

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94 AMERIKANISCHE Koopman ;- L'Heroine Americaine ;- Barth. las Casas. Treuspiel, Amst.. 1785; Monzongo of de Koningklyke Slaaf, Amst. 1774; Alzire, ou les Americains, par Voltaire. Paris, 1786; De jonge Indiaane, and other tracts relating to America. (10)

95 [AMES, Dr.] A Second Manudiction for Mr. Robinson; or a confirmation of the former is an answer to his manumission. Small 4° full calf extra gilt edges, by Riviere.

Anno Domini, 1615

96 [AMHERST, N.] Terræ-Filius; or, the Secret History of the University of Oxford. Frontispiece by W. Hogarth. 2 vols. 16° calf. R. Francklin, London, 1726 97 AMMAN, H. J. Reiss in das gelobte Land, von Wien durch Ungariam, Serviam, Bulgariam auf Constantinople, etc. Portrait and plates. 12° vellum. Zürich, 1678

In the same volume: Americanische Reiss-Reschreibung nach den Caribes Insslen und Neu Engelland, verrichted durch F. C. Spori. Zürich, 1677, with plates.

98 AMMAN, Jost. Icones Novi Testementi Arte et Industria singulari experimentes, etc. Oblong 8° half sheep. (Title and 3 leaves of preface wanting.) Getruckt durch Martin Lechler, in verlegung Hieronymi Feyerabendts Franckfurt, 1571

With 92 fine full-page wood engravings by Jost Amman, original impressions, with inscriptions in Latin and German.

99 AMMAN. Ständ und Orden der heil. Römischen Catholischen Kirchen. With 100 cuts of costumes of the Catholic clergy, engraved by Jost Amman. (Title page and two plates at the end missing.) Small 4° boards, uncut. Franckfurt, 1585 100 AMMIANUS Marcellinus. Les dix-huit Livres de son Histoire. 3 vols. 16° half sheep. Lyon, 1778

IOI AMOURS (Les) de Pistion et de Fortunie. Tirées du voyage de Canada dicte France Nouvelle, a la Royne Marguerite. 18° full crimson morocco extra, gilt edges. (Some leaves apparently missing at the end.) Paris, 1606

Dufossé, in cataloguing a copy of this book as "Rarissime," states that he had a special search made in all the libraries of Paris and no other copy could be found.

102 AMOURS des Dames Illustres de France, sous le Regne de Louis XIV;- Amours des Dames Illustres de notre Siècle ; Académie Galante ;- Amours du Sieur Brethencourt. 3 vols. 18° calf and boards. Rouen and Cologne, 1629-1740 Cura et Studio Josua Barnes. Canbrigiæ, 1621


portraits. 12° calf.





104 ANA.
Ductiana ou Remarques de feu M. Le Duchat, Amster-
dam, 1738; -- Chevreæna, 2 vols. Paris, 1697;- Perroniana,
Geneva, 1669; - Huetiana, Paris, 1722; Nauæana et
Patimiana, Amsterdam, 1703; -- Scaligeriana, Thuana,
Perroniana, Pithoeana et Colomesiana, 2 vols. Amsterdam,
1740; Sorberiana, ou Bon Mots recontres agreables,
penseus judicieuses et observations curieuses de M. Sorbiere;
Longueruana; Menagiana, ou les Bon-Mots et re-
marques critiques, historiques, morales de Mon. Menage,
Paris, 1715. Together 5 vols. 12° calf and sheep.

105 ANDERSON, Alexander. A general History of Quadrupeds.

The figures engraved on wood, chiefly copied from the

original of T. Bewick, by A. Anderson. First American

edition, with an appendix, containing some American Ani-

mals not hitherto described. 8°, beautifully bound by San-

ford in full crushed levant morocco, super extra, uncut

edges, gilt top, inside borders, the sides decorated with at

geometrical design.
New York, 1804

A most elegant copy, very rare in such fine condition, with a copy

of "Proposals for Publishing by Subscription, a General History of
Quadrupeds" inserted.

106 ANDERSON. Settlement in the West. Sketches of Rochester.

Arranged by Henry O'Reilly. Map and numerous wood

cuts. 12° cloth.

Contains many of Anderson's largest and finest wood-cuts.

107 ANDERSON. A remarkable Collection of Books containing

illustrations engraved on wood by Dr. Anderson, comprising

some of his best work and covering the whole period of his

career as an engraver.. 61 vols. various sizes and bindings.

New York, Phila. and Boston.

Contents: New York Editions: Locking Glass for the Mind, 1800;
Bloomfield's Farmer's Boy, 1801 and 1803; Browne's Poems, 1801
Beattie's Minstrel, 1802; Thomson's Seasons, 1802, 1812, 1818 and
1824; Evening Recreations, 1802; Essay on Irish Bulls, 1803; En-
chanted Plants, 1803; Lay of an Irish Harp, 1803; Bunyan's Pil-
grim's Progress, 1804; Poems of Peter Pindar, 1804; Campbell's
Poems, 1804; Moore's Anacreon, 1805; Beauties of the Botanic Gar-
den, 1805; Hayley's Triumphs of Temper, 1806; Fraser's Mental
Flower Garden, 1807; Roger's Pleasures of Memory, 1808; Comenius'
Visible World, 1810; Ossian's Poenis, 1810; Bible History, 1811;
Marmontel's Moral Tales, 1813; Wonderful Advantages in the
Lottery, 1814; Calendar of Nature, 1815; Quarles' Emblems, 1816;
Choice Emblems, 1816; Bloomfield's Poems, 1821; Beauties of
Shakespeare, 1821; Lives of Distinguished Foreigners, 1826; Sturm's
Reflections, 1824; Fables; Anti-Texan Legion; Cook's American
Orator, New Haven, 1818 (with fine portrait of Shakespeare); Religions
and Religious Ceremonies, Hartford, 1823; Bunyan's Works, New
Haven, 1830; To-morrow, New Brunswick, 1807; Branagan's Dis-
quisitions, Trenton, 1807; Johnson's Dictionary, Boston, 1804; Shakes-
peare's Plays, Boston, 1813, and numerous others, no duplicates.

The above collection comprises many works not mentioned in any
of the lists of Anderson's engravings and includes many portraits and
scarce full page cuts on thin paper.

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