Descriptive Notices of Popular English Histories

Percy Society, 1848 - 96 pagina's

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Pagina 65 - Whittington, which was pretty to see ; and how that idle thing do work upon people that see it, and even myself too ! And thence to Jacob Hall's dancing on the ropes, where I saw such action as I never saw before, and mightily worth seeing ; and here took acquaintance with a fellow that carried...
Pagina 3 - Bohemia, in two parts : containing his triumphant battels fought against the Persians, his love to the beautiful Laurana, the great Dangers he passed in the Island of Rocks, and his strange Adventures in the Desolate Island : containing the Adventurous Travels and noble chivalry of Parismenos, the Knight of Fame, with his love to the fair Princess Angelica, the Lady of the Golden Tower, 12mo.
Pagina 57 - History of Tom Thumb, wherein is declared his marvellous Acts of Manhood, full of wonder and merriment : performed after his second return from Fairy Land. Part the Third.
Pagina 4 - George a Green is thus noticed by Drunken Barnaby : — Straight at Wakefield I was seen a, Where I sought for George a Green a, But could not find such a creature ; Yet on a sign I saw his feature, Where strength of ale had so much stirr'd me, That I grew stouter far than Jordie.
Pagina 33 - THE HISTORY OF FAIR ROSAMOND, MISTRESS TO HENRY II, AND JANE SHORE, CONCUBINE TO EDWARD IV, KINGS OF ENGLAND, shewing how they came to be so, with their lives, remarkable actions, and unhappy ends.
Pagina 13 - By Robert Greene, Maister of Artes in Cambridge. Omne tulit punctum qui miscuit vtile dulci. Imprinted at London by Thomas Orwin for Thomas Cadman, dwelling at the Signe of the Bible, neere vnto the North doore of Paules, TO THE GENTLEMEN READERS HEALTH.
Pagina 25 - Greece ; wherein are described the strange and dangerous adventures that befel him, with his Love towards the Princess Florisbella, daughter to the Soldan of Babylon. 12mo. London, c. 1710. Contains 168 pages, including title and preface, and sixteen cuts. Larger editions, in quarto, were published in 1650, 1673, and 1703. This romance is mentioned by Meres, 1598, as then popular. 28. THE RENOWNED HISTORY OF VALENTINE AND ORSON, THE TWO SONS OF THE EMPEROR OF GREECE, newly corrected and amended.
Pagina 40 - Fee, fi, fo, fum ! I smell the blood of an Englishman ! Be he alive or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make me bread ! " " Say'st thou so," said Jack ; " then thou art a monstrous miller indeed.
Pagina 1 - Kirkman said, in 1674, that this collection is " of so great esteem in Ireland, that next to the horn-book and knowledge of letters, children are in general put to read in it, and I know that only by that book severall have learned to read well, so great is the pleasure that young and old take in reading thereof.

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