On the Regulation of Currencies: Being an Examination of the Principles, on which it is Proposed to Restrict, Within Certain Fixed Limits, the Future Issues on Credit of the Bank of England, and of the Other Banking Establishments Throughout the Country

J. Murray, 1845 - 253 pagina's

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Pagina 10 - JESSE'S (EDWARD) Visits to Spots of Interest in the Vicinity of Windsor and Eton.
Pagina 12 - I allow well ; so that he be such a one that hath the language, and hath been in the country before ; whereby he may be able to tell them what things are worthy to be seen in the country where they...
Pagina 176 - Bank, for bank stock, on which 60 per cent. had been paid, was selling at no per cent. After trying various expedients, it was at length determined to reduce the amount of bank notes outstanding. The consequence was an immediate increase in the value of those which remained in circulation, the restoration of them to par, and a corresponding improvement in the foreign exchanges.
Pagina 177 - Between the year 1804 and 1806, the notes of the Bank of Ireland were reduced from £3,000,000 to £2,410,000, and the effect of this, taken in conjunction with an increase of the English circulation, was to restore the relative value of Irish paper and the exchange with England to par. In...
Pagina 139 - Applying this to the currency doctrine and its advocates, " one might imagine," says Mr. Fullarton,f " that they supposed the gold which is drained off for exportation from a country using a currency exclusively metallic, to be collected by driblets at the fairs and markets, or from the tills of the ffrocers and mercers.
Pagina 106 - Fullarton,* complies with such applications, "it must comply with them by an issue of notes, for notes constitute the only instrumentality through which the Bank is in the practice of lending its credit.
Pagina 13 - ... with a power of description rarely equalled. An additional charm about the book arises from the evidently unstudied character of its contents. Mr. St. John's words flow fast ; and then, too, he paints the scenery of his favourite sport so beautifully, and tells of its attractions with such fulness and spirit, that when his journals become familiar to naturalists, we shall not be surprised if a visit to the rapid and glorious Findhorn, is thought not less interesting than a pilgrimage to Selborne.
Pagina 13 - Brief and imperfect as the preceding abstract is, we think that it will fully justify the high praise we have bestowed on this work, and induce our readers to sit down to the luxurious repast from which we have risen."— Edinburgh Review, DAYS AND NIGHTS OF SALMON FISHING IN THE TWEED.
Pagina 10 - The best English book, beyond comparison, that ever has appeared for the illustration, not merely of the general topography and local curiosities, but of the national character and manner* of Spain " — Quarterly Review. "This is a very clever and amusing work.

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