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Locke's Essay on the Human Understanding, 2 | Johnson's (Dr.) Rambler, 4 vols. 8vo., boards vols, portrait, 8vo, calf, 2s6d

1716 no title, 2s The Book, or delicate Investigation into the Brooke's (Dr. R.) Art of Angling, 12mo, engrav Conduct of the Princess of Wales, 8vo, half ings, calf, scarce,


1770 calf, 1s6d

1820 Lang on Mesmerism, with Cases, 12mo. cloth Elements of Chemistry. Attraction - Heat - 1s6d

181 Light, Electricity, engravings, 12mo, cloth, Carr's (Sir John) My Pocket Book, or hints fo 1sod


a “Rigbte Merrie and conceitede" Tour to be Combe's (George) System of Phrenology, 8vo, called the Stranger in Ireland, 12mo. boards boards, scarce, 3s6d, pub. at 12s 1825 Isod

180 Drummond's Doctrine of the Trinity, founded Dictionary of Dramatic Biography, 12mo. boards neither on Scripture nor on Reason and Com- 136d

180 mon Sense, but on Tradition & the Infallible Memoirs of Baron De Tott, his travels in th

Church, 8vo cloth, 1s6d, pub. at 5s6d 1831 Crimea, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. calf, 2s6d 178 The Naturalist's and Traveller's Companion, Bengelius on the Apocalypse, with M. S. notes

Instructions for discovering and preserving supposed by Coleridge, 8vo. calf, 2s 175 Objects of Natural History, 8vo. sewed, Portraits des Principaux Orateurs de la Chrmbr 1s.

1772 des deputes, 40 portraits, 8vo. boards, scarce Phillips's General History of Inland Navigation 2s

Paris, 182 8vo, boards, ls6d

1803 Dickson's (Professor Edin Coll.) Explication Morfitt's Abstract of all the Acts of Parliament of the first 50 Psalms, 8vo, calf, 2s6d

165 relative to Birmingham, &c. 8vo, half calf, Newtons (John D.D.) Cosmographie, Geometry Is6d

Birm. 1791 Surveying, Astronomy, &c., 8vo. calf, Is 6 Acton's Lectures on the Dignity, Office, and Dictionary of Hard Words of whatever Languag Work of Christ, 12mo, boards, ls 1833

at present used in the English Tongue, the Hand Book of Graphic Geometry, 18mo, cloth, Etymologies, &c. 8vo. calf, Is 6d

171 ls

1841 Voltaire's Abridgement of Universal History (i Schultens Vetus et Regia Via Hebraizandi, as. French) 2 vols, 12mo, calf, Isod

175 serta contra novum et Metaphysicam Hodier. Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered, translated int nam, small 4to, half calf, 2s

1738 Frerch, 2 vols, calf, neat, 2s Paris, 181 Maundrell's Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem, History of Little Jack, French and Edglish in Svo, plates, old calf, scarce, 256d Oxford 1732 terlinear, 12mo, cloth, 1s6d

183 Pindari, Gr. et Lat., edidit Benedicti, 4to, vellum De Joux Predication du Christianisme, o 5s.

Salmurii 1620 Verites de la Religion Chretienne, exposee A very good and critical edition, excellent dans une suite de Sermons et de Prieres, for explaining difficulties, and for historical vols in 2, 8vo., half calf, neat, 3s. and mythological information.Harwood.

Geneve, 180
Robertson's History of Scotland-Chambers' Hebrew New Testament, 32mo, calf, 1s6d

History of Scots Rebellion, 1745—Stephens' Millenial Harp, Hymns for Meetings on ti
Travels in Egypt, &c. and in Greece, Turkey,

Second Coming of Christ, with Tunes set
Russia and Poland - Crabbe's Poems, Sir

Music, 18mo, bound, 1s6d Boston, 18 Josh. Reynolds on Fine Arts-Butler's Ana Anatomical Remembrancer, calf, Is 18 logy-Harris's Mammon-Todd's Student's Fancutt's System of Short Hand, 12mo, clot Guide, &c. in one vol. royal, 8vo, half calf, 5s


18 Simpson's Geometry, 8vo, calf, 1s6d

M. Minucü Felicis Octavius, recensione Davis

1780 People's Jourual, vol. 1. complete, boards, 1s6d

Notis, etc,, Heraldi et Regaltii, 8vo., ce Milner's Vindication of the End of Religious Sanctii (Franc) Minerva, seu De Causis Ling


17 Controversy, royal 8vo, boards, 1s6d 1822 London Pharmacopæia & Phillips's Translation

Latine Commentarius, thick 8vo, vellum, ne


2s6d of the London Pharmacopeia, in 1 vol. 810, Behmen's (Jacob) Epistles, useful and nec half calf, 2ssd


sary for those that read his writings & Musculus's (Wolfgang) Common Places of

plaine instructions how to attaine to the I Christian Religion, thick small 4to, BLACK of Christ, small 4to, calf, scarce, 3s 14 LETTER, rare, calf, wants title, 158

Behmen, the remainder of Books written A very curious old work, containing amongst Him, englished by John Sparrow, small other matters an account of the Pope's Mer. boards, scarce, 4s

16 chandises," imprinted at London, by

Cicero on Oratory and Orators, translated H. Bynneman, 1575 Guthrie, 2 vols, 8vo, boards, 2s6d

1 Ciceronis De Officiis, Cato Major, Lælius, Som- Arndt's True Christianity, or the whole E nium Scipionis, recensioni Grævii, notis

nomy of God towards Man, and whole D variorum, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, 2s 6d 1710

of Man towards God, 2 vols, 8vo, portrGrove's System of Moral Philosophy, 2 vols. boards, 4s

18 8vo. calf, 25

1739 Allerier's Homelies sur divers textes du Cei. LEWIS'S TOPOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY et du Nouveau Testament, 2 vols, 8vo, sew OF ENGLAND, with Atlas, 7th and last 2s

Geneve, edition, 5 vols, 4to. cloth, clean as new, £3, Tasso La Jerusalemme Liberata(Italian) 2 v cost £8 83

18mo, sewed, 2s


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Cellerier's Sermons et Prieres pour les Solem- | FINDEN'S ROYAL GALLERY OF BRITISH nities Chretiennes, 3 vols, 8vo, sewed, 250d ART ; 48 large exquisitely engraved steel

Geneve, 1811 plates (some spotted) with descriptions, in 16 benier's Tableau Historique de l’etat et des large portfolios, only £5 Os. (little more than

progres de la Litterature Francaise, 18mo, cost of the folios) cost the former owner sewed, Is6d

Paris, 1821 £20 0s. Chamber's Papers for the People, 6 vols, in 3, The Eccentric ; Memoirs and Anecdotes of no post sro, cloth, 5s, pub. at 9s

common characters, portraits. 12mo, boards, Enight's Store of Knowledge for all Readers, scarce, is6d

Shrewsbury 1820 imperial 8vo, engravings, cloth, 2s0d

Sophocles Trachinæ, Greek, notis Herman, ls CHALMER'S (Dr.) Works ; 25 vols, post 8vo, Gostick's Spirit of German Poetry, ovo cloth, mostly uncut, cloth, £3 pub. at £5 1850 1s6d, pub, at 3s6d

1815 Subinitz' History of Rome, post 8vo, cloth, 3s6d Sermons (VIII.) Preached at Manchester, &c. pod. at 7s6d

1817 relating to the Scotish Rebellion, 1715, 8vo, Doileau's (Monsr.) Works, translated, portrait old half calf, scarce, 2s and fine old plates, 2 vols, 8vo, calf, scarce, Huartes' Examination of Men's Wits, in which


by discovering the variety of Natures is shewed Taagban's (Rev. Dr.) Life and Opinions of Jobn for what profession each one is apt, and how

De Wyciiffe, 2 vols, 8vo, portrait, boards, isod, he shall profit therein, small 4to vellum, pub, at £1 ls

scarce, 58

Lond A. Islip, 1616 Vaughan's History of England, under the Pliny's Natural History in Dutch, with curious

Stuarts, including the Commonwealth, 2 vols, spirited old wood cuts, 12mo, vellum, Is6d bro, cloth, 5sod, pub. at 165


Amsterdam 1662 Barnard Smith's Arithmetic and Algebra, post Bates' (Dr. Wm.) Sovereign & Final Happiness fo, cloth, 6s64, pub. at 10s6d

1853 of Man and Effectual Means to obtain it, 8vo, Riddle and Arnold's English Latin Lexicon, 8vo, calf, 1s6d

1680 cloth, clean copy, 12süd, pub. at £1 5s 1850 Charron's “Of Wisdom,” translated by LenTalpy's Greek Testament, with Latin Notes, 3 nard, small 4to, calf, gilt edges, tine copy, but Vols, kvo, boards, 6s6d, pub, at £2 12s6d 1813 wants title, scarce, 285d

1619 Tracts-Apolngy for Parson Alberoni, 1719-Con. Chambers' Cyclopedia of Literature, 2 vols royal

1813 gress of the Beasts, curions frontispiece, 1748. So, half calf gilt, 10s6d and 2 others, 8vo. calf, Isod


Plato's Works, abridged, with a translation of Border's English unparalelled Physitian and

his choicest dialogues, &c., 2 vols. 12mo. calf, Chyrurgion, the true use of all Plants, Mine

2s 6d

1772 Di Tals, &c. and Astrological Rules, small 4to, Cooke's Guide to Warwick and Kenilworth half calf, rare, 3s


Castles, &c., fine plates, 12mo. 2s 1854 Euripides Troades notis, 8vo, cloth, Isbd 1830 The Presbyter, the Prelate and the People, or Moore's Loves of the Angels, 8vo, bds, 1s6d1823

Presbytery, Prelacy, and Independency, as Mathieu's Unhappy Prosperitie expressed in the

practically developed in England, 12mo., Histories of Elias Sejanus & Philippa the Ca

cloth, Isod

1848 tanian, small 4to, engraved title, vellum, scarce

The Youth and Manhood of Cyril Thornton, 2s6d

12mo. cloth, 2s

1841 D'Chales' Elements of Euclid done out of y

The Provost and other Tales by John Galt, French, by Reeve Williams, Philomath, small Poems from the Portugese of Luis de Camoens,

12mo. cloth, 2s

1850 8vo, boards, Is. Od

1703 Le Rime del Petrarca, Printers cut of the Owl,

with remarks on his Life and writings by small 4to, vellum, fine copy, 3s0d Basilæl582 The Fall of Palmyra, and Rome and the Early

Viscount Strangford, 12mo. cloth, 1s6d 1824 A treatise collected out of the Statutes of this Christians, in one vol., thick, 12mo., cloth, på Kingdom by Jno. Wilkinson, of Bernard's 2s

1851 Ind, Gent., BLACK LETTER, 12mo, calf, Peals from the Belfrey, Lyrics by G. L. Banks, Ishd 1628 12mo. cloth, ls

1853 Collinson's Life of Thuanus (De Thou) 8vo, Lamartine's Poetical Meditations, Life, &c., post portrait, boards, 2s

8vo. cloth, 2s3d

1849 Crispin's Estate of the Church, small 4to, wants Dunlop's (Wm.) Sermons and Lectures on title, old boards, scarce, 3s6d

several subjecis and occasions, 2 vols. 12mo. Relandi's (Hadriani) Palæstina ex Monumentis calf, scarce, 4s

Glasgow, 1746 veteribus Illustrata, thick 4to, plates, vellum, The Observer, the Adventurer, the Connoisseur, fine cops, rare, 5s

1714 and the World, complete in 1 vol. 8vo balf Descrizione dell antica Citta D'Ercolano, dal calf, 3sod

1825-6 Venuti, 4to, half vellum, lsbd

1748 The Tatler, complete, 8vo half calf, 1s6d 1814 Peter's Critical Dissertation on Job, its Anti. The Guardian, plates, 8vo. half calf, Is

quity, and a Future State shewn to be a pop-The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer, by Lever, ular belief of the Ancient Jews, 4to, calf, plates, 8vo half calf, 3s,

1839 2s6d

1701 Livii, Historiæ Latine, addita Chronologia, H. Blackwood's (Christopher) scarce old Puritan Glariani, folio, call, 4s

Basilæ, 1549 Theological Works, small 4to (damaged by Perrara ct splendidaHarles Engel classes it damp) calf, 28

1610-31 ' among his catalogue of rare works.


Chambers's Repository of Instructive and | ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA, 3rd edition

Amusing Tracts, complete in 12 vols, bound complete, with plates, 18 vols, 4to, calf, sound

in 4, half calf, very neat, cloth sides, only

copy, £2 os

10s6d, lately published

Jenning's Landscape Annual, for 1830 and 1831,

The Flower Garden, with list of flowering plants, numerous fine steel plates, 2 vols. small 8vo.

beautiful coloured plates, thick 12mo. half green morocco, gilt edges, 4s 6d each, pub. at

calf, soiled, 2s6d

£l lg each

Staunton's Embassy to China, 3 vols. 8vo. calf, Greek Tragic Theatre, Eschylus, Euripides,

neat, 2s 6d

1797 and Sophocles, translated by Potter, 4 vols.

Chambers's Papers for the People, a complete 8vo. calf, neat, 8s


set, 12 vols. bound in 3, half calf, very neat, Peter Pindar's Works, with Satires, &c., by

cloth sides, 12s, cost 18s, in boards 1800-1, Canning, 8vo. half calf, 28


Erasmi Epitome Adagiorum, 12mo. wants title Chateaubriand on Revolutions, Ancient and

half calf, Isod

Modern, 8vo. cloth, Is 60


LANGHORNE'S PLUTARCH'S LIVES, best The Orlando of Ariosto, reduced to XXIV.

edition, by Wrangham, 6 vols, 8vo. fine library Books, by Hoole, 2 vols. 8vo. plates, boards,

copy, calf, very neat 30s

1813 lsed


Spensers Faerie Queene, fine plates, thick The Orlando Innamorato, translated from the

12mo, cloth, gilt, 3s 6d

1853 Italian by Rose, post 8vo. boards, 1s 6d 1833

Middleton's Life of Cicero, 3 vols. 8vo. calf, neat The Visitor, or Monthly Instructor, for 1836-7,

sound copy, 5s

1707 2 vols. in one, 8vo. half calf, Is 6d

Kennedy's (Grace,) complete Works, 6 vols., Gebir, Count Julian, and other Poems, by W. S.

12mo, cloth, 12s, pub, at £1 10s

1881 Landor, small 8vo. cloth, 2s


Worcestershire in the Nineteenth Century, by Treatises on Poetry, Modern Romance, and

T. C. Turber ville, post 8vo. cloth, 3s 6d Rhetoric, from the Encyclopædia Britannica,

Birmingham, 1852

post 8vo. cloth, 3s


White's Treatise on the Game of Billiards, Wieland's Dialogues, Araspes and Panthea, or

large paper, 8vo. boards, 2s, pub. at 103 Od the effects of Love, Socrates and Timocles on

Hawkstone, (Salop) some account of the Anti Beauty, and an Essay on Sentiment, 8vo.

quities of, plates, 8vo. boards, 1s6d

calf, Is 60


Moore's Irish Melodies, 8vo. half calf, 2s 6d British Angler, or Pocket Companion for Gentle.
Schleusner's Greek and Latin Lexicon to the men Fishers, with a Versification of the head;

New Testament, 4to, portrait, boards, 5s at the end of each chapter, for the help of

O'Meara's Napoleon in Exile, or a Voice from Memory, by J. Williamson, small 8vo, old call

St. Helena, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo, portraits, calf,

very scarce, 3s 6d



1822 Kenrick's Latin Exercises to Zumpt's Grammar,

Burrough's (Jeremiah) Four Books on the XI 8vo, cloth, Is 60


of Matthew,--Christ Inviting Sinners,-. Fox's (Chas.) Translation of the Persian Poems

Christ the Great Teacher of Souls,-Christ of Achmed Ardebeili, 8vo, calf, ls 6d 1797

the Humble Teacher,—The only Easie Way | Viaggi Orientali, small 4to, boards, rare, 2s 1666

to Heaven, thick small 4to., calf, very rare, Dicken's Martin Chuzzlewit, original edition,


1659 with plates, 8vo, half call, 7s 6d, pub. at £1

Muti's Il Trono di Salomone, fine portrait, 3 ls


vols in one, large 4to, fine condition, vellum, Taciti Opera, vol. 2 of the fine Elzevir edition,

Venezia, 1724 containing the History and Agricola, 8vo,

“Formerly priced 13s6d and 255."

good copy, vellum, ls 6d


Novels of Queen Elizabeth, containing the His Paine's (Tom) Political Works, complete, 2 vols

tory of Queen Ann of Bullen, 12mo, calf, rare, 8vo, portrait, boards, scarce, 5s6d 1817


1680 | Fuller's (Thomas) Comment on IV of Matthew,

Lady Mary Wortley Montague's Works; Cele- Concerning Christ's Temptations, 12mo, calf,

brated Letters, &c., 5 vols, postTM 8vo, portrait, 18 60


boards, 3s6d

1803 Vossius (Matthew) Anpales Hollandiæ Zelan.

Ross's (Capt.) Last Voyage to the Arctic diæque, 4to. fine copy, calf, 2s 6d 1680

Regions, plates, damaged, 8vo., half calf, Stewart's Philosophy of the Human mind, 2


1836 vols. 8vo, balf calf, 6s 6d


Michaelis Hospitalii Carmina, large paper copy, Dr. Hen. More’s Philosophical Works, sound

fino engraved frontispiece with portrait, good

copy, folio, calf, 6s


copy, vellum, 2s

Amsterdam, 1732 TRACTS FOR THE TIMES, vol. 1, vol. 2,

Wilkin's (Bp.) Discourse concerning the Gift of Part 1, No. 67— Pusey on Baptism, part 1,

Prayer, and concerning the Gift of Preaching, vol. 3 and vol. 4., 4 vols, cloth, No. 67, sewer,

12mo, calf, Is6d

1653 20s. pub. at £1 13s


Journey thro: England and Scotland, along with Histor del Regno di Cile, &c. by Oraglie, small

the Army in 1746, by a Volunteer, 8vo, calf, folio, curious old engravings, good copy. vel.

scarce, Is6d

1747 lum, rare, 2s 6d

Roma, 1640

Tassoni La Sacchia Rapita, or Rape of the Luther's Commentary on the Psalms of Degrees,

Bucket, a Mock Heroic Poem, (in Italian) 1637, and Commentary on Galatians, wants

curious old engravings, small 4to., sewed, title and first leaf, 2 vols. in one, small 4to,


1741 calf, 2s 6d

W. Bruuun, 24, TANNUTOL un


Being Purchases from Several Libraries lately dispersed, & NOW ON SALE at the LOW PRICES


" A List of Books suitable for Presents or Prizes, may now be had GRATIS.


FLETCHER'S (Rev. John) Works and Life, Mudie's Guide to the Observation of Nature, and

portrait, 9 vols. Bro. half calf, neat, 21s 1806 inducement to the Study of Natural Productions
MITFORD'S History of Greece. 10 vols. 8vo. calf, and Appearances, engravings, 18mo, cloth, 1s6d
beat, 20s

1814 Epps (Dr.) Homeopathy applied in practice, the
BIBLE, with Apocrypha, Commentary and revised Rejected Cases, and Letter to Wakley, 8vo.
Version, by Rev. Dr. Hussey 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, boards, ls

12s6d pub. at £3

Shelley's Posthumous and Miscellaneous Poeins,

SCHLOSSER'> History of the XVIIIth. Century, volume 1, 18mo. boards, ls


8 vols. 8vo. cloth, 25% pub. at £4 16s

Abbott's Young Christian, large edition, with pre-

NEWTON's (Rev. John) Works, best edition, 6 face, by Cunningham, 12mo. half call, 1s6d 1833
vols. 8vo. half morueco 24s

Family Tour through South Holland, Up the
MONSTRELET's Chronicles, 12 vols. 8vo. calf, Rhine &c., plates, 18mo. cloth, 1s6d pub. at 5s

ueat, and volume of plates, 4to. 13 vols. 35s SIMEON's (Rev. Charles) HORE HOMILET-
BICKERSTETH's (Rev. Edward) Works, com- ICÆ; or Discourses on the whole Scriptures,
plete, 16 vols, 12mo. new 365

II vols, and Appendix to the same 6 vols.-toge-

NEAL's History of the Puritans, 5 vols. 850, calf, ther 17 vols. 8vo. boards, £2 10s 1819-28

neat, 288

1822 MUSIC-Handel's Oratorios &c., with Chorusses

BAXTER's (Rev. Richard) WORKS and Life, by. in Score-Messiah, Sampson, Judas, Saul, Alex-

Orme, 23 vols. 8vo. portrait, boards, £3 18s pub. ander, Esther, and various other Works, in 5

at £12

vols. oblong folio, half calf, scarce, 22s6d
BOOK of Common Prayer, the edition of 1662, ad. WOLFII Curæ Philogicæ et Criticæ in Novi

apted to the reign of Victoria, printed exactly Testamenti, 5 vols. 4to. good copy, calf. 15s 1741
like the original in Red and Black Letter, by "a very valuable compilation"-Rev. T. H.
Whittingham, folio, vellum, 26s6d pub, by Pick- Horne.
ering at £3 38

LIVII Historiarum, ex recensione Drakenborchi,
VOLTAIRE's Philosophical Dictionary, best edit- elidit Homeri, 8 vols, royal 8vo. large and thick
ion, 6 rols. 12mo. half calf, neat, 203

paper copy calf, neat, 32s6d

PICART's IM POSTURES INNOCENTES; or " one of the best edited of the Latin Classics,

a Collection of Prints, from celebrated Painters, text extremely accurate and excellent inder.".
Rafael, Guido, Carlo Maratti, Poussin, Rem. Dr. Moss.
brant &c. engraved in imitation of these Masters, DONN's Gardeners and Botanists Dictionary,
and According to the particular taste of each, 78 containing a complete enumeration and descrip-

fine old plates, folio, old balf calf, 13s6d 1756 tion of all plants known, with engravings, 4 vols.
An Essay upon Prints, Remarks on Picturesque 4to cloth, 20s pub. at £14

Beauty, the different kinds of Prints, Characters PARKINSON's Theater of Plants; or Universal
of the most Noted Masters, Criticisms on partic- and Complete Herball, with Thousands of eng.
ular pieces, and cautions that may be useful in ravings, an immensely thick volume, folio (near-
collecting Prints, small 8v0, sewed, scarce, 2s ly 2000 pages) calf. scarce, 22s6d


Hand Book of Taste; or How to Observe Works of PUNCH, vols. 4-5-6-7-8-9-10-12-13 and 15, 10

Art, especially Cartoons, Pictures and Statues, vols. 4to. cloth, 22s6d pub. at £4, either volume

12mo, boards, Is6d pub. at 3s


seperately, 3s

The Fable of Cupid and Psyche, translated from REPORTS OF THE BRITISH ASSOCIA-

the Latin of Apuleius with a Poetical Parap- TION for the Advancement of Science from the

hrase on the Speech of Diotima in the Banquet commencement in 1831 to 1853 inclusive, (except

of Plato, Four Hymns &c., with Introduction, 1837-39-40 and 43) 18 vols. 8vo. plates, boards,

explaining the meaning of the Fable, 8vo, half scarce, £4 pub, at £12

caif, neat, 2s

1795 CHARNOCKE's WORKS; 2 vols. folio, portrait,
BEAUTIES of ENGLAND and WALES, 25 vols. rough calf, scarce, 30s

Bro. half russia, neat, 45 pub. at £30

Truth Vindicated by the faithful Testimony and
VOLTAIRE (EUVRES, complete, 91 vols, 8vo. Writings of Elizabeth Bathurst, 12mo. calf,
in 46, half calf, gilt, very fine neat set, £5 1s6d


UNIVERSAL HISTORY; Ancient and Mod. Virel's Learned and Excellent Treatise, containing

ern, 56 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, £4 10s 1779-84 all the principal grounds, of Christian Religion,

thick 12mo, calf, scarce, 2s



Bifield's (N.) Marrow of the Oracles of God, A Stow's Survey of London, with Notes both of ven.

Catalogue of Sinnes; Signes of a Godly Man; erable Antiquities and of later Memorie, small
Signes of the Wicked Man; The Promises; 4to. BLACK LETTER, rare, 10s6d 1611
Rules of a Holy Life; The Cure of the fear of Adventures of Captain Greenland, 4 vols. calf, cur-
Death, thick 12mo. calf, scarce, 2s6d 1647 ious, 3s

Ball's (John) Short Treatise of the principal grounds Cambridge Greek and English Testament, 12mo.
of Christian Religion, by Simeon Ashe, (title page cloth, clean as new, 4s6d

ansl preface damaged) 12mo. calf, 1s6d

Aristotelis De Poetica, Greek et Latin, edidit Tyr-
Bernard's (Richard of Balcombe, Somerset) The whit, 8vo: calf, 1s6d

Faithful Shepherd, with the Shepheards practice -De Rhetorica, Greek et Latin, 8vo. boards,
or his manner of feeding his tlock, 12mo, calf, 1s6d

Oxon, 1820
scarce, 2s6d

1621 Callimachi, cum Notis, edidit Blomfield, Evo.
Bedford's (Thomas) Treatise of the Sacraments boards, Is6d

according to the Doctrines of the Church of Eng. Claudiani Opera, 12mo. vellum, 1s6d Elsevir edit-
land), with a Sermon, the Ready Way to true ion

Freedom, 12mo. calf, scarce, 1s6d 1639 Des Cartes Meditationes De Prima Philosophia etc.
Byfi ld's Summe of the principles of Christian 12mo. calf, scarce, 2s

Religion, 12mo. old calf, scarce, Ised 1634

" A nice conditioned little Elsevir."
Confession of faith and larger and shorter Catech - Erasmi Enconium,cum Gerard Listrii Commentariis
isms of Church of Scotland, interleaved with writ. 12mo. calf, 1:60

ing paper, 12ino. half ralf, 1s6d

1671 Livii, Historiarum, recognovit Bekkeri, Notas addi.
Lives of the Farly Reformers, with preface by Dr. dit Raschig, 3 vols. 12mo. sewed, 4s 1829
Thomas Fuller, viih numerous fine old portraits, Martialis. Epigrammata, 1554. et Caii vederii Arg:+
title, scarce,

Cheynell's (Francis ) Divine Triunity of the Father, Florus, ex editione Fischeri, cum Notis variorum, 2

Son and Holy Spirit, in the Eternal Godhead, vols. 8vo. half cloth, 2s6d Delphin Classics, 1822
Acknowleged, Beleeverd, adored by Christians, Panegyrici Veteres, cum Notis Variorum etc., 5
in opposition to Pagans, Jewes, Mahometans, vols. 8vo. half cloth, 5s pub. at £2 12s6d Del.
Blasphemers and Anti-Christian Heretics, phin Classics

who say they are Christians, but are not, thick Hutton's History of Birmingham, Ist. edition, with
8vo. calf, scarce, 2s6d

1650 map and plates, 8vo. boards, scarce, 48 1781
Andrew's (Bp.) Learned Discourse of Ceremonies Percy Anecdotes, Beneficence, Captivity, Crime and

used in Christian Churches, 12mo. half calf, Punishment, Enterprise, George the Third,

1653 Humanity, Humour, Imagination, Travelling, 9
URE's Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures and parts, 18mo, seved, 4s6d pub. at 22s6d 1820-22

Mines, and Supplement, 2 vols. 8vo, engravings, PARLIAMENTARY GAŽETTEER of England,

cloth, clean copy, 32s6d pub. at £3 4s 1843-4 giving an account of every City, Town or Village,
ROY's (Major-General) Military Antiquities of the and with a complete set of County maps, complete

Romans in Britain, published by the Society of in 13 Divisions, imperial 8vo. cloth, 20s pub. at
Antiquaries, folio, plates half bound, 20s 1793 £3 18s


ART, 48 exquistie steel plates, with descriptions, Psalms; Sermons; Discourses; Miscllaneous
in 16 portfolios, only £4 pub. at £20

Works, and Life by Jones, 4 vols. 8vo. portrait,
some of the plates spotted."
half calf, neat, 20s

THE ENGINEER and Machinists Assistant, MILTON'S Poetical Works, with Notes of various

complete in 26 parts, with numerous plates, 32s6d Commentators, and Life by Todd, large print,
pub. at £3.5s

Blackie. Library edition, 6 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, 30's JE01
JOHNSON's Imperial Cyclopædia of Machinery, HEBREW Bible, edited by Elias Hutterus, print.

complete in 28 parts, wiih plates, 22sed pub. at ed in magnificent large characters, thick folio,
£2 28
Mackenzie vellum, scarce, £2

CRUVELHIER'S ANATOMIE PATHOLOGI. HEBREW Services, as used by the Portuguese

QUE, volume 1, containing 114 bautifully col- Jews, Hebrew and English ou opposite pages, hy
oured plates, and text in French, folio half russia, Alex Alexander, 6 vols. 8vo. calf, scarce, 22s6d

scarce, £2 10s pub. at 209 francs unbound. Illustrated London News, Tols. 12. 13. 14. 16. 17+
JOHNSON's Dictionary, a very fine copy of the 19. 6 vols, cloth, gilt, with thousands of fine en-

3rd. edition, 2 yols. folio, cali, bands, in the orig- gravings, £2 58 pub. at £5 8s

inal binding, unusually sound and clean, 30s. SPENSER's Poetical Works, 5 vols. post Sro.
MILNER's Church History, best edition, ő vols. cloth, 20s pub. at £3

8vo. calf, neat, 22s6d, (only cost of binding) 1824 MEDE's (Joseph) Pious and Learned Works, 2
JUNII (Fran.) Etymologicum Anglicanum, edidit vols. folio. calf, scarce, good copy, 259 1664

Ly cum Vita Auctoris, et Grammatica Anglo- ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA, 3rd. edition,

Saxonica, folio, port calf. good copy, scarce, 258 complete, with plates, 18 vols. 4to. calf, good
A Collection of original Manuscript Sermons, hy J. sound copy, only £2 58

Pershon e-Dean's Yard Westminster, legibly HEBARIUM BLACKWELLIANUM; Black.

written in 11 vols.8vo. calf 20s about 1730 well's Herbal, enlarged by Trew, 600 large and
R.C. Manuall of Devout Meditations and Exercises carefully coloured plates, with descriptions in

drawn principally from the Spiritual Exercises, of Latin an German, ő vols. folio, fine copy half

B. F. Ignatius, 12mo. cull, scarce, Is6d 1618 russia, gill, very neat, £3 Norimberg, 1756
Bullinger's XX Sermons, 8yo, cloth( new, 2564

"A Celebrated Botanical Work at less than
cost of binding."

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