A Companion to Julius Caesar

Miriam Griffin
John Wiley & Sons, 21 jul. 2015 - 544 pagina's
A Companion to Julius Caesar comprises 30 essays from leading scholars examining the life and after life of this great polarizing figure.
  • Explores Caesar from a variety of perspectives: military genius, ruthless tyrant, brilliant politician, first class orator, sophisticated man of letters, and more
  • Utilizes Caesar’s own extant writings
  • Examines the viewpoints of Caesar’s contemporaries and explores Caesar’s portrayals by artists and writers through the ages

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Notes on Contributors
From the Iulii to Caesar
Caesar as a Politician
The Proconsular Years Politics
The Dictator
Caesars Legislation
Bellum Civile
The Continuators
Caesars Political and Military
Augustan and Tiberian
Seneca and Lucan
Plutarch and Suetonius
of Late Antiquity

The Assassination
Republican Coinage 5401 36 BC Obv Head
General and Imperialist
Caesar and Religion
Friends Associates and Wives
Caesar the
Caesar as an Intellectual
Bellum Gallicum
Helveticum ed K H Graf von Rothenburg with
and Contradictory Portraits of Julius Caesar
The Middle Ages
Empire Eloquence
Some Renaissance
Shakespeares Julius
The Enlightenment
Caesar and the
Caesar for Communists

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Over de auteur (2015)

Miriam Griffin is Emeritus Fellow of Classics at Oxford University. She is the author of numerous books and articles on Roman history and philosophy, including Nero (1987), Seneca: A Philosopher in Politics (1992), and Philosophia togata I & II (with Jonathan Barnes, 1991 & 1997). She was until recently editor of the Classical Quarterly.

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