Memoirs of Horatio, Lord Walpole: Selected from His Correspondence and Papers, and Connected with the History of the Times, from 1678 to 1757, Volume 2

Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1820

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Pagina 352 - ... dignity of action and countenance, that he intimidated those who were the most willing and the best able to encounter him ;* their arms fell out of their hands, and they shrunk under the ascendant which his genius gained over theirs.
Pagina 392 - The same sad morn, to Church and State " (So for our sins, 'twas fix'd by fate,) " A double stroke was given ; " Black as the whirlwinds of the North, " St. John's fell genius issued forth ,
Pagina 403 - In the course of his political life, he became successively a lord of the admiralty, master of the great wardrobe, secretary at war, chancellor of the exchequer, and treasurer of the navy.
Pagina 197 - ... ignorant of tactics, and jealous of his more practised, but not less overbearing brother, the Duke of Cumberland. According to Mr. Pelham, " Our two young heroes agree but little. Our " own is open, frank, resolute, and perhaps hasty ; " the other assuming, pedantic, ratiocinating, and " tenacious. ... In what a situation then are we ! " We must pray for the best, for direct it we can...
Pagina 350 - His speeches were not crowded with flowers of rhetoric, or distinguished by brilliancy of diction ; but were replete with sterling sense and sound argument. He was quick in reply, keen in repartee, and skilful in discerning the temper of the house. He wrote without effort or affectation ; his public dispatches were manly and perspicuous, and his private letters easy and animated. Though of an ambitious spirit, he regarded money as a principal object, and power only as a secondary concern.
Pagina 137 - Walpole, gives the following opinion : " I think it a duty I owe to the public, in mentioning this wretched compilation, to declare, that from the access I have had to the papers and documents of the times, I find it superficial and inaccurate, principally drawn from newspapers and party pamphlets, and interspersed, perhaps, with a few anecdotes communicated in desultory conversations by Earl Temple.
Pagina 349 - ... distinguished for classical knowledge, both commenced their parliamentary career at the same period, and both raised themselves to eminence by their superior talents, yet no two characters were ever more contrasted. Mr. Fox inherited a strong and vigorous constitution, was profuse and dissipated in his youth, and after squandering his private patrimony, went abroad to extricate himself from his embarrassments. On his return he obtained a seat in parliament, and warmly attached himself to sir...
Pagina 49 - French, but it was not altogether by those victories we beat them out of that element. If I may be allowed the expression, by land we beat them out of the sea. We obtained so great and so many victories at land, that they were forced to neglect their sea affairs, in order to apply their whole strength, both in money and men, to defend their country, I may say, their capital, at land. Therefore, if both France and Spain should join in a war against us, and we should have no one to assist us, nor they...

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