The Authorship of the Letters of Junius Elucidated: Including a Biographical Memoir of Lieutenant-Colonel Isaac Barré, M. P.

author, and sold, 1848 - 96 pagina's

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Pagina 14 - They planted by your care ! No, your oppressions planted them in America. They fled from your tyranny to a then uncultivated and inhospitable country, where they exposed themselves to almost all the hardships to which human nature is liable; and among others, to the cruelties of a savage foe, the most subtle, and I will take...
Pagina 15 - YOUR indulgence! — they grew by your neglect of them. As soon as you began to care about them, that care was. exercised in sending persons to rule them...
Pagina 4 - How comes this Junius to have broke through the cobwebs of the law, and to range uncontrolled, unpunished, through the land? The myrmidons of the court have been long, and are still, pursuing him in vain. They will not spend their time upon me or you, or you.
Pagina 51 - No more than two or three gentlemen, as I remember, spoke against the act, and that with great reserve and remarkable temper. There was but one division in the whole progress of the bill; and the minority did not reach to more than thirty-nine or forty. In the house of lords I do not recollect that there was any debate or division at all.
Pagina xvi - I am very exactly informed of your impertinent inquiries, and of the information you so busily sent to Richmond,- and with what triumph and exultation it was received. I knew every particular of it the next day. Now, mark me, vagabond ! keep to your pantomimes, or be assured you shall hear of it ! Meddle no more, thou busy informer ! It is in my power to make you curse the hour in which you dared to interfere with — Junius.
Pagina 24 - To the uncommon strength of the country, the enemy have added (for the defence of the river) a great number of floating batteries and boats. By the vigilance of these and the Indians round our different posts, it has been impossible to execute anything by surprise.
Pagina 4 - But while I expected in this daring flight his final ruin and fall, behold him rising still higher, and coming down souse upon both Houses of Parliament. Yes, he did make you his quarry, and you still bleed from the wounds of his talons. You crouched, and still crouch, beneath his rage.
Pagina 14 - And now will these Americans, children planted by our care, nourished up by our indulgence until they are grown to a degree of strength and opulence, and protected by our arms, will they grudge to contribute their mite to relieve us from the heavy weight of that burden which we lie under ?" Colonel Barre arose, and, echoing Townshend's words, thus commented :
Pagina 24 - I wish I could, upon this occasion, have the honour of transmitting to you a more favourable account of the progress of his Majesty's arms, but the obstacles we have met with in the operations of the campaign are much greater than we had reason to expect, or could foresee; not so much from the number of the enemy (though superior to ours) as from the natural strength of the country, which the Marquis de Montcalm seems wisely to depend upon.
Pagina 94 - DEDICATION TO THE ENGLISH NATION. I dedicate to you a collection of Letters, written by one of yourselves for the common benefit of us all. They would never have grown to this size, without your continued encouragement and applause. To me they originally owe nothing, but a healthy, sanguine constitution. Under your care they have thriven. To you they are indebted for whatever strength or beauty they possess.

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