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His Royal Highnefs GEORGE Prince of WALES.




If this edition of the immortal Shakopere pofsefses any merit in
preference to its predecefsors, it may be atributed to the influence
f your illustrious patronage ;on its first being offerd to the world,

us graciously pleased to counknance the under -
takings it thence became more eminently my duty,my
to spare

neither care nor expence in the execution of the work.--
IČIhave fortunately succeeded so farasto render it in any degree
worthy Your Royal altenhon, approbahon,, Ishall think
myself happybeing
British Library
most dutiful's develeServant

John Bell.


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London. Printed 1. March 1788, for J.BELL, British Library, Strand.

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Lehrara 2
E a. Barnia


After the many Prefaces contained in the subsequent pages, it will be sufficient to observe, of this Edition, that neither pains nor expence have been spared, to render it superior to every other. In point of exterior, it is believed, that it hath as yet no rival, either in ornaments, printing, or paper. In respect to its contents, it will be seen, that the Prolegomena have been differently arranged, and considerably augmented; the Text given with accuracy froin the best readings; and the Annotations not only retrenched, where futile or needless, but interspersed with a variety of new illustrations. The present Editor hath presumed to deviate from the usual mode of printing the Author's name, by the omission of the letter A in the last syllable, viz. SHAKSpere for SHAKSPEARE; but he thinks himself warranted in this alteration, by the fac simile of the Author's subscription to his Will, as well as by the invariable custom of entering the names of his family in the Register-Book of the Parish of Stratford-uponAvon. The ancient method of spelling the partial derivation of the name will equally justify the 5


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