The New Bath Guide, Or, Useful Pocket-companion: Necessary for All Persons Residing At, Or Resorting To, this Antient and Opulent City. Giving an Account of Its Antiquity, and First Discovery of Its Medicinal Waters; ... To which is Added, the Life, Character, &c. of the Late Richard Nash, Esq. ...

C. Pope, 1765 - 64 pagina's
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Pagina 39 - And he urged all ; so much example can ; Hurt upon hurt, wound upon wound did call, He was the butt, the mark, the aim of all : His soul this while retired from cell to cell, At last flew up from all, and then he fell.
Pagina 39 - And he urg'd all ; so far example can. Hurt upon hurt, wound upon wound did call, He was the butt, the mark, the aim of all. His soul this while retir'd from cell to cell, At last flew up from all, and then he fell. But the devoted stand...
Pagina 18 - having been at Bath, imagined, as he one night lay meditating in bed, that he faw the Holy Trinity, with angels afcending and defcending by a ladder, near to which was a fair olive-tree fupporting a crown.
Pagina 29 - Footmens coming to wait on them Home, to prevent Disturbances and Inconveniences to Themselves and Others. III. "That Gentlemen of Fashion never appearing in a Morning before the Ladies in Gowns and Caps shew Breeding and Respect.
Pagina 29 - That a Visit of Ceremony at coming to Bath, and another at going away, is all that is expected or desired by Ladies of Quality and Fashion — except Impertinents.
Pagina 39 - Either o'ercomes, or doth itself expire : His courage work'd like flames, cast heat about, Here, there, on this, on that side, none gave out ; Not any pike on that renowned stand, But took new force from his inspiring hand...
Pagina 31 - This glorious Prince of royal race, The founder of this happy place, Where beauty holds her reign ; To BLADUD'S mem'ry let us join, And crown the glass from springs divine, His glory to maintain.
Pagina 29 - ... 3. That gentlemen of fashion never appearing in a morning before the ladies in gowns and caps, show breeding and respect.
Pagina 30 - ... no pretence to dance at all. VIII. That the elder ladies and children be contented with a second bench at the ball, as being past or not come to perfection, IX. That the younger ladies take notice how many eyes observe them.
Pagina 23 - II. AFTER the patient's cafe has been thus defcribed, and fent, he muft remain in his ufual place of refidence, 'till he has notice of a vacancy, fignified by a letter from the Regifter. III. UPON the receipt of fuch a letter, the patient muft fet forward for Bath, bringing with him...

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