Narrative of a Voyage to Hudson's Bay: In His Majesty's Ship Rosamond Containing Some Account of the North-Eastern Coast of Americ[a] and of the Tribes Inhabiting that Remote Region

J. Mawman, By R. Watts, 1817 - 279 pagina's

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Pagina 278 - Literary History of the Middle Ages ; comprehending an Account of the State of Learning from the Close of the Reign of Augustus to its Revival in the Fifteenth Century.
Pagina 277 - The Tomb of Alexander, a Dissertation on the Sarcophagus, brought from Alexandria, and now in the British Museum.
Pagina 133 - I can positively affirm, that in still nights I have frequently heard them make a rustling and crackling noise, like the waving of a large flag in a fresh gale of wind.
Pagina 120 - As far as the eye could reach, a vast alabaster pavement overspread the surface of the sea, whose dark blue waters could only be seen at intervals, where parts of the pavement appeared to have been convulsively torn up, and heaped upon each other in ruined fragments. The snow-white surface of this immense plain formed a most striking contrast to the deep black clouds of a stormy night; through which, uninterrupted flashes of...
Pagina 58 - ... and regular. The complexion is a dusky yellow, but some of the young women have a little colour bursting through this dark tint. The noses of the men are rather flattened, but those of the women are rather prominent. The males are, generally speaking, between five feet five inches, and five feet...
Pagina 59 - ... tint. The noses of the men are rather flattened, but those of the women are rather prominent. The males are, generally speaking, between five feet five inches and five feet eight inches high, bony and broad shouldered, but do not appear to possess much muscular strength.
Pagina 278 - Edition, augmented by a Vindication of the Editor against certain Publications of the Earl of Elgin and others, together with an Index.
Pagina 157 - ... but in vain: the first shock was followed by calamities of a different nature. The scheme in which my father had embarked his fortune failed, the Indians rose in a body, burst his settlement, murdered many of his people, and turned the produce of their toil adrift on the wide and merciless ocean. The noble patrons of his plan deceived him in their assurances of marine protection, and the island of promise presented a scene of barbarous desolation. This misfortune was rapidly followed by other...
Pagina 278 - Tweddell, being a Selection of his Correspondence, a Republication of his Prolusiones Juveniles, an Appendix containing some Account of the Author's...
Pagina 120 - ... to magnify them by leaving us in utter darkness. Add to this, the reiterated peals of thunder that burst forth, in a thousand roaring echoes, over the surrounding ice; also the heavy plashing of the rain, which poured down in torrents; the distant growling of affrighted bears, the screams of sea-birds, and the loud whistling of the wind; — the whole...

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