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The present volume comprises the additions to the Library of the Patent Office from May 1, 1878, to May 1, 1883, about 12,000 volumes, making the total number of volumes, including pamphlets, 40,000.

Several duplicate sets of foreign patents have been added, especially those of France, Germany, Belgium, and Italy, and English subject-matter indexes to them, have been prepared; and it is hoped that very soon the duplicates will be so perfect that complete files of all foreign patents will remain in the Library aside from those in the examiners' rooms.

A very large increase has been made in the number of periodicals, and especially those devoted to the industrial arts, the list now amounting to over five hundred.

It will be noticed that during the five years since the last Catalogue was issued the Library has nearly doubled in extent, and probably more than that in value; the selections having been made with more care and system and with special reference to the work in the Office. This gratifying result has been made possible by a specific annual appropriation for the purchase of books, contemplated by law in founding the Library, but not fully carried into effect until 1878, when the amount was fixed at $5,000.

The general plan of the former Catalogue has been followed for the sake of uniformity, both in the arrangement and printing, though the proportion of subject-matter entries has been largely increased.

As a repertory of industrial literature and applied science in general, this Library may now, perhaps, compete with any other of its kind, although further improvement is to be expected in the completeness of its collection, and better methods of indexing to make the mass of information gathered, more accessible to the Office and the public.





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