Plant Animal Interactions: An Evolutionary Approach

Carlos M. Herrera, Olle Pellmyr
John Wiley & Sons, 13 apr. 2009 - 328 pagina's
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Interactions between plants and animals are incredibly diverse andcomplex and span terrestrial, atmospheric and aquatic environments.The last decade has seen the emergence of a vast quantity of dataon the subject and there is now a perceived need among bothteachers and undergraduate students for a new textbook thatincorporates the numerous recent advances made in the field. Thebook is intended for use by advanced level undergraduate andbeginning graduate students, taking related courses in widerecology degree programmes.
  • Very few books cover this subject and those that do are out ofdate.

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Part 2 Mostly Antagonisms
color plates
Part 3 Mostly Mutualisms
Part 4 Synthesis
Appendix Supplementary information for Chapter 2

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Over de auteur (2009)

Carlos M. Herrera is an evolutionary ecologist who hasworked mainly on plant-disperser and plant-pollinator interactionsin Mediterranean habitats of the Iberian Peninsula. Most of hisresearch centers on elucidating the relative significance ofecological, historical and evolutionary determinants in shapingcurrent plant-animal interactions.

Olle Pellmyr is a revolutionary biologist whose researchfocuses on plant-animal interactions, with special emphasis onmutualism and co-evolution. Using phylogenetic and ecologicalapproaches, he explores links between mircoevolutionary processesand microevolutionary patterns. A native of Sweden now residing inthe USA, he has done field research in Europe, the Americas, Japan,Africa, and Melanesia.

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