Angling in the Kumaun Lakes: With a Map of the Kumaun Lake Country

Thacker, Spink, 1888 - 105 pagina's

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Pagina 1 - Mr. Kipling knows and appreciates the English in India, and is a born story-teller and a man of humour into the bargain. ... It would be hard to find better reading.
Pagina 103 - For gems hid in some forlorn creek : We all pearls scorn, Save what the dewy morn Congeals upon each little spire of grass, Which careless shepherds beat down as they pass : And gold ne'er here appears, Save what the yellow Ceres bears. * Blest silent groves ! Oh may you be For.
Pagina 98 - Dear Solitude, the soul's best friend, That man acquainted with himself dost make, And all his Maker's wonders to intend. With thee I here converse at will, And would be -glad to do so still, For it is thou alone that keep'st the soul awake.
Pagina 7 - Captain Hayes, in the new edition of 'Veterinary Notes,' has added considerably to its value, and rendered the book more useful to those non-professional people who may be inclined or compelled to treat their own horses when sick or injured." — Veterinary Journal. " We do not think that horse-owners in general are likely to find a more reliable and useful book for guidance in an emergency.
Pagina 14 - I have no hesitation in saying that the present edition is for many reasons superior to its predecessors. It is written very carefully, and with much knowledge and experience on the author's part, whilst it possesses the great advantage of bringing up the subject to the present level of Medical Science.
Pagina 2 - A most charming series of sprightly and entertaining essays on what may be termed the fauna of the Indian bungalow We have no doubt that this amusing book will find its way into every Anglo-Indian's library.
Pagina 12 - Work of the National Association for Supplying Female Medical Aid to the Women of India.
Pagina 30 - We may take it that, as regards Indian laws and customs, Mr. Field shows himself to be at once an able and skilled authority. In order, however, to render his work more complete, he has compiled, chiefly from Blue-books and similar public sources, a mass of information having reference to the land-laws of most European countries, of the United States of America, and our Australasian colonies.
Pagina 5 - Dr. Busteed's valuable and entertaining ' Echoes from Old Calcutta ' has arrived at a second edition, revised, enlarged and illustrated with portraits and other plates rare or quaint. It is a pleasure to reiterate the warm commendation of this instructive and lively volume which its appearance called forth some years since.
Pagina 17 - This is a really splendid map of India, produced with the greatest skill and care." — Army and Navy Gazette. " For compactness and completeness of information few works surpassing or approaching it have been seen in cartography.

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