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Otto Mühlbrecht

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Pagina 201 - Statutes for the University of Cambridge and for the Colleges therein, made, published and approved (1878 — 1882) under the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge Act, 1877. With an Appendix. Demy 8vo.
Pagina 29 - Parlement un nouveau projet qui, après maintes discussions, aboutit à la loi du 4 avril 1882, sur la restauration et la conservation des terrains en montagne, en pleine application aujourd'hui.
Pagina 202 - Wharton's Law Lexicon. — Forming an Epitome of the Law of England, and containing full Explanations of the Technical Terms and Phrases thereof, both Ancient and Modern ; including the various Legal Terms used in Commercial Business. Together with a Translation of the Latin Law Maxims and selected Titles from the Civil, Scotch and Indian Law.
Pagina 192 - Encyclopédie du notariat et de l'enregistrement, ou Dictionnaire général et raisonné de législation, de doctrine et de jurisprudence en matière civile et fiscale (avec formules), publié par la Revue du notariat, sous la direction de M. Ch. Lansel. T. 12.: Mariage-Offense. In-8°, 737 pages. Paris, Marchai, Billard et C»- fr.
Pagina 117 - TERM, 1824. [This was an appeal from the Court for the Trial of Impeachments and Correction of Errors of the State of New York. Aaron Ogden filed his bill in the Court of Chancery of that State, against Thomas Gibbons, setting forth the several acts of the legislature thereof, enacted for the purpose of securing to Robert R. Livingston and Robert...
Pagina 163 - Maps and an Appendix, containing a full Analysis of the Debts of the United States and of the several States, published) Annually. Price 45s.
Pagina 235 - Pius IX., the Council of the Vatican, and the latest decisions of the Roman Congregations ; adapted especially to the discipline of the Church in the United States.
Pagina 159 - Edition, in 8vo, price 6s. , cloth, AN EPITOME OF LEADING COMMON LAW CASES; WITH SOME SHORT NOTES THEREON. Chiefly intended as a Guide to
Pagina 158 - Statistique de l'industrie minérale et des appareils à vapeur en France et en Algérie pour l'année 181)6, avec un Appendice concernant la statistique minérale internationale.
Pagina 13 - D. usque ad a. MD., ed societas aperiendis fontibus rerum germanicarum medii aevi.

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