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Fol. Parisiis, 1681 Fol. Parisiis, 1704

Mabillon J. De re diplomatica libri sex,
De re diplomatica supplementum..
Annales ordinis S. Benedicti, occidentalium monachorum
patriarchæ, in quibus non modo res monasticæ, sed etiam eccle-
siasticæ historiæ non minima pars continetur.

6 vols. Fol. Parisiis, 1703-39
Vetera analecta, sive collectio veterum aliquot operum et opus-
culorum omnis generis, carminum, epistolarum, diplomatum,
epitaphiorum, etc. Nova editio, cui accessere Mabillonii vita
et aliquot opuscula, scilicet dissertatio de pane eucharistico,
azymo ac fermentato.
Fol. Parisiis, 1723

For specification of contents see Darling's Encyclopædia Bibl.
Traité des études monastiques.
2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1692
Correspondance inédite avec l'Italie, cont. un grand nombre
de faits sur l'Histoire religieuse et littéraire du 17me. Siècle.
3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1846

Ouvrages posthumes de Mabillon et Ruinart. Contestation
sur l'Auteur de l'Imitation de Jésus Christ; Lettres; le culte
des Saints inconnus; les Études monastiques; Traités sur la
Messe, et sur les Prisons monastiques, etc. 3 vols. 4to. Paris, 1724
See also Acta Sanctorum S. Benedicti, Museum Italicum et
Thuillier V.

Mabinogion (The), from the Llyfr Coch o Hergest and other Ancient
Welsh Manuscripts, with an English Translation and Notes by
Lady Charlotte Guest.
3 vols. Roy. Svo. London, 1849

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Mabire J. L. Guide to French Conversation. 10th Ed.

Mably G. B. de.

16mo. London. 1856 Euvres complètes. 13 vols. 8vo. Londres, 1789-90 Contents Vol. I.-III. Eloge, Observations sur l'Histoire de France. IV. Observations sur l'Histoire de la Grèce et sur les Romains. V.-VII. Principes des Négotiations; Droit publique de l'Europe. VIII. Gouvernement et Lois de la Pologne; Observations sur le Gouvernement des États Unis de l'Amérique. IX. De la Législation ou Principes des Loix. X. Entretiens de Phocion; Principes de la Morale. XI. Doutes sur l'Ordre naturel des Sociétés politiques; Droits et devoir du Citoyen. XII. De l'étude de l'Histoire; De la manière d'écrire l'histoire. XIII. Le Destin de la France. Le Droit public de l'Europe. Observations sur l'Histoire de France. par M. Guizot.

3 vols. 12mo. Genève. Nouvelle Edition, revue

3 vols. Svo. Paris, 1323

Macadam J. L. Remarks on the Present System of Road Making.

8vo. London, 1822

Macan T. Introduction to the Shah Nameh of Firdousee, and Life of the Author, prefixed to the Shah Nameh.

8vo. Calcutta, 1829

Macarel L. Cours d'Administration et de Droit administratif.

4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1852-57

Macarel et Boulatignier. De la Fortune publique en France et de son
3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1838-41

Macarius Egyptius. Homiliæ et opuscula ascetica, Gr. et Lat. See
Gallandius Bibl. Patrum, Vol. 8, et Despont. Bibl. Maxima,
Vol. 4.

Macarius Alexandrinus S. Sermo-Regula et Epistolæ ad Monachos.
See Gallandius Bibl. Patrum, Vol. 8.

Macarius of Antioch. See Paul of Aleppo.

Macarthur J. See Clarke J. L.

Macartney G. Earl of. Account of the Russian Empire-a Sketch of
the Political History of Ireland-and a Journal of an Embassy
from the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of China, being
Vol. II. of Barrow's life of him.

Voyage dans l'Intérieur de la Chine et en Tartarie, traduit
de l'Anglais par J. Castera. 5 vols. 8vo. plates 4to. Paris, 1799

Macaulay A. Dictionary of Medicine and Surgery; revised by R. W.
Macaulay. 14th Edition.

8vo. Edinburgh, 1858

C. The History of England, from the accession of James I. to
that of the Brunswick line.
9 vols. 4to. London, 1763-78

J. S. A Treatise on Field Fortification. 3d Edition.

12mo. Atlas 4to. London, 1850

K. The History of Saint Kilda, containing a description of this
remarkable Island, the manners and customs of the inhabitants,

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Macaulay T. B. Critical and Historical Essays contributed to the

Edinburgh Review.

5 vols. 16mo. Leipzig, 1850 Svo. Philadelphia, 1845

Lays of Ancient Rome with the Ivry and the Armada.


Speeches corrected by himself.


Pompeii, a Poem.

16mo. Leipzig, 1851

12mo. Boston and Cambridge, 1856 2 vols. 16mo. Leipzig, 1853 2 vols. 12mo. New York, 1853 Svo. Cambridge, 1819

8vo. London, 1815

Z. A Letter to H.R.H. the Duke of Gloucester, occasioned by Dr. Thorp's Pamphlet on Slavery. Macauley J. The Natural, Statistical, and Civil History of the State 3 vols. 8vo. New York, 1829 Svo. London, 1773

of New York.

Macbean A. Dictionary of Ancient Geography.
Macbride J. D. Lectures Explanatory of the Diatessaron, or the His-
tory of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 3d Edition.

Maccabe W. B. Catholic History of England.

8vo. Oxford, 1848 Svo. London, 1846

M'Call H. The History of Georgia, containing brief sketches of the most remarkable events up to the present day.

2 vols. 8vo. Savannah, 1811-16

J. Two Addresses, delivered before the New York Medical
Society in Albany, Feb. 1847.

M'Callum, P. F. Travels in Trinidad in 1803.
Maccarthy J. Voyage à Tripoli ou Relation d'un

en Afrique.

Maccarthy-Reagh, Comte. Catalogue des livres bibliothèque.

Macciuca M. V. See Vargas Macciuca.

4to. Albany, 1847 Svo. Liverpool, 1805 séjour de dix années

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1819 rares et précieux de sa 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1815

McClellan G. B. Manual of Bayonet Exercise, prepared for the use of

12mo. Philadelphia, 1852

the Army of the United States. McClelland J. Some Inquiries in the Province of Kemaon relative to Geology and other Branches of Natural Science. 8vo. Calcutta, 1835 McClintock J. and Crooks G. B. First Book in Latin.

12mo. New York, 1846 McClung J. A. Sketches of Western Adventure. 12mo. Dayton, 1852 McClure A. W. The Translators Revived, a Biographical Memoir of the Authors of the English Version of the Bible.

12mo. New York, 1853

Maccolini G. Saggio d'Istituzioni rettoriche e di Osservazioni critiche. 12mo. Bologna, 1842

McCord D. J. Chancery Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Appeals of South Carolina, 1825-27.

8vo. London, 1837

2 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1827 McCormac H. The Philosophy of Human Nature, in the Physical, Intellectual, and Moral Relations. McCormick C. Memoirs of Edmund Burke, or an Impartial Review of his Private Life, his Public Conduct, his Speeches in Parliament, and the Different Productions of his Pen. 4to. London, 1798 McCoy A. A Funeral Oration on the Death of Hon. D. Webster. 8vo. Boston, 1843

12mo. London, 1847

McCrie T. The Life of Andrew Melville, with an Appendix of Original Papers. 2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1819 The Life of John Knox with Numerous Additions, and a Memoir of him by Andrew Crichton. History of the Progress and Suppression of the Reformation in Spain in the Sixteenth Century. History of the Progress and Suppression of the Reformation in Italy, including a Sketch of the History of the Grisons.

Sketches of Scottish Church History from the Revolution.

8vo. Philadelphia, 1842

the Reformation in

Svo. Philadelphia, 1842 the Reformation to 12mo. Edinburgh, 1849 Svo. London, 1850

Memoirs of Sir Andrew Agnew. McCullagh W. T. The Industrial History of Free Nations, considered in Relation to their Domestic Institutions and External Policy. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1846 Memoirs of the R. Hon. R. Lalor Shiel. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1855 McCulloch G. and Maclaren A. C. The Phenomena of Pestilential Cholera. 8vo. London, 1850


J. A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland, including
the Isle of Man, comprising an account of their Geological Struc-
2 vols. 8vo. and Atlas 4to. London, 1819
The Highlands and Western Islands of Scotland, containing
Descriptions of their Scenery and Antiquities, with an Account
of the Political History and Ancient Manners of the People.

4 vols. 8vo. London, 1824

An Essay on the Remittent and Intermittent Diseases, including
generally Marsh Fever and Neuralgia. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1831
A System of Geology, with a Theory of the Earth and an
Explanation of its Connexion with the Sacred Records.

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1831

A Geological Classification of Rocks, with Descriptive Synopses
of the Species and Varieties comprising the Elements of Prac-
tical Geology.

8vo. London, 1831

J. R. A Discourse on the Rise, Progress, Peculiar Objects,
and Importance of Political Economy. 2d Edition.

8vo. Edinburgh, 1825 Svo. London, 1845

The Literature of Political Economy.
A Dictionary, Geographical, Statistical, and Historical, of the
Various Countries, Places, and Principal Natural Objects in the
World. A new and improved Edition with a Supplement.

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1852

A Dictionary, Practical, Theoretical, and Historical, of Commerce and Commercial Navigation. A new and improved Edition with a Supplement. Svo. London, 1854 McCulloh J. H. Remarks, Philosophical and Antiquarian, concerning the Aboriginal History of America.

Svo. Baltimore, 1829

McDermot M. A Letter to the Rev. W. L. Bowles, in reply to his
Letter to T. Campbell, and his two Letters to Lord Byron. See
Pamphleteer, Vol. 20, pp. 119, 385.

A Philosophical Inquiry into the Source of the Pleasures derived
from Tragic Representation.
Svo. London, 1824

McDiarmid J. Lives of British Statesmen with Portraits, viz: Thomas
More; W. Cecil, Lord Burleigh; T. Wentworth, Earl of Straf-
ford; Ed. Hyde, Earl of Clarendon.

4to. London, 1807

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