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Macdonald Jas. M. A Sketch of the History of the Presbyterian
Church in Jamaica, Long Island.
12mo. New York, 1847

John. Rules and Regulations for the Field Exercise and Ma-
noeuvres of the French Infantry. Translated from the French
with Explanatory Notes and Illustrative References to the Bri-
tish and Prussian System of Tactics, etc. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1806
Accounts of Experiments made at Woolwich on Burning of
Fuzes, with an Appendix on Telegraphic Communication.

8vo. London, 1809

Treatise Explanatory of a New System of Naval, Military, and
Political Telegraph Communication.

Svo. London, 1817 Svo. New York, 1844

M. N. Poems.
McDonnell A. Considerations on Negro Slavery, with Authentic
Reports on the Actual Condition of the Negroes in Demerara.

8vo. London, 1824

The West India Legislatures vindicated from the Charge of
having resisted the Call for the Amelioration of Slavery.

8vo. London, 1826

Macdonnel D. E. A Dictionary of Quotations in most frequent use, from the Latin, French, Greek, Spanish, and Italian Languages. Svo. London, 1819

Macdouall And. An Institute of the Laws of Scotland in Civil Rights, with Observations upon the Agreement or Diversity between them and the Laws of England. 3 vols. Fol. Edinburgh, 1851–53 Macdougall Lt. Col. P. L. The Theory of War, illustrated by numerous Examples from Military History.

12mo. London, 1856 Svo. Paris, 1846

Macé A. Des Lois agraires chez les Romains.
Macé-Descartes. Histoire et Géographie de Madagascar, depuis la décou-
verte de l'Isle en 1596 jusqu'au récit des événemens de Tama-
tave et de ses dependances.

Macedo J. A. de. Gama, poema narrativo.

A Meditação, poema Filosofico em quatro cantos.

8vo. Paris, 1846 12mo. Lisboa, 1811

12mo. Lisboa, 1813

J. J. de Costa de. Memorie sobre os Vasos Murrhinos.

Macedonio M. Le nove muse.

4to. Lisboa, 1842

4to. Napoli, 1614

Macer Ae. Vita et fragmenta. See Maittaire Corpus Poetarum, Vol. 2. Mac Farlane C. The Romance of the History of Italy.

2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1832

12mo. London, 1845

The Romance of Travel. The East. 2 vols. 12mo. London, 1846-47
The Life of Thomas Gresham.
Popular Customs, Sports, and Recollections of the South of Italy.

The Cabinet History of England. 24 vols.
Kismet, or the Doom of Turkey.

The Camp of Refuge.

The Dutch in the Medway.

12mo. London, 1846 18mo. London, 1845-46

12mo. London, 1853

2 vols. 18mo. London, 1844 18mo. London, 1845 Navigation, with Bio

R. History of Propellers and Steam graphical Sketches of the Early Inventors. 12mo. New York, 1851 Macgee T. D. History of the Irish Settlers in North America, from the Earliest Period to the Census of 1850,

8vo. Boston, 1852

Macgill T. An Account of Tunis, its Government, Manners, Customs,

and Antiquities.

8vo. Glasgow, 1811

Macgillivray W. Description of the Rapacious Birds of Great Britain.

12mo. Edinburgh, 1836

12mo. London, 1844

A History of the Molluscous Animals of Scotland, in the Coun-
ties of Aberdeen, Kincardine, and Banff.
History of British Birds, Indigenous and Migratory.

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1837-40

Macgregor J. My Note-Book-Travels on the Continent of Europe.

3 vols. 12mo. London, 1835

The Progress of America, from the Discovery by Columbus to
the year 1846.
2 vols. 8vo. London, 1847
Sketches of the Progress of Civilization and Public Liberty.

8vo. London, 1848

Commercial Tariffs and Regulations of the States of Europe and
5 vols. Fol. London, 1841-44
Vol. I. Austria, Belgium, Denmark, and France. II. Germanic
Union, Hanse Towns, Hanover, Holland, and the Italian States.
III. Ottoman Empire, Greece, and African States. IV. Russian
Empire, Sweden, and Norway. V. Spain.

Commercial Statistics. A Digest of the Productive Resources, Commercial Legislation, Customs, Tariffs, Shipping, Imports and Exports of all Nations, including all British Commercial Treaties with Foreign States. 4 vols. 8vo. London, 1847-48 McGuire E. C. The Religious Opinions and Character of Washington. 12mo. New York, 1836

Machado G. de. Théorie des ressemblances, ou Essai philosophique sur les Moyens de determiner les Dispositions physiques et morales des animaux d'après les Analogies de forme, de robe et de 2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1836-44


Machado Barbosa. See Barbosa.

Machiavelli N. Opere.

10 vols. 8vo. Milano, 1805

Vol. I. Elogio da Baldelli-Il Principe-Vita di Castrucci Cas-
trucani-Modo tenuto dal duca Valentino nello ammazare
Vitelli, etc.-Istruzione a un Ambasciatore-Descrizione della
peste di Firenze-Capitoli per una Compagnia di piacere-Allo-
cuzione fata ad un Magistrato-Ritratti delle cose della Francia
-Della natura dei Francesi-Ritratti delle cose dell' Alemagna.
II. Discorsi sopra la prima Deca di T. Livio.
III. IV. Delle historie Fiorentine.

V. Legazione alla Contessa Sforza-Legazione prima alla Corte di
Francia-Legazione al Duca Valentino-Legazione prima a Siena.
VI. Legazione prima alla Corte di Russia-Legazione secunda
alla Corte di Francia-Legazione ai Signori di Piombino-Lega-
zione a Gianpaolo Baglioni-Legazione al Marchese di Mantoua
-Legazione secunda a Siena-Commissioni in varie parti del
Dominio Fiorentino-Legazione seconda alla Corte di Russia-
Legazione terza a Siena.

VII. Legazione all' Imperatore-Commissione al Campo contro
Pisa-Legazione a Mantoua-Legazione alla Corte di Francia-
Commissione a Pisa in tempo del concilio-Commissione per fare
Soldati-Commissione a Pisa, etc.-Legazione al Capitolo de'
Frati Minori a Carpi-Legazione a Venezia-Legazione a F.

Machiavelli N.

VIII. Commedie e Rime.

IX. Commedie-Novelle-Lettere diversi-Discorso sopra la
stato di Firenze-Frammenti istorici-Lettere ai dieci di Balia-
De' uomini Fiorentini-Del modo di trattare i popoli della Val-
dichiana-Discorso sopra le cose di Pisa-Sommario delle cose
della città di Lucca.

X. I setti libri dell' Arte della Guerra-Rapporto delle cose
della Magna-Discorso sopra le cose d'Alemagna-Provissioni
per istituire Milizie nazionali nella republica Fiorentina-Rela-
zione di una visita fatta per fortificare Firenze-Discorso in cui
si esamina la lingua in cui scrissero Dante, Boccaccio e Petrarca
-Discorso Morale-La mente d'un uomo di Italia-Duo Testa-
menta Latina.


8 vols. 12mo. London, 1748 8 vols. 8vo. s. 1. 1796-99 8vo. Firenze, 1831

8vo. London, 1810

Same, complete in one vol.
The Prince, translated from the original Italian, to which is pre-
fixed an Introduction by J. S. Byerley.
The Florentine Histories, translated from the Italian by C. E.
2 vols. 12mo. New York, 1845
The History of Florence and of the Affairs of Italy, from the
earliest times, together with the Prince, a new translation.

Post 8vo. London, 1847
Der fürst, übersetzt von G. Regis.
Stuttgart, Svo. 1852
Vindication of Himself and his Writings, against the Imputation
of Impiety, Atheism and other high Crimes. See Harleian Mis.
Vol. I. See also Frederic II. Examen du Prince, Ld. Macau-
lay's Essays Vol. I., and in Supplement, Artaud de Montor Génie
et Erreurs de Machiavel.

Maciejowski W. A. Essai historique sur l'Eglise Chrétienne primitive des deux rites, chez les Slaves, traduit. 8vo. Berlin, 1846 Macilwain G. Memoirs of John Abernethy, with a View of his Lectures, Writings, and Character. 2d Edition.

2 vols. 12mo. London, 1854

MacIntosh C. The Book of the Garden. 2 vols. Roy. 8vo. London, 1853–55 Vol. I. Structural, with 1073 Illustrations. II. Cultural, with

279 Illustrations.

McIntosh J. The Origin of the North American Indians.

12mo. New York, 1843

Mackay C. A Collection of Songs and Ballads relative to the London
Prentices and Trades.
Svo. London, 1841

Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness
of Crowds. 2d Edition.
2 vols. 8vo. London, 1852

R. History of the House and Clan of Mackay, containing for
Connection and Elucidation, besides Accounts of many other
Scottish Families, a variety of Historical Notices, with a gene-
alogical Table of the Clan."
4to. Edinburgh, 1829

R. W. Progress of the Intellect as exemplified in the Religious
Development of the Greeks and Hebrews. 2 vols. 8vo. London.
R. W. S. See Montreal.

W. Geschichte des Schiffbruchs der Juno an der Küste von
Arraca aus dem Englischen von W. Lohmann. 8vo. Hamburgh, 1800

McKean J. A Plea for Friendship and Patriotism in two Discourses,

preached March 27, and April 7, 1814.

8vo. Boston, 1814

Sermon on the Death of John Warren, M.D.
Memoir on the Rev. Dr. J. Eliot.

8vo. Boston, 1815

Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll. 2 Se

ries, Vol. I.

Svo. Boston, 1818

Catalogue of his Library.

Mackeldey F. Compendium of Modern Civil Law, from the 12th German Edition. With a bibliographical list of Books on the Civil Law. Vol. I. No more of the Translation published.

8vo. New York, 1845

McKenney T. L. Sketches of a tour to the Lakes, of the Character and Customs of the Chippeway Indians, and a Vocabulary of the Algic or Chippeway Language. 8vo. Baltimore, 1827 McKenney and Hall J. History of the Indian Tribes of North America, with Biographical Sketches, Anecdotes of the Principal Chiefs, embellished with one hundred and twenty Portraits.

3 vols. Fol. Philadelphia, 1842-44 Mackenzie A. Voyages from Montreal, on the river St. Lawrence, through the Continent of N. America to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans in the years 1789 and 1793. With an Account of the Fur Trade. Svo. New York, 1802 Same, translated into French by Castera. 3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1802 (Slidell A.). A Year in Spain. Life of Commodore O. H. Perry. Life of John Paul Jones.

2 vols. 12mo. New York, 1831 2 vols. 18mo. New York, 1840 2 vols. 12mo. New York, 1845

Proceedings of the Naval Court-Martial upon, with a review of

the case, by J. F. Cooper.

8vo. New York, 1844

Chas. Notes on Haiti, made during a residence.

2 vols. London, 1830

Colin. Five Thousand Receipts in all the Useful and Domestic
Arts. New Edition, with Additions by an American Physician.

Svo. Philadelphia, 1846

Lt. Col. A Descriptive Catalogue of his Oriental MSS. and
other Articles illustrative of the Literature, History, Statistics,
and Antiquities of the South of India. Edited by H. H. Wilson.
2 vols. 8vo. Calcutta, 1828

D. L. A Practical Dictionary of English Synonyms.

12mo. London, 1854
Sir G. S. Travels in the Island of Iceland during the Summer
of the Year 1810.
4to. Edinburgh, 1811
Agricultural Survey of Ross and Cromarty. Svo. London, 1813
H. Miscellaneous Works, consisting of Man of Feeling-Papers
from the Lounger and the Mirror-Man of the World-Julia de
Roubigné. With a Memoir of the Author by Sir Walter Scott.
12mo. New York, 1847
See also Julia de Roubigné, and Man of Feeling in Barbauld's
Novels, Vol. 29.

Report of the Committee of the Highland Society on the Authen-
ticity of the Poems of Ossian.

8vo. Edinburgh, 1805

Memoirs of the Life and Writings of John Calvin, compiled
from T. Beza and other Authentic Documents.

K. R. H. Burmah and the Burmese.

Svo. London, 1809 12mo. London, 1853

Mackenzie W. The Physiology of Vision.

8vo. London, 1841 A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of the Eye, to which is prefixed an Anatomical Introduction explanatory of a horizontal section of the Human Eyeball, by T. W. Jones, with illustrations. 4th Edition.


Svo. London, 1856

Same, from the fourth London Edition, with Notes by A. Hew-
Svo. Philadelphia, 1855
W. L. The Life and Times of Martin Van Buren. 8vo. Boston, 1846
The Lives and Opinions of B. F. Butler and Jesse Hoyt.

8vo. Boston, 1845

4to. Madras, 1820 Svo. New York, 1855

McKerral J. Grammar of the Carnataca Language.
Mackey J. L. Grammar of the Benga Language.
Mackie C. The Castles, Palaces, and Prisons of Mary of Scotland.

Roy. 8vo. London, 1850

J. M. Life of Tai-Ping-Wang, Chief of the Chinese Insurrec-
12mo. New York, 1857

Mackinnon Com. Atlantic and Transatlantic. Sketches Afloat and

12mo. New York, 1852

-H. A Journal of the Campaign in Portugal and Spain from
1809 to 1812.

8vo. Bath, 1812 Mackintosh Sir J. Miscellaneous Works. 3 vols. 12mo. London, 1854 Vol. I. On the Progress of Ethical Philosophy-On the Philosophical Genius of Bacon and Locke-On the Law of Nature and Nations-Life of Sir T. More-Refutation of the claim on behalf of K. Charles I. to the Authorship of Eikon-Basilike-Memoirs of the Affairs of Holland, 1667-1686.

Vol. II. Review of the Causes of the Revolution of 1680-Ac-
count of the Partition of Poland-Fall of Struensee-Case of
Donna Maria da Gloria-Character of Marquis Cornwallis and
Rt. H. Geo. Canning-Preface to a Reprint of Edinb. Review
of 1755-On the Writings of Machiavel-Review of Lord
Byron's Poems-Review of Godwin's Lives of E. & J. Phillips
Review of de Stael's Allemagne-Discourse at the Opening
of the Literary Society of Bombay.

Vol. III. Vindicia Gallicæ, Defence of the French Revolution
-Reasons against the War of 1793-State of France 1815-
Right of Parliamentary Suffrage-Defence of Peltier-Charge
to the Grand Jury of Bombay-Speeches on the annexation of
Genoa to Sardinia-In H. of C. on the Criminal Laws-On Mr.
Brougham's Motion relative to Missionary Societies-For the
Recognition of the Spanish American States-On the Civil
Government of Canada-On the Affairs of Portugal-On the
Reform Bill-Index.

The History of England from B.C. 55 to A.D. 1572.

3 vols. 12mo. London, 1829
3 vols. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1830-33
Continuation of the History of England, by R. Bell. 12mo. London
A General View of the Progress of Ethical Philosophy, chiefly
during the 17th and 18th Centuries. See Encyclopædia Bri-
tannica, 7th Edition, Vol. I.

Same, with a Preface by Dr. Whewell, Ency. Brit., 8th Edit.,
Vol. I.

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