Environment Agency: Efficiency in Water Resource Management; Fortieth Report of Session 2005-06; Report, Together with Formal Minutes and Oral Evidence

The Environment Agency spent £114 million in 2003-04 on water resources management in England and Wales, in order to ensure sufficient water is available to meet the needs of people and the environment. It recovers the costs through abstraction charges levied on its licence holders, and efficiency improvements helps to reduce the licence fee and, ultimately, could result in lower costs to consumers. Following on from a NAO report (HC 73, session 2005-06; ISBN 012932972) published in June 2005, the Committee's report examines the performance of the Agency in managing water resources across England and the scope for minimising the charges levied on abstractors. The report finds that the Agency has kept the annual increase in the licence fee below the rate of inflation each year, but improvements in efficiency depend upon better cost management data. Although this problem was identified by the Agency in 2001, progress has been slow, and full activity-based costing data are unlikely to be available until 2007-08. The weaknesses in management information have meant that between £650,000 and £1.7 million has been incorrectly allocated between water resource and flood management activities.

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