Buffalo Medical Journal and Monthly Review of Medical and Surgical Science, Volume 14


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Pagina 54 - ... 2d. That while his own mind is clear that his certificate contained only the truth, and that, under his peculiar relations to the party concerned, he could not withhold his certificate of medical qualification consistent with conscience and duty, yet he is ready to concede that he had no abstract right to relieve the party from the censure of the Association until this body had restored him to his fellowship. 3d. That so far from intending any disrespect to the Association, or to its act of discipline,...
Pagina 348 - On one occasion, when he was much fatigued, while listening to a friend who was reading aloud, he fell asleep, and had a dream, the particulars of which it would have occupied him a quarter of an hour or longer to express in writing. After he awoke, he found that he remembered the beginning of one sentence, while he actually heard the latter part of the sentence immediately following it, so that probably the whole time during which he had slept did not occupy more than a few seconds.
Pagina 227 - It is my wish that my ashes may repose on the banks of the Seine, in the midst of the French people, whom I have loved so well.
Pagina 695 - And did not he make one? yet had he the residue of the spirit : and wherefore one '. that he might seek a godly seed.
Pagina 125 - I say, but that it may be possible to discover the motions of the internal parts of bodies, whether animal, vegetable or mineral, by the sound they make; that one may discover the works performed in the several offices and shops of a man's body, and thereby discover what instrument or engine is out of order, what works are going on at several times and lie still at others and the like.
Pagina 300 - So that if a suitable quantity be taken, and if both action and reaction are allowed to exhaust themselves before the dose be repeated, more manifestation of life, represented by more excretion and more consequent renewal of the body, takes place in a given time with the alcoholic drink than without. There lias been a positive gain in vitality.
Pagina 57 - Resolved, That we recommend to all the medical colleges entitled to a representation in this body that they appoint delegates, especially instructed to •represent them in a meeting to be held at Louisville on Monday, the day immediately preceding the convention of the American Medical Association, for the year 1859, at ten o'clock, at such place as the committee of arrangements shall designate.
Pagina 557 - The analysis of the blood was conducted by Mr. Dugald Campbell. The whole quantity abstracted having been weighed, the coagulum was drained on bibulous paper for four or five hours, weighed, and divided into two portions. One portion was weighed and then dried in a wateroven, to determine the water ; the other was macerated in cold water until it became colourless, then moderately dried and digested with ether and alcohol to remove fat, and finally dried completely, and weighed as fibrin.
Pagina 330 - ... so as exactly to embrace the pelvis of any patient . There is also a fissure in the perpendicular portion of each rectangular slide, and a screw passing through the same. One of these is to secure the upper end of the long splint...
Pagina 50 - Morris, of Philadelphia, is chairman, were called upon to report. There was no response; and, on motion, the subject was referred to the committee on nominations. Dr. AB Palmer, chairman of the committee on medical literature, asked leave to defer his report until Wednesday, at 10 o'clock; which was granted. A report was made by the committee on nominations, which was accepted; and the Association then elected the following officers: President, Dr. Harvey Lindsley, of Washington city.

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