Northern Germany, as Far as the Bavarian and Austrian Frontiers: Handbook for Travellers

K. Baedeker, 1893 - 422 pagina's

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Pagina 336 - A further development of iron smelting and later on of coal mining took place at the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century.
Pagina 51 - Chancellor, originally built about 1738, and occupied by Prince Bismarck from 1878 till March, 1890. (The Congress of European Powers for the settlement of the Eastern Question in 1878 took place in the large hall in front.) No. 78 is the palace of the Prince of Pless, designed by the French architect Destailleurs, in the style of the period of Louis XIII. Visitors are admitted to most of these palaces , during the absence of the owners, after previous application to the house-steward. On the opposite...
Pagina 222 - Prussia in 1816, which rescued it from the low estate to which wars and other misfortunes had reduced it. On Sundays and holidays the streets are enlivened by the gay and quaint costumes of the peasantry, especially of the so-called Bamberger, distant descendants of Franconian immigrants, though now genuine Poles to all intents and purposes. In entering the town from the Central Station (PI. A, 6) we obtain a view of the imposing fortifications , which include inner and onter circles of forts (12...
Pagina 96 - source of the Pader'. The water is cold in summer, but in winter so warm as to give off steam. — The Busdorfkirche was originally erected on the model of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre at Jerusalem ; the present edifice dates from the 14th century. The choir contains a large Romanesque candelabrum, with seven branches. — The Jesuits' Church was built in the 17th century. — The Rathhaui, of 1473 and 1616, has recently been well restored.
Pagina 318 - Elector Frederick the Wise in 1502, where Luther became a teacher of the Holy Scriptures in 1509. In 1817 the university was incorporated with that of Halle. In the neighbouring Market-Place, under a Gothic canopy, rises a * Statue of Luther, designed by Schadow, and erected in 1821, bearing the inscription, 'Ist's Gottes Werk, so wird's bestehn ; ist's Menschen Werk , wird's untergehn' (if it be God's work it will endure, if man's it will perish).

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