Paris. A second with illuminated woodcuts is set down in Longman's catalogue, No. 6323, at 10 guineas. There is also an edition, Par., J. Trepperel, without date. 4°. Gothic letter, with woodcuts. 18387 QUER, Jos. Flora española ó historia de las plantas que se crian en España. Madr., Ibarra, 1762-64. large 4°. 4 vols. with 28, 28, 79, and 66 plates.—Continuacion de la flora española, ordenada, suplida y publicada por Casim. Gomez de Ortega. Madr. 1784. large 4°. 2 vols. with 23 plates. QUERCETANUS, see du CHESNE. QUEROLUS, see PLAUTUS, No. 17236 and 37.

QUETIF, see ECHARD. 18388 QUEVEDO Villegas, Fr. Obras. Madr., Ibarra, 1772. 4°. 6 vols. with plates.

A fine edition. Madr. 1624. 4°. 6 voll. Brusselas, Foppens, 1660. 4°. 3 voll. Barcelona, 1702. 4°. 5 voll. Madr. 1713 or 20. 4°. 3 voll. Amst. 1726. 4°. Madr. 1736. 4°. 6 voll. are not sought after. 18389 obras. Madr., Sancha, 1790 -94. 8°. 11 vols. with plates.

The earlier editions,

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voll. 4

4°. These editions contain only the first 6 musas: the remaining 3 first appeared, Madr. 1670. 4°.


el parnasso español y musas Castellanas. Barcelona, Figuerò, 1703. 4°. Las tres musas ultimas Castellanas. Secunda cumbre del parnasso español. Barcel., Llopis, 1702. 4°. 2 vols. with woodcuts. 18395 el parnasso español, monte en dos cumbres dividido, con las nueve musas Castellanas. Madr., Alonso de Padilla, 1729. 4°. 2 vols. with woodcuts.

The edition, Madr. 1724. 4°. also probably contains all the 9 musas. 18396 poesias que publicò Fr. de Quevedo Villegas con le nombre de Bachiller Fr. de la Torre. Madr. 1753.4°.

This neat edition was superintended by L. Jos. Velazquez.

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Barsueños y discursos. celona, Lacavalleria, 1628. 8°. Also, Perpiñan, Breffel, 1679. 8°.

The German translation see under MosCHEROSCH.

historia de la vida del Buscon. Barcelona, Deu, 1627. 8°. Also, Ruan, 1629. 8°.

The best edition, and fine.-Renouard 18398 possesses a work by Quevedo, which has never been printed, Grandes anales de quince dias, historia de muchas siglos que (Catal. III. 256. passaron en un mes Consult Santander's Catal. IV. 170). 18390


obras escogidas, con un vocabulario español y frances. beres, 1757. 8°. 2 vols. 18391 obras escogidas. 1794. 8°. 2 voll. Also, ib. 1800. 8°. 4 parts in 2 vols.




obras jocosas. Lyon, Cor

mon, 1821. 18°. 4 voll.

Euvres, nouv. traduct. de l'espagn. par Raclots. Brux. 1698, or 99, or 1700, or 1718. 12°. 2 vols. with plates. Euvres choisies, trad. de l'espagn. Par. 1776. 12°. Comical works translated by J. Stevens. Lond. 1707 or 1709. 8°. De vol-geestige Werken. Amst. without date. 12°. 2 voll. with plates.

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el parnasso español y musas castellanas. Corrigidas y enmendadas de nuevo en esta impression por Amuso Cultifragio. Madr., Pablo de Val, 1660. 4°.

Also, Brusselas, 1650. 4°. Madr. 1659.

In French (by de la Geneste), Par. 1644. 8°. Troyes, without date. 8°. Ff. 1671. 12°.


QUEYPO, see MERAS. 18329 QUIEN, Mch. le. christianus, quo exhibentur ecclesiæ, patriarchæ etc. totius orientis. Par., typ. reg., 1740. fol. 3 voll. Also on large paper.

To be considered as a continuation of the Corpus histor. Byz.

18400 (QUILLET, Cl.)Calvidii Leti callipædia s. de pulchræ prolis habendæ ratione, poema didacticon. LB., veneunt Parisiis, ap. Th. Joly, 1655. 4°.

The first less complete edition contains, besides other various readings, 6 verses in p. 50 against cardinal Mazarine, on account of which the cardinal caused a plot to be laid against him. Consult Patin, lettres à Spon, II 174. Menagiana, III. 232 sq. In the enlarged and corrected edition, Par., Joly, 1656. 8°. these 6 verses are

exchanged for 13 others in praise of Mazarine. This 2nd edition appeared under Quillet's name. 18401

callipædia s. de pulchra prolis habendæ ratione, poema didacticon; acc. Scæv. Sammarthani pædotrophia s. de pueror. educatione poema. Lond., Bowyer, 1708 (other copies 1709). 8°. Also on large paper.

A good edition, in which the text



restored according to the first edition. Also, Par., Joly (Lps., Th. Fritsch), 1709. 8°. la callipédie, poëme latin de Cl. Quillet, avec la traduction en franç. (par Monhenault d'Egly). Amst. et Par., Durand, 1749. 8°. Also on large Dutch paper.-La callipédie ou la manière d'avoir de beaux enfans, poeme didactique, traduction libre en vers franç. du poëme lat. de Cl. Quillet (avec le texte à côté). Par., Bastien, 1774. 8°.-La callipédie ou l'art de faire des beaux enfans, trad. par J. Mar. Caillau. Bordeaux, an 7 (1799). 12°. Also on vellum paper. 18403 callipedia or the art of getting pretty children, done into Engl. verse. Lond. 1710. 8.-The art of getting beautiful children, transl. by N. Rowe. Lond. 1720. 12°.-Callipedia transl. by W. Oldisworth. Lond. 1729. 12°. (anon.) huwlyks mintafereel. Leerdicht, begrepen in 3 boeken door P. le Clercq. Amst. 1722. 8°. with plates.


18405 QUINAULT, Ph. Théâtre. Suivant la copie de Paris (Amst., Wolfgang), 1663. 12°. 2 voll.

This neat edition, which is sought after, contains only the author's 12 first pieces. and neither his Operas nor the Mère coquette. His 14 Operas are to be found in the 3 first vols. of the Recueil des opera. Suiv. la copie de Par. (Amst., Wolfgang), 1684 and 90. 12°.

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18408 QUINTANA, Fr. de. Historia de Hipolito y Aminta. Madr., Sanchez, 1627. 4°.

His Descripcion de la fiesta de Santiago el Verde in verse is appended. The above romance is reprinted, Madr. 1729. 4°. and ib. 1807. 8°. 2 vols. with plates. 18409 QUINTANA, Jacinto Arias de. Antiguedades y santos de la villa de Alcantara. Madr., Fernandez, 1661. 4°. 18410 QUINTANA, Manoel Jose. Poesias selectas castellanas, desde el tiempo de J. de Mena hasta nuestros dias, recogidas y ordenadas por Mar. Jose Quintana. Madr. 1807. 8°. 3 voll.

This greatly prized collection was reprinted under the title, Tesoro del parnaso español. Perpignan, 1818. 18°. 4 voll. - vidas de Españoles celebres. T. I. Madr. 1807. 8°. No more has yet appeared.


poesias. Madr. impr. real,

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1802. 8°.

18413 QUINTILIANUS, Marcus
Fabius. Institutionum oratoriarum
libri XII. (edente J. Ant. Cam-
pano). Romæ, in via papæ prope
S. Marcum (per Ph. de Ligna-
mine), 3 Aug. 1470. fol.

The first edition, as is evident from this, that Andr. Aleriensis in the dedication of the following edition makes mention of it. That not U. Han but Ph. Lignamine was the printer, can hardly any longer be doubted according to Audiffredi Cat. edd. Rom. p. 46, 47. 111-117, and Dibdin Bibl.


Spenc. II. 305 sq. 281 leaves with 35 lines, without signatures, catchwords, and pagination. At the beginning are a letter of Campanus to the cardinal Fr. Piccolomini and the list of chapters in 4 leaves. Leaf ga begins the text of Quintilian without any further superscription, and the 1st line is, Fflagitasti quotidiano conuitio ut libros quos ad. The Greek words are printed with Greek types, of which, as well as of the Latin types, Dibdin has given a facsimile, 1. c. II. 307.

A copy on vellum is in the duke of Marlborough's library at Blenheim, see Dibdin's Bibliomania, p. 424, and Beloe's Anecdotes, IV. 236. An edition of 1468 by U. Han is a non-entity. 18414

institutionum oratoriar. libri XII. (edente J. Andrea episc. Aleriensi). Romæ, Cr. Sweynheym et Arn. Pannartz, (1470). fol.

The second edition, not less scarce, of which only 275 copies were printed. 238 leaves with 38 lines, without signatures, catchwords, and pagination. The first 4 leaves contain the editor's dedication of 1470 to Paul II., Campanus's letter from the preceding edition and the list of chapters. Leaf 5a begins the text, and the Ist line is, M. Fabius Quintilianus Victorio Marcello Salutem. The book ends in leaf 238b with 8 verses, Aspicis illustris etc. without any date, which must be taken from the dedication.



oratoriar. libri XII. ab Omnibono Leoniceno emendati. (Ven.), N. Jenson, 21 Maji 1471. fol.

A fine edition, but less scarce than the two preceding. 212 leaves (the last blank) with 39 lines, without signatures, catchwords, and pagination. The first 2 leaves (which are also sometimes at the end) contain a tabula Quintiliani, or list of chapters. Leaf 3 is blank on the folio recto, and contains on the reverse a letter of Leonicenus to Moses de Bufarelis. Leaf 4a begins the text without any farther superscription. Leaf 211b is the colophon and leaf 212 is blank. The Greek passages are omitted, and an entire line is wanting in the 1st page of the 6th chapter of the 6th book. A copy on vellum, (two copies according to Dibdin's Decam. II. 373.) is in the Royal library at Paris. Mr. Hibbert of Clapham near London, now possesses a second; 491 fr. Gaignat; 500 fr. Vallière; 1515 fr. M'Carthy.

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18418 oratoriar. institutionum libri XII. (cum epist. Omniboni Leoniceni). Without place or date.

199 printed leaves, with 39 lines and the signatures a-D. It begins with 2 leaves of list of chapters. Then follows in leaf 3b the same letter of Leonicenus, which is in the edition of 1471, and the 1st line is, Euerendissimo in christo patri: ac domino meo observādissimo do. But the passage in which the printer Jenson is mentioned is omitted here. The text commences in leaf 4, and the 1st line is, M. CELSVS FABIVS QVINTILIANVS TRIPHONI BI. This edition is merely a reprint of Jenson's of 1471, even with the same error of omission in l. VI. c. 6.; but the Greek words are here inserted. It was decidedly printed at Venice (as is evident from the paper mark of the scales) and, as I think, by J. de Colonia about 1477.

18419 declamationes (XIX.) exactissime recognitæ. Ven., Lucas Venetus, 4. non. Augusti 1481. fol.

The editio princeps of these 19 declamations, and superintended by J. Grasolarius. 122 leaves with 35 lines and the signatures a-t. Leaf 1a begins with the editor's letter to Gr. de Priotis, the text follows in leaf 2a. Leaf 1228 is the colophon, and on the reverse a register.

18420 declamationes (XIX.) exactissime recognitæ. Ven., Lucas Venetus, nonis Juniis, 1482. fol.

Merely a repetition of the preceding. 88 leaves (the 1st blank) with 38 lines, and the signatures, a-o. Leaf 2a is the same letter of Grasolarius, leaf 3a begins the text, and the 1st line is, M. FABII

QVINTILIANI ELOQVENTISSIMI. The text ends in leaf 87b, and leaf 88a is the colophon and a register.—An edition of the Institutt, orat. cum comm. Rph. Regii. Ven., Lucas Ven., nonis Jun. 1482. fol. (Panz. III. 182, 619.) is very suspicious. 18421 declamationes. Ejusdem oratoriar. institutionum libri XII. (recogniti per And. Ponticum). Tarvisii, Dion. Bononiensis ac Peregrinus, 22 Oct. 1482. fol.

190 leaves with 49 lines and signatures. Leaf 1 line I is, M. FABII QVINTILIANVS ELOQVENTISSIMI DECLAMATIONES. The declamations end in leaf 53a with the word FINIS, and at end of the Institutt. leaf 190b, are the colophon and a register. The Declamatt. are sometimes found by themselves, (as at Dresden) and then they appear to be an undated edition, and they are thus quoted in Panzer IV. 182, 1031, and in the Bipont notit. litt. p. XXVIII. and XXX. 18422 declamationes. Without place, Ln. de Basilea, without date. fol.

There is a copy of this edition according to Denis's Suppl. II. 647, in the Imperial library at Vienna. Since then no second copy has as yet been known.-Institutt. oratoriæ cum annot. Rph. Regii. Mediol., 1491. fol. (Panz. III. 66.) is not sufficiently accredited.

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18429 M. F. Quintilianus (institutt. orat.) Ven., Aldus et And. socer, m. Aug. 1514. small 4°.

4 leaves of preliminary matter, (the 4th blank) and 230 numbered leaves. 3 copies on blue paper are known; one in the Royal library at Paris, the 2nd in the possession of the marquis Fagnani of Milan, and the 3rd was sold at Cotte's sale for 100 fr. It was superintended by And. Naugerius, but has little of its own.

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oratoriar. institutionum libri XII. una cum annotatt. Rph. Regii, G. Merulæ et Jod. Badii Ascensii in depravationes earundem. Et tabula per alphabeti seriem: tam in contextu quam in scholiis

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