Opera quae supersunt omnia ex recensione Io. Casp. Orellii: Onomasticon

Sumptibus ac typis Orellii, Füsslini, 1836

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Pagina 290 - Epistles of MT Cicero to M. Brutus, and of Brutus to Cicero, with the Latin text on the opposite page, and English Notes to each Epistle ; together with a prefatory Dissertation, MIDDLETOX.
Pagina 389 - Religion : in two dissertations; the first, supposed to have been composed by Cicero ; now rendered into English: the last originally written by Dr. Blacklock.
Pagina 401 - Les livres de Cicéron, de la Vieillesse et de l'Amitié, avec les Paradoxes du même autheur, traduits en françois sur l'édition latine de Grœvius, avec des notes, par l'aulhcur de la traduction des Offices.
Pagina 337 - Major, vel de senectute : Laelius, vel de amicitia : paradoxa stoicorum sex : somnium Scipionis, ex libro sexto de republica, etc.
Pagina 458 - The Theology and Philosophy in Cicero's Somnium Scipionis explained, or a brief attempt to demonstrate that the Newtonian system is perfectly agreeable to the notions of the wisest ancients, and that mathematical principles are the only sure ones.
Pagina 421 - A Dissertation in which the observations of a late pamphlet on the writings of the' Ancients, after the manner of Mr. Markland, are clearly answered ; those passages in Tully corrected, on which some of the objections are founded : with amendments of a few pieces of criticism in Mr. Markland's Epistola Critica,
Pagina 353 - La république de Cicerón, d'après le texte inédit, récemment découvert et commenté par M. Mai. Avec une traduction française, un discours préliminaire et des dissertations historiques, par M. Villemain. Paris, L.-G.
Pagina 385 - Ibid. 1771. — select orations of MT Cicero trsl. by Duncan and interspersed with a variety of notes explanatory of the persons , manners and customs of the Romans adapted to the euglish reader by Charles Whitworth.
Pagina 384 - History of the famous Orators : also his Orator, or accomplished Speaker. Now first translated into English, by E. Jones, 8vo.
Pagina 387 - THRE BOOKES OF DUTIES, TO MARCUS HIS SONNE, turned out of Latine into English, by Nicholas Grimalde : Wher unto the Latine is adioyned.

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