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History recording the Actions of GEORGE the THIRD


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Printed for J. Fletcher, at the Oxford Theater
S." Pauls. Church Yard.


1 2 DEC1932




HE proprietors of the British Magazine gladly feize this opportunity of the new year, to acknowledge the deep fenfe they have of the obligations they owe to the public, for the indulgence with which their labours have been received.

They beg leave to exprefs their fentiments of gratitude, to all thofe correfpondents who have contributed towards the execution of the work; and to make a tender of their beft refpects to that gentleman in particular, who has favoured them with an uninterrupted feries of agreeable articles on the fubjects of biography and natural hiftory; articles equally replete with entertainment and


Should any young writer be mortified in finding that no notice has been taken of the favours he has tranfmitted to the publisher of the Magazine, we hope he will put the moft favourable interpretation on our filence, and affure himself, we shall always infert with pleasure, whatever pieces may be fent, if we think they will conduce to the reputation of their respective authors; having still an eye to the defign of the work and the fatisfaction of the reader.

Some productions, both in verfe and profe, we have been obliged to withold from the public view, on account of their length others we have declined on the fcore of their tendency, which are thought inconfiftent with the plan of our Magazine; and many we have referved until a favourable opportunity fhall render them the proper objects of


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