Englische Miscellen, Volumes 17-20

Johann Christian Hüttner
J. G. Cotta., 1804

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Pagina 83 - The Present State of Peru ; Comprising its Geography, Topography, Natural History, Mineralogy, Commerce, The Customs and Manners of its Inhabitants, The State of Literature, Philosophy, and the Arts, The Modern Travels of the Missionaries, in the Heretofore Unexplored Mountainous Territories, &c.
Pagina 218 - A picturesque representation of the manners, customs, and amusements of the Russians, in one hundred coloured plates; with an accurate explanation of each plate in English and French..
Pagina 133 - The Tomb of Alexander, a Dissertation on the Sarcophagus, brought from Alexandria, and now in the British Museum.
Pagina 59 - Esquire, containing Remarks on a Pamphlet entitled " An Account of the Discovery of the Power of the Mineral Acid Vapours to destroy Contagion, by John Johnstone, MD
Pagina 83 - The whole drawn from Original and Authentic Documents, chiefly written and compiled in the Peruvian Capital, and Embellished by Twenty Engravings of Costumes, &c.
Pagina 119 - ... Lord Teignmouth, President of the British and Foreign Bible Society, occasioned by his address to the clergy of the Church of England, by a Country Clergyman [the Eev.
Pagina 55 - Author easily persuades himself that the public opinion is still favourable to his labours; and I have now embraced the serious resolution of proceeding to the last period of my original design, and of the Roman Empire, the taking of Constantinople by the Turks, in the year one thousand four hundred and fifty-three. The most patient reader, who computes that three ponderous...
Pagina 110 - The Song of the Sun. A Poem of the Eleventh Century; from the more ancient Icelandic collection called the Edda. Imitated by the Rev. James Beresford, AM, Fellow of Merton College, Oxford.
Pagina 56 - VIEWS IN NORTH BRITAIN, ILLUSTRATIVE OF THE WORKS OF ROBERT BURNS, accompanied with Descriptions, and a Sketch of the Poet's Life, by James Storer and John Greig.
Pagina 108 - Outfinei of a Plan of Instruction, adapted to the varied Purposes of active Life. To which is added, a detailed View of the System of Studies [Commercial and Professional], Moral Management, Discipline, and Internal Regulations, adopted in the Literary and Commercial Seminary established by the Rev.

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