Book Auction Records, Volume 6

Frank Karslake
Wm. Dawson, 1909
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A priced and annotated annual record of London, New York and Edinburgh book-auctions.

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Pagina 505 - Twas twilight, and the sunless day went down Over the waste of waters ; like a veil, Which, if withdrawn, would but disclose the frown Of one whose hate is mask'd but to assail. Thus to their hopeless eyes the night was shown, And grimly darkled o'er the faces pale, And the dim desolate deep : twelve days had Fear Been their familiar, and now Death was here.
Pagina 1 - An Impartial History of the War in America, between Great Britain and her Colonies...
Pagina 8 - The art of angling. Wherein are discovered many rare secrets very necessary to be known by all that delight in that recreation. Written by Thomas Barker, an ancient practitioner in the said art.
Pagina 241 - The Gospels of the fower Euangelistes translated in the olde Saxons tyme out of Latin into the vulgšre toung of the Saxons, newly collected out of auncient monuments of the sayd Saxons and now published for testimonie of the same.
Pagina 419 - The tenure of Kings and Magistrates; proving that it is lawful, and hath been held so through all ages, for any, who have the power, to call to account a Tyrant or wicked King, and after due conviction, to depose and put him to death ; if the ordinary magistrate have neglected or denied to do it.
Pagina 12 - The Bible/ and Holy Scriptvres/ conteined in the/ Olde and Newe/ Testament./ Translated according to the/ Ebrue & Greke, & conferred with the beste translations/ in diuers languages./ (.'.)/ With moste profitable Annotations/ vpon all the hard places of the Holy...
Pagina 16 - Biblia en lengua espanola traduzida palabra por palabra de la verdad Hebrayca por muy excelentes letrados. Vista y examinada por el officio de la Inquisition.
Pagina 255 - A DIRECTORY for the Publique Worship of God throughout the Three Kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland. Together with an Ordinance of Parliament for the taking away of the Book of Common Prayer, and for establishing and observing of this present Directory throughout the Kingdom of England and Dominion of Wales.
Pagina 457 - A Midsommer night's dreame. As it hath beene sundry times publikely acted, by the Right honourable, the Lord Chamberlaine his seruants. Written by William Shakespeare. Printed by James Roberts. 1600.
Pagina 186 - The Federalist: A Collection of Essays, Written in Favour of the New Constitution, As Agreed Upon by the Federal Convention, September 17, 1787.

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