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Pagina 5 - CARTHAGE. Carthage and her Remains : being an Account of the Excavations and Researches on the Site of the Phoenician Metropolis in Africa and other adjacent Places. Conducted under the Auspices of Her Majesty's Government.
Pagina 1 - An Inquiry into the Origin and Early History of Engraving upon copper and in wood. With an account of Engravers and their works from the invention of Chalcography by Maso Finiguerra to the time of Marc
Pagina 8 - Imitations of original Drawings by Hans Holbein, in the Collection of His Majesty, for the Portraits of Illustrious Persons of the Court of Henry VIII. with biographical Tracts. Published by John Chamberlaine, Keeper of the King's Drawings and Medals.
Pagina 25 - Surest Way for a Nation to Increase in Riches, is to Prevent the Importation of Such Foreign Commodities as May Be Rais'd at Home.
Pagina 47 - Fasti Romani. The Civil and Literary Chronology of Rome and Constantinople, from the Death of Augustus to the Death of Heraclius.
Pagina 31 - Publications de la Société pour la recherche et la conservation des monuments historiques dans le grand-duché de Luxembourg, constituée sous le patronage de SM le roi grandduc , par arrêté , daté de ffalferdange , du 2 sept.
Pagina 34 - Tre Navigationi fatte dagli Olandesi, e Zelandesi al Settentrione nella Norvegia, Moscovia, e Tartaria, verso il Catai, e Regno de' Sini, doue scopersero il Mare di Veygatz, La Nvova Zembla, et vn Paese nell' Ottantesimo grado creduto la Groenlandia.
Pagina 17 - BIBLE ANIMALS ; being a Description of every Living Creature mentioned in the Scriptures, from the Ape to the Coral.
Pagina 25 - Wenceslaus, roy des Romains, et de Charles V, roy de France, à Paris, l'an 1378, et de Louis XII, roy de France, et de Ferdinand, roy d'Arragon,.à Savonne, l'an 1507.

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