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Pagina ix - To give a stronger impulse and a more systematic direction to scientific inquiry, — to promote the intercourse of those who cultivate Science in different parts of the British Empire, with one another and with foreign philosophers, — to obtain a more general attention to the objects of Science, and a removal of any disadvantages of a public kind which impede its progress.
Pagina 312 - This constant multiplier is called the index of refraction, and is equal to the ratio of the velocities of light in the two media.
Pagina xxvii - Recommendations having made their report, after receiving from the Treasurer an account of the state of the funds, the General Committee adopted the recommendations and allowed the grants of money therein contained. Letters of invitation to the Association having been received from the Bristol Institution, the Literary and Philosophical Society of Liverpool, the Royal Dublin Society, the Royal Irish Academy, the Geological Society of...
Pagina 257 - Water. And the Water rises up to this height by the Action only of those Particles of the Ashes which are upon the Surface of the elevated Water; the Particles which are within the Water, attracting or repelling it as much downwards as upwards. And therefore the Action of the Particles is very strong. But the Particles of the Ashes being not so dense and close together as those of Glass, their Action is not so strong as that of Glass, which keeps Quick-silver suspended to the height of 60 or 70 Inches,...
Pagina 96 - Idola tribus sunt fundata in ipsa natura humana, atque in ipsa tribu seu gente hominum. Falso enim asseritur, sensum humanum esse mensuram rerum ; quin contra, omnes perceptiones, tam sensus quam mentis, sunt ex analogia hominis, non ex analogia universi. Estque intellectus humanus instar speculi inaequalis ad radios rerum, qui suam naturam naturae rerum immiscet, eamque distorquet et inficit.
Pagina ix - ... Council or Managing Committee, shall be entitled, in like manner, to become Members of the Association. Persons not belonging to such Institutions shall be elected by the General Committee or Council, to become Members of the Association, subject to the approval of a General Meeting.
Pagina 464 - ... case ought they to exceed six feet in depth. Mr. Griffith agrees with the principles of irrigation laid down by Mr. Nimmo. From the results of the reports it appears that the number of English acres of bog which have been surveyed in the twentyfive districts amounts to 1,013,358 And that there remain upon the three mountain districts of Wicklow, Erris, and Connemara . . 387,090 Exclusive of peat soil, which forms the general covering of these mountains 355,000 besides other lands, not examined...
Pagina 512 - There are no perfectly hard inelastic bodies, as assumed by the earlier, and some modern writers on Mechanics. (3). The elasticity as measured by the velocity of recoil divided by the velocity of impact is a ratio, which, though decreasing as the velocity increases, is nearly constant, when the same rigid bodies are struck together with considerably different velocities. (4). The elasticity, as defined in (3), is the same whether the impinging bodies be great or small. (5). The elasticity is the...
Pagina 600 - Titicaca, and on the borders of the lake of the same name. These tombs present very remarkable architectural beauty, and appear not to date beyond seven or eight centuries before the present period. The race of men to which these extraordinary remains belong, appears to Mr. Pentland to have constituted the inhabitants of the elevated regions situated between the 14th and 19th degrees of south latitude before the arrival of the present Indian population, which, in its physical characters, its customs,...
Pagina 259 - Sciences, 1787, p. 506) asserted that " by supposing the adherence of the particles of a fluid to have a sensible effect only at the surface itself and in the direction of the surface it would be easy to determine the curvature of the surfaces of fluids in the neighbourhood of the solid boundaries which contain them; that these surfaces would be...

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